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Disney World Mask Policy Kids with Autism


  1. NotMe

    The only thing I feel badly about is that the little girl and the rest of the family had to suffer for the father’s ignorance. Who spend thousands of dollars to travel during a pandemic without making a phone call to ensure that you understand any mask rules?

    1. Janie

      i feel bad for the kid as i too have sp needs kids but my kids know bc of the news and its also back to school that they must wear it they are in the bracket are children whom are getting sick… yes though my thought is the same medically unable to right now i rather my child be alive and healthy! I think this,father should do the same and not make himself into a publicity stunt! Besides i am not tech savvy but i found masks my kid could wear so can he!

      1. janie

        ps. Forgot to add it can instantly change your mindset when a friend gets sick N almost dies. My sons class mate was induced into a coma to fight it! Hes lucky to be alive and that proved to my son to wear a mask!

        1. sarah

          My grandfather just passed away with covid and I think it changed the whole family’s perspective on the whole thing.

          1. I find it hard to believe that he didn’t get all the rules sent to him when he booked this trip. He should have just postponed it until 2021 in hopes that maybe the mask rule will be over. Its his own fault!

        2. This year is so bad to travel anywhere especially to Walt Disney World which is required for every single person to wear a mask. Disney do not care if you are disable. It’s better to be safe then sorry at the end. I had to cancel my annual pass membership this year. I was not about be in big crowd. I would be patient and try next year to see how this virus is.

        3. Devin

          Disney has a 100% mask wearing policy. That’s something someone with issues wearing masks could have asked beforehand instead of spending thousands of dollars and “assuming” it would be fine. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, so find a way for your child to wear a mask (I’ve met families with children that have similar issues that have found a way) or wait until you can safely take your child to the park without a mask. I don’t feel bad for the ignorant father, but I feel bad for the little girl who has a father that would put her safety at risk for such a trivial reason. I miss Disneyland, I live 30 minutes away and have an annual pass, but even when they do reopen, I won’t be taking my daughter until there’s a vaccine. It doesn’t seem reasonable to me to take that kind of risk for a theme park when thousands are still dying from this very real, very contagious disease.

        4. Katie

          Then should Disney even be open?

      2. Sue

        My daughter will it wear one and I do t care what kind it is. But for that reason we do t go. And we live right here and are Passholders. But I can’t force her to wear one and not even the shield but I’m not going to try to get her in to Disney .bc I know better.

        1. Nik

          The question should surely be, why would you want to put your child with disabilities at risk? Not why are Disney protecting as many guests and customers as possible!

      3. With your intelligence & your responses, it would seem you are heartless and have the brains of a governmental sheep!

        1. Drumpf

          Make America Sane Again, broski.

        2. Ahnsael

          So…James…you’re saying that the people who are in favor of requiring masks are Trump supporters? Or are you calling them “governmental sheep” because they DON’T believe the head of American government who spent months downplaying this pandemic, but you believe the asinine things that our President says?

          Be careful calling people names when you fit into that category more than they do.

        3. WearTheDamnMask

          You are the selfish and entitled twit here

          1. Susan

            You are the selfish one and have no sympathy for anyone. It is because of people like you that this problem with Disney exists. TAKE THE DAMN MASK OFF!

        4. Kristina Wood

          Janie has never had to take care of an Autistic Child….so her view sucks! James Im w you. And…we have never been to Disney and now we arent going.. My son is 10yrs old and loves to see the castle on TV….but thats all we will ever do now. Sorry your child was treated like this.

          1. Willem

            You’ve never been to Disney but now you’ve decided to boycott them over procedures in a park you have no experience with.
            People postpone trips all the time due to personal issues. Is this really so different? Is it just so important that you go to this park soon even tho you were never inclined to do so previously and while also knowing it might currently be a challenge to your special needs child? Disney has very generous cancellation policies.
            Why create non-existent problems for ourselves. There are millions of families with autistic children yet we haven’t heard more than a peep or pop complaining on this subject. Does that say anything? That 99.9999965275% of autistic parents find no problem with WDW’s current protocols but you found the one cuckoo Dad to side with and invent a virtual problem for yourself.

        5. steve jenney

          These are NOT normal times. Sad the child is autistic but that alone should make a parent think twice about visiting a theme park in a Covid infested state

        6. steve jenney

          James go join antifah

        7. Michael Zekovich

          It would seem that anyone WITH a heart wants to PROTECT their children. It has been well publicized that you can NOT enter the park without a mask. If he wasnt 100% sure a simple phone call would have told them that. Its all ovet their wensites. Just one person sick would ultimately shut the park down another month or 2 just to clean and sanitize everything again. This isnt about u or me. Its about us. This rule protects everyone. Getting in there and seeing a child with no mask other people and kids will say, well he she isn’t so why should i. They dont know its due to medical.

