Comments for Work Begins Again on ‘HarmonioUS’ at EPCOT – Opening Unknown

Harmonious resumes construction


  1. mark

    Though it was ready to go as they had an opening date before covid i am very confused? Its also a fireworks show its not like they are pulling together ride here!

  2. EricJ

    Originally, Epcot was supposed to be a World’s Fair (if you weren’t at Vancouver in ’86, ask your parents what one is), and World’s Fairs have to have central themes–
    When Epcot Center first opened, the NYC/Seattle-style World’s-Fair theme was going to be “the Future”, and now, with the overhaul, looks like Spaceship Earth, Harmonious, the Play area and Guardians are revamping the theme to “Imagination, creativity and stories”.

    Just so long as they KEEP it a world’s-fair, and not a DCA style “Spare-ideas closet”.

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