Comments for Fans Petition to Bring Flik Back to Animal Kingdom

Flik at Disney's Animal Kingdom


  1. John

    Why are you guys posting petitions that are over 2 years old? Nobody cares about this. Nobody.

    1. Sammy Cheeks

      Looks like over 3,000 care for some reason.

      1. John

        Haha. 3,000 people of years is so little it’s laughable. I like that you’re defending this in the comments with multiple names though.

  2. Darth Notices

    Flik represented a way of life that is long passe with values that by any modern standard are easily considered offensive. Disney having phased him out was certainly the right move as parents will now not have to explain “the way things were” to their kids while also increasing the park’s sense of inclusiveness for all.

  3. Hey! Thank you for sharing our petition! Can you also share our OTHER petition for Flik to meet and greet at Pixar Pier in Disneyland/California Adventure? I truly would appreciate that!

    1. Melanie Durham

      No one cares Tracey and I wish you would stop with this stupid petition! THEYRE NOT COMING BACK AND NO ONE CARES

      1. Sweet Sacks

        Seriously, what is your problem?

  4. Melanie Durham

    I am sick and tired of Tracy Robbins and her stupid petition for Flick and Princess Atta! Or whatever it is! Take a hint….NO ONE CARES!!!!!!

    1. Wet Noodles

      Why don’t you shut up then? No one cares what you are suck and tired of. NO ONE!!!!

      1. John

        You have quite a few names. Wet Noodles, Sweet Sacks, and Sammy Cheeks. You have the same picture though, which is pretty funny. Tracy has been peddling this petition for years and it’s gained almost no traction. Petitions in general are not going to get Disney to change their minds on things, but this one is so minor that it’s really pointless.

  5. Melanie Durham

    It happens with me all the time too! They pick and choose! It’s not fair

    1. Thanks for the feedback. What happens sometimes is that comments are flagged automatically in the system for us to review manually.

      The majority of the time this doesn’t happen which is why many comments are almost immediately shown up on the website. A manual review involves one of the team (usually the writer) going in and approving/disapproving so it’s likely (as was in this case) that I simply hadn’t gotten round to approving the comment yet!

      Hope that helps!

  6. Sammy Cheeks

    Looks like over 3,000 care for some reason.

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