        8. Nobody is being heartless, they are expressing the FACT that Disney has a mask policy….period. This guy didn’t want to follow the rules because he thinks that his child is more important than other children with autism. It didn’t work and he is sobbing. Why put your child through that?

      4. disney is so wrong on this in dealing with under 5 yrs of age autistic kids. This is why I cancelled our annual passes. I have been to Disney World ever since it first opened. Between 2 to 12 times a year. My grandson has a brain tumor also. He is totally non verbal. Yet he knows we’re at Disney as soon as we enter the parkibg lot..Disney is the one making the age requirement, not the county.
        Maybe Disney should close all their parks permanently and just make films and Disney plus.

        1. Victoria Huebner

          I am sure you won’t be missed.

          1. First of all if your mask works mine should have no impact. That being said I believe in following so if it helps you feel better I’ll wear it. But just know that before I wore a mask and went in a store I hardly ever touched anything and then touched my face then touched something then touched my face and now I constantly touch products touch my mask to straighten touch another product straighten mask again well you get the picture my mask is a filthy germ infected piece of material when I leave the store. Now that aside. So my sons family before this “pandemic ” bought tickets for their family of 4 now they wear masks every wear that’s not issue they just dont feel like they are getting their value for their money having to go and wear a mask they had rather either have their money refunded or even willing to have their trip postponed till after the “pandemic ” since when they purchased the vacation wearing hot masks was not part of the package and Disney is saying NO you have only these certain months to go. Hmmmm now to me if they are so worried about the ” safety” of everyone why would they not allow at least the postponement till after the “pandemic”?

          2. Michael Yerina

            99.75 survival rat it’s a 99.75 for a higher survival rate move on people with asthma or any other medical conditions do not have to wear one you people are ridiculous again 99.75% survival rate or higher move on use your freaking brainse Mulan

        2. Carrie

          Doubt they care Karen. If the kid can keep a shirt & shoes on with training, they can keep a mask on too. This is the new reality, play ball or hit the road.

        3. Kathy

          or maybe you shouldn’t be taking your medical vulnerably grandson to a theme park in the middle of a global pandemic. It seems Disney did you a favor since they have more common sense than you apparently have.

          1. Tara

            Whose to say her child is medically fragile? My son is on the spectrum and very healthy.

        4. Pamela

          I may be in the minority but I agree with WDW. If they start making exceptions people will exploit. This guy must have been living with his head in the sand if he doesn’t know what’s been going on the last 6 months. Secondly, if he knew his daughter won’t wear a mask why would he risk her life taking her to a state where the virus is out of control. He should have just postponed the trip.

          1. Rickie

            Or the mask Nazis have their heads in the sand. Clearly not a pandemic with all the flaws in testing. If you’ve ever taken statistics, you’d know numbers can be twisted to show what you want them to show…. Trash the masks, let nature run its course. If you’re afraid, stay home and let life go on. We can’t save everyone, we can’t even feed or house everyone. It’s just nature’s way of saying there’s too many of us…. Live your life how you want and let everyone else live their lives how they want…

          2. brekkon

            Isn’t the fact kids under 2 don’t have to wear one an exception you all are claiming shouldn’t be made? Somehow this family shouldn’t have gone if 1 of their children cant wear a mask due to a medical condition, but you are fine with thousands of 2 and under children going without a mask. But please tell me how there should be no exceptions. I can see the vast majority of people decrying all must wear masks have not a single understanding of the autism spectrum let alone the Americans with Disabilities act which requires accommodations for people with disabilities.

          3. Tracey


        5. Jeff

          Disney is private property. As long as the rules are the same for all and not discrimination. It flies. I feel bad for the kid in this situation but if for any medical reason you or a family member can’t wear a mask then why are you trying to put everyone at risk? Stay home. You shouldn’t be out in the first place. These parents saved up for 2 years to go to Disney. Why would you go during a Pandemic if you don’t meet the criteria to even get in the parks? Just selfish

        6. Geo

          If anyone thinks Disney is in the wrong, they’re some entitled snowflakes. You choose to go there, then you have to follow the rules. You can’t, then don’t. Simple. During a pandemic you *KNOW* there are certain changes to the normal rules

        7. Kerri B

          It’s unfortunate, Lance, but why should others worry about getting sick so your family can go to Disney for the 12th time in a year? That seems incredibly selfish to me.

        8. Susan

          I’m with you! If Disney is so concerned DONT open; it is as simple as that.

          1. Skeeter

            But KarenSusan, they ARE open, because those who care about keeping people safe and allowing fun are in charge, thank gosh the person who chooses if they stay open is NOT you. Do you think no one should have fun? Well, stay home, you will not be missed, promise!!

        9. Christopher Gapske

          Thank you for making us value safety disney. Masks stink but they do the job and we stay alive. This is not about disabilities. It is about covid 19. Covid dont care if your autistic.

        10. He INTENTIONALLY did this! He staged this whole thing, thinking he is going to sue Disney over the ADA.. Moron. Complete moron.

      5. stefanie mendler

        Disney is clear on their policy. It’s noted to be read prior to checking in…no exceptions….. Sucks for the child who’s parent chose to not do so and put the family in that situation.

        1. Susan

          They may be clear on their policy, but Disney CANNOT dismiss the law. Under ADA any handicapped person who cannot wear the mask MUST be granted entrance and Disney CANNOT legal ask why not. The family should sue for $10 million.

          1. Kali

            If you’re referring the fake ADA mask document, the ADA has even said that it is not from them.

            From the ADA:

            “*COVID-19 ALERT: Fraudulent Face Mask Flyers*

            The Department of Justice has been made aware of postings or flyers on the internet regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the use of face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of which include the Department of Justice’s seal.

            These postings were not issued by the Department and are not endorsed by the Department.

            The Department urges the public not to rely on the information contained in these postings and to visit [the website] for ADA information issued by the Department.”

            The ADA also states, “Based upon the CDC guidance, a business or government agency may require customers to wear a face mask to limit the spread of COVID-19. Guidance from the CDC is likely to change as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Therefore, private businesses and government agencies should follow the most current information on maintaining safety by reviewing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Coronavirus (COVID-19) information.”

            Additionally, “Thirty-two states currently have statewide mask mandates. These mandates vary by state but generally call for face masks to be worn inside public spaces, public transportation, and any situation that where six feet of social separation cannot occur. These mandates also include exemptions for children, people with disabilities or medical conditions, and situations where masks interfere with effective communication.[26] These state mandates do not override the consideration of reasonable modifications required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Many private businesses have also developed policies requiring the use of face masks. The ADA does not have any rules that address the required use of face masks by state and local governments or private business owners. The ADA does not have any rules that address the required use of face masks by state and local governments or private business owners.”

            The ADA does not govern private businesses, which Disney is one. Disney can choose to make exceptions, but they’re not required because they are privately owned.

          2. Chris

            You really don’t understand how it works, do you…

      6. Edward Bingham

        Its private property and they must follow guidelines. Im sorry this happened but its for the whole.

      7. Mel

        Aparently , he has no concern for his daughters’ health. Without a mask she is exposed.
        What about her protection? Why not play it safe and protect her?
        Go to the park with the bans that effect her are lifted. It will still be there and enjoy the time there. Why create hovac and heart ache?

      8. janie

        Kristina just bc my child is not autistic does not mean his need or anything other sp need isnt similar to needing help my kid can not wear one didnt want wear one then like i said his best friend got sick! So sorry you want to play autism is greater than other sp needs game! I have a sp needs child and understand sorry you do not! I bet you think this pandemic is a hoax too!

      9. M& M Roe

        We are parents of an adult child w/ autism who will not tolerate a mask. Living nearby we visit Disney often but will not until it is safe for her to go w/out mask.

      10. Katie

        You should look at what you are posting. You sound very uneducated. Yikes!

    2. harley

      exactly guest relations is one phone call away disabilities even has its own # as does non reservation ? Where this is also applicable too. They told me to have a dr jic bc my son has breathing issues if he needs to rest extra esp in the heat he can… the gal even gave a few other suggestions that i didnt think of that made sense: like not rushing around find a corner lift the mask quick and go, restroom breaks, first aide, and not rushing through eating so again you have a few extra mins! Its a kid honestly i doubt they are going to be as forceful as if it were an adult! The gal said to me as long as something is covering my kids face from nose to chin they do not care how or with what! I do not get why people do not get safety?

    3. Mark B

      I whole heartedly agree! Who takes their family to a theme park, in a high risk state, during a pandemic when he knows one of his children cannot wear a mask? All he had to do was get a doctor’s diagnosis and obtain a refund. This is simply an anti masker using his daughter for some attention whoring and a cash settlement.

      1. Common Sense

        This is not going to go well for any company who thinks they can trample on the ADA. Pandemics don’t excuse having to work around certain peoples needs. Besides if masks were so effective as the media tells us then what harm will it do if a few people mainly children aren’t wearing them? Oh yeah, it’s because masks don’t work! They never have and never will. Fear and irrational thinking is what lead to this stupid mask mandate that seems to have no end in sight.

        1. Christina Davis

          If masks don’t work next time you need a sterile procedure tell the medical staff they don’t need to wear a mask. You know masks don’t work. There is a study from Duke University you should read.

          1. Tara

            The masks they wear in surgery are NOT the same as the masks the general public is wearing.

        2. Lack of common sense ^^^

          The mask mandate will continue because people like you refuse to wear one. If everyone wore one then we could reduce transmission. If wearing masks turns out don’t help, then at least I did something in good faith it helping someone else out. To not wear a mask is simply selfish. If you can’t wear a mask then stay home and wait to go to Disney. There are plenty of alternative things you can do with your kids.

          1. tracey e mohler

            Amen to that! How foolish to take your children to a theme park when you know one of your children can’t wear a mask. He should be worried about the health of his family and those around them. During this pandemic it is just not safe to make exceptions for any illness.

          2. Susan

            The mask mandate will continue as it is a form of control and it has absolutely zero to do with anyone’s health. It has been proven medically and scientifically the mask does nothing!

        3. Marian B Laroche

          There’s nothing in the ADA that addresses masks.

        4. NotMe

          Sorry, that “ADA doesn’t allow this” ship has sailed. DoJ has already stated that there is no blanket exemption from wearing a mask due to disability (public health issue) and the father didn’t ask for any accommodations other than not wearing a mask, which Disney is within their rights to refuse.

        5. Anonymous

          The inability to wear a mask is not a protected disability under ADA guidelines as it puts other people at risk for exposure to the virus. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.

        6. Jane

          The ADA does not cover this. It’s legal to require masks during a pandemic and to refuse service to those who cannot (or will not in other cases) comply.

        7. Lance Liebl


        8. Doug

          The ada doesn’t prevent a mask mandate. So there’s that

        9. Know the Law

          HIPAA covers only a limited number of entities, which does not include employers or businesses,” HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. They have nothing to do with the ability to not wear a face mask.

          Even if a person could identify their disability and prove that not wearing a mask without any other precaution was a reasonable request, “the business could still turn that person away based on the direct threat” A “direct threat” under the ADA is any substantial risk to the health and safety a disabled person poses to others, which cannot be countered with reasonable accommodations.

          The standard is normally cited in employer-employee relationships, but experts and regulators agree that COVID-19 poses a threat to businesses when interacting with customers. Businesses also have plenty of legal precedent for protecting themselves in the name of public health.

        10. RMS

          Actually if you do a little bit of research the countries who made masks mandatory are the same ones who haven’t seen any new cases in a while. Plus thier #s have dropped. Instead of giving just your opinion you should look at the facts.

          1. Susan

            That actually is not true. Countries, counties and cities with most serve mask mandates have actually had their numbers go up by 4 times. I know more people who have contracted covid19 while wearing the mask then those who don’t. But the MSM in the USA will never tell you that.

          2. Ham Phillips

            Don’t lie…a cursory glance at Worldometer tracking site shows this to be false.
            Most countries, even those with mask mandates are still showing new cases if not every day, then every other day. Lying to make a point doesn’t help your cause.

        11. DisneyGirlArianna

          Couldn’t have said it better

        12. Marilyn

          Tell that to your surgeon next time he operates that makes don’t work.

      2. Joe

        Yep, you nailed it.

    4. The plandemic continues to keep this country shut down, in spite of the fact, that it has all but left the building. Scare tactics used by those in control will keep Americans scared and supporting face coverings is totally insane. How could one sick child pose a danger to an entire park that had face coverings on? Totally insane! Not the happiest place on Earth. Disney will suffer in the days to come and when this continued virus is forced to shut down this nation, your eyes will finally focus on the truth!

      1. Tee

        Masks are not worn for protection of the mask wearer. One sick kid can absolutely infect a park full of people in a variety of ways. The virus has not left the building. People are dying. Do your part to slow the spread of both the virus and misinformation.

        1. Gina

          Masks are not worn for protection of the mask wearer. One sick kid can absolutely infect a park full of people in a variety of ways. …………
          Seriously? So germs can’t get out of the mask yet can get in? Think about that a second. When people said let me decide my own risk, and I choose to risk by not wearing a mask, we then got this new information that masks do not protect the wearer but others. They literally defied logic by saying only non wearers germs go through the fabric, not the wearers. And it worked! Got everyone on board with the agenda at hand. There are higher powers controlling everything and it’s doubtful the virus, although real, just like any past threatening virus, is actually so deadly we need the US shut down like this. We are leading the whole thing despite all efforts while other countries are doing better. I think at this point, they are prolonging to see the outcome of the elections first. I predict if Trump wins, he’ll finally end a lot of this. If Biden wins, he will magically solve the problem. What started out as a very bad flu has blossomed into something else for someone’s gain; maybe many peoples gain…don’t forget mandatory vaccinations will make billions of dollars……

        2. Gina

          Oh the magic of this virus. It can travel though a mask from the outside but not from the inside. They just discovered this when people said let me decide if I want to take a risk of my own health and not wear one. Convenient isn’t it?

      2. Leslye

        I am not sure where you are getting your information, but the virus is still in play. There have been plenty of instances recently where one person has infected a group. Disney has every right to mandate any policy that they want and if you don’t like it, don’t go.

        1. Susan

          And a place like Disney should be closed indefinitely then until the mask is no longer needed. People have already fainted and almost died in Disney and Universal from wearing a face mask in 90 degree heat.

          1. Susansucks

            Oh look, a moron pretending to be a doctor! Gosh, I heard all people named Susan are idiots. Guess it’s true.

      3. Kelly

        The masks protect people around you, not yourself. One sick child is all it would take to infect everyone else who actually follows the rules. I feel sorry that that little girl cannot visit, but I absolutely understand the reasoning behind it. And so would any sane person.

        1. True Liberty

          Whoever started that crap is a frickin genius for the sheep’s across America to get people to comply.

        2. anonymous

          If every other person in the park had a mask on except the child, that child wouldn’t infect anyone. The reason for masks is now for the safety of others — people where them to not get other people who are or aren’t wearing the masks sick. But if they work so well, a person with a mask being around one child without a mask will not get them sick. And apparently no one wants to listen to the fact that asymptotic transmission is almost entirely rare. But good job to everyone following the MSM and not common sense and actual scientific evidence.

          1. SkeeterSkeeter

            40% of transmission is by those who are asymptomatic or presymptomatic, don’t be a twit! Luckily non-,mask wearers, those who feel “controlled” by mask rules are not allowed in Disney, do it is dirt is a stupid-free zone, as I see it. I appreciate them being open, AND protecting health. Forgive typos, this is typing vertically on my phone. Being from the medical field, I have been far more aware of the many deaths that the clueless people who are in the minority here, thank gawd, thinking it is their right to not wear a mask. Well, I am high risk, and you let ONE kid go maskless, then every parent with a certain political leaning or is obviously without any medical training or
            with zero common sense would ALL have their kids maskless, and no one could go to Disney. YOU ARE NIT MISSED! It is a better place without those of you who say “pandemic” in your comments. I applaud Disney for showing how to safely open. And yes, the masks worn in surgery are the EXACT disposable surgical masks that people wear in public. I applaud the 80%+ of people commenting who think this dad is a selfish idiot, putting his kid at risk. I pray the kid is vaccinated (FYI, non-vacvinated kids get autism just as much, read the studies!

          2. Gina

            Exactly. So if the droplets can’t get past the wearer’s mask, how is it that an unmasked person’s droplets can penetrate that same mask from the outside? The idea that the mask only protects others and not the wearer makes no sense. So, what else about this pandemic is bs?

      4. Rebecca

        You know there was a measels outbreak in California because of one sick kid, right? Disneyland was ground zero.

      5. Nina

        1,358 people died of covid in the US… yesterday. Don’t spread lies.

      6. Derfallbright

        Clearly any parent that has a child over two who they feel can not wear a mask as required for entry to many businesses and public spaces today needs to confirm what the rules are before showing up on the door step expecting the published rules to be ignored. Disney does more to welcome and accommodate people with disabilities than just about any other place on earth.

        This parents should have already been able to determine if their child would be able to keep a mask on. Frankly this family likely should have waited until after this current pandemic is over to take vacation.

      7. Trish

        What do you even mean “shut down”? Every freaking thing is open, that’s the problem! People are dining out, shopping, going to bars, traveling, etc, etc. If stuff was actually “shut down” we wouldn’t be having so much spread!

      8. Susan

        Totally agree with you. I am one of those that cannot wear a mask. I refuse to go not because I can’t but because I am trying to make a point to everyone else – stand together and hurt them where it counts.

      9. Ki

        Your comment isn’t even logically consistent. How can this virus be both over (“all but left the building”) and yet will, at a future date, cause the nation to shut down?

        I’m not sure if you’re trolling and intentionally spreading misinformation or are really that deluded and a total sheeple to your cause.

    5. Mary M Lawlor

      I might have had more sympathy for the father if hadn’t acted live such an entitled bully.

    6. Brian

      If you all stay home and let the truck drivers do what they do best youll stop the spread of this bs disease!!!

      1. Will not attend until can come without mask. There are too hot. Can’t enjoy yourself.

        1. Alan

          That’s totally fine. The fewer people attend, the safer it is for everyone.

          1. sligoe

            If a person can check the weather report to see how to dress, they can certainly check the information lines to see what the requirements are for entering an amusement park. Why would a parent take a disabled child to a crowded, hot place, during a pandemic, in a state that is a hotbed of infection? This is completely irresponsible on the parents’ part, and the park has every right to deny entry to anyone who refuses to do their due diligence.

    7. Joy Miller

      Exactly, the policy is also on their website, he was an idiot

      1. suzie

        Really which planet are you on. Private land good correct rules in an area with a high spread of COVID!!

    8. JG

      You don’t get to break the rules because you have a disability. You don’t get to use your child to push your way through especially during a pandemic when everyone else is adhering to the rules. We live in Florida, we are annual pass holders, my daughter has Down syndrome, and spending the day at Disney with a mask would be very difficult. Guess what? We don’t go right now.
      This father knew way before he left for Florida what the rules were. I suppose he believed he could use his child’s disability to break the safety rules when everyone else is wearing a mask.

      1. Susan

        Sorry but under ADA laws YES he did have the right and Disney is legally obligated to allow ALL handicapped individuals into the parks. IF you chose to stay home that is your choice. But you should support this family’s choice as well. Shame on you.

      2. Rickie

        You mean plandemic

      3. Sam

        If the company was actually worried about covid-19 they wouldn’t be opening their theme park. It’s not necessary to go to, and if covid was really as dangerous as you guys are worried about, it wouldn’t be worth the risk to have open. The people that are going do not care if they get covid or not or they would stay home.

    9. SG

      Right on!

    10. Jarias

      I agreed dad was a di…k for sure!! Male Karen..lol

    11. Marie

      I follow two families on YouTube who have autistic kids and they have been working with their kids for a while to get them to wear a mask. Yes, it is hard for these kids to leave it on because of the sensory issue but they do get them to wear the mask. Each time they go someplace where a mask is required they work with the child and even hold both of their hands so they do not take it off. The bottom line is this guy knew the rules and thought that his kid would be exempt just because she is exempt in her place of residents. That is where he went wrong. I would have called Disney to see what their policy for people with a disability that hinders them from wearing a mask. If he found out early enough he could have been working on getting her comfortable with a mask worn intermittently.

    12. Bryan B

      WHY under his daughter’s circumstances
      In this day and age of a PANDEMIC, did he not get this resolved, at least pose the question before embarking on a trip to Disney World. Very foolish indeed

    13. Carolyn

      I strongly agree. Disney was transparent and specific about masks. Why should anyone be put at risk? The one child or adult you a alive the rules for can cause illness to others. The CM was right and is a professional.

    14. Zaza Pensive

      The American Disabilities Act isn’t protecting the rest of us at Disney . ..Major difference in my view…

    15. Concerned Citizen

      All of you are missing the point. People who have a disability and our physically unable to wear a mask because of a medical issue or even emotional sickness. These people are protected until the ADA. IF the same child wanted to go into Disney (pre-COVID) in a wheelchair and was turned away, the entire country would be standing up in outrage supporting the family. Now you are attacking them. Disney violated her rights as a disabled person. They should be held accountable. The CDC does recommend masks IF you are unable to maintain a 6 foot social distance from others (outside family). This is simple, they must maintain 6 feet of distance. If they are able to maintain that, then the mask would not matter.

      1. NotMe

        True, but then again, a child in a wheelchair isn’t a danger to everyone around her.

        And how do you monitor that a six foot social distance is being maintained by the child who won’t wear a mask?

    16. Susan

      Are you for real? Put yourself in the father’s shoes; better yet the handicapped child. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    17. Allison

      Agreed. Totally. Poor kid. Seems intentional on adults part. Children first.

    18. Steve drummond

      True not the child’s fault, as rules have been all over the world news before opening and now.
      It’s the right thing to refuse entry as soon all will follow

    19. Jim M.

      I agree,i would find out the mask policy,and telll them that my daughter has this condition and ask them could she just use a faceshield.

    20. David Mateer

      A phone call in advance would have been the right way to go. I feel sorry for the daughter, but the parents set themselves up for failure by not doing their homework.

    21. Sbfan2000

      I feel bad for stupid twats like you that don’t understand the ADA. It doesn’t go away just because the mouse says it does. I’ve already sued and settled with a place that refused a doctors order….i should go to disney…they have deeper pockets.

      1. Ki

        Please try it. And keep us informed so we can be entertained. If you’re not making this up then it sounds like the company settled out of court not because you’re right but because it was cheaper than paying their lawyers. You should know that the ADA only requires that reasonable accommodations be made and has ruled that allowing you to put yourself and others at risk is NOT reasonable.

        You’re basically that guy who lost his legs and insisted he be allowed to ride Superman the Ride, despite his disability making it impossible for him to be properly restrained. Unfortunately in that case the ride operator caved in. It did not end well for the man.

        So please, take your totally incorrect understanding and go, sue a company with very good lawyers on nice retainers who oversaw the drafting of the rules. There’s no way that could go wrong.

    22. Lance Phillips

      You’re a special kind of stupid. Have you ever heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act? It would not matter what type of mask or face covering this child put on.With a sensory processing disorder, it would cause the child to have uncontrollable reactions that could lead to further health issues with the child. What Disney did is actually illegal, not mention grossly immoral and I’m sure there will be large lawsuit/settlement involved in this.

    23. He INTENTIONALLY did this! He staged this whole thing, thinking he is going to sue Disney over the ADA.. Moron. Complete moron.

    24. Don’t feel bad, this whole thing was staged. He knew what he was doing, and now he is going to try and sue.

    25. He did it, recorded it, an instagsted the cast member ON PURPOSE, and now he will try to sue them under the ADA.
      This was a “show” in my opinion.

    26. Jennifer Gaines

      Absolutely agree! I was embarrassed just listening to the ignorance and rudeness of the dad. The WDW cast member handled the unfortunate situation kindly.

    27. Peter

      Yea, exactly!

    28. Na Na

      The father is not required to call first. The ADA of 1990 covers discrimination for all. It has been known for 30 years education is key. The family has the same rights that anyone who puts a mask on has. As good Americans we must respect everyone mask or NO mask.

    29. Katy

      I feel bad for your ignorance!

    30. Katie

      I feel bad for your ignorance! Shame on you! You don’t understand what is is like for families with special needs children . Thank

  2. ken

    Sadly, a small part of me wonders if he did this to sue Disney

    1. Rosie

      We live in a sue happy world! Though bc theres video evidence of his words and the cm doing there job and right now safety is everything it be really a sad day! If he does i do not blame his wife to more ashamed of him and i feel bad overall for the kids! These are not the days to make a pt these are the days to care for the health of not only your child but your fellow man!

    2. Gelene Grice

      I agree with you. My husband is diabetic and I have a compromised system. We canceled our trip this year because we know the rules and the risks. They just want to sue.

    3. Chris

      No, he did it to setup for proving that we have shut too much down for too long for a virus that hasn’t really effected the overall death rate over the course of this year (in other words those who have died from Corona Virus would likely have died from another cause this year per CDC’s own statistics). It absolutely was intentional and is something that really needed to happen.

      1. Grammar police

        *affected. If you don’t know the difference between effected and affected, wear a mask as you clearly don’t know enough.

      2. NotMe

        Yeah, right – I’d like to see the CDC statistics that say what you claim. I’m sure you have a link, right?

      3. jamie

        my best friend 21 yrs old health full of life died instantly in hosp due to covid so take it somewhere else! And all thousands of others whom got sick and died by your assumption could just drop dead wow! Why dont you run for office while your ahead!

    4. Stef


      1. Beth

        I believe the ADA only applies to entities that utilize governmental monies. It does not apply to private organizations such as Disney. Disney can make and enforce their own rules. You don’t want to follow them the. You can’t go into the private property. Sounds like Dad needs an education in the scope of the ADA law.

        1. NotMe

          No, the ADA applies to any business that provides goods/services to the public.

          But there is an exemption for health & safety, which the mask mandate clearly falls under.

    5. Sean

      What was bad, is he was on Glenn Beck yesterday, complaining, and it sounded like even though Disney was in the right, they are going to do something for him, Beck was like, let me see who we can talk to and see what can be done. Giving into an overentitled man who can’t read rules.

  3. frostysnowman

    Mask wearing has nothing to do with the ADA, and the ADA isn’t there so someone can bulldoze their way into a place without wearing a mask. The father is abusing the ADA here, shame on him.

  4. I find this to be very sad especially for the child, I agree with all of the comments here. Knowing you have a child that may struggle to where a mask in these uncertain times, you should call and ask before planning a trip so it does not effect the child. This also put the cast member in an uncomfortable position, those people are working in incredible heat, he should have accepted it and not make them look bad. This video should also not have been recorded because it makes it seem set up, sadly it probably is and that is truly frustrating. I hope this doesnt go too far and I wish the best for that poor child and cast member, no one should be put in that position. Also people can’t forget the mask rules are in place for the safety of everyone, including yourself and especially your child. If they had gone in the park the kid would be easily exposed as compared to everyone else, especially as they are more susceptible to covid. Once again I hope this doesn’t go too far.

  5. Christopher Gapske

    Thank you disney for not adding to this pandemic by allowing a possible carrier to not wear a mask. Yes I am sorry that this poor kid can not go to disney. But you need to protect your kids health. You also need to be worried about other people and thier children yes other people matter .. what a thought.

  6. Sue

    I do feel for the child. But I’m in the same situation my daughter has sensory issues also. And we live right here and have platinum passes which are still good. But we do t go bc if that reason and I’m know better not to go and try to get in the park with out her in a mask. So he should have know. Better. Instead should have waited to go. Disney is not that important to risk his daughters health. And if they let one person in everyone will say they have this same issue. That’s what happened before when people with a disability where able to go to the front of the line. People where abusing it bc there was nothing wrong with them. . So Disney stopped it. . Face mask means face mask.

  7. Nikki

    This is a sad situation, but the father is clearly looking for his 5 minutes of fame. He made another scene at the resort on property that they were staying at. He can’t be surprised both times that his daughter is required to wear a mask.
    Pretty soon he’ll be invited to the Republican convention for a speaking engagement.

    1. BAF

      GREAT JOB DISNEY! We recently went on a Sunday. Our middle child played baseball and was going to have practice so my husband stayed with him while I took my older daughter and younger son to magic kingdom. The one thing I noticed was that EVERYONE had a mask on. If you let one slide then they all slide. All it takes is one phone call. I’m sorry for this child whose vaca was ruined but that is NOT on Disney that is on the parents! Do your job and make sure all basis are covered! Too bad he will take it to the next level I’m sure and Disney will be at the wrath of his path.

      1. Sean

        He has already taken it to Glenn Beck to complain, you know he will get something free out of not reading rules, or thinking rules don’t apply to him. I stand behind Disney on this. My big question is, why would you take your daughter to one of the hubs of the pandemic if your kid can’t wear the mask. Are you trying to get her sick? We had almost 4000 new cases yesterday alone.

      2. Susan

        It is absolutely Disney’s fault. They should be prepared for any persons that cannot wear the mask. It is apart of the ADA laws. One phone call should end the crap of it all. Masks serve no purpose. You should be ashamed of yourself for having no sympathy for this child and family.

    2. Brian

      You were fine until your last sentence, otherwise I agree 100%

  8. Sharon

    If you have a doctors written doctors excuse I’m blown away that Disney is overstepping a doctor. This is absurd

    1. NotMe

      Doesn’t work that way, nor should it .

      1. Dee Dee

        The mask policies are all over the Walt Disney World web page. There is no way this man or his family made reservations without having been made aware of the masks requirements.

    2. Jane

      Oh come on Sharon. Grow a brain.

      1. Steven

        haha. Unfortunately I think you’re asking too much from people in this day and age. Common sense it’s as common as it used to be.

    3. Kim

      It’s not absurd. Yes it is unfortunate that vacations have limitations right now, but the level of entitlement is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with ADA. There is no ADA violation. These guidelines exist for the safety of castmembers and guests. To put it in a different context, if someone were walking through a construction zone and hardhats were required would you say it was ok for an autistic person that had difficulty wearing a hard hat to walk through? Of course you wouldn’t because it puts them at risk. The bigger question here is why a dad would knowingly expose his child to potential deadly disease just to be at Disney. The priorities are a bit skewed here. Enjoy your 5 minutes dad.

      1. Susan

        Yes this is an ADA violation especially if the family had a doctor’s written explanation as to why the child cannot wear the face mask. Besides Disney CANNOT even ask why the person cannot wear a face mask. So 2 for 2 Disney is in the wrong.

        1. Heather

          This is on the parent, not Disney.

    4. harley

      Its for safety reasons my kid can not medically wear one bc of his medical conditions and really bad allergies but hes wearing one bc he can bc of his condition be way more sick even a simple cold will react differently for him plus my mom is immune system compromised so we wear ours for others beyond the fact we do not want to die God forbid! As we are both lucky to be alive more people should look at it like that… your kid might have a need or a disablity not a reason to fight more of a reason to protect! So my kids dr gave me a note so jic he has difficultly breathing but like i said above is not an excuse to not wear one it will hopefully help though if he has an issue!

      1. John King

        Each and everyone of you are heartless people. If the child has a medical waiver from a doctor and validated by Orange County the can not be turned away. This is no way an abuse of the ADA. The child is autistic and that is a disability. Hence all effects from this are covered. So use your common sense and realize that this was wrong for disney to do.

        1. NotMe

          They certainly can be turned away – the ADA allows businesses to put policies in place, without waivers, for the purpose of safety and public health.

          Disney is 100% right on this, and I’m glad they’re standing by their CMs and their policy.

          1. Susan

            Disney 100% wrong on 2 counts under ADA laws. Maybe you should re-read it.

        2. Brenda

          Not even close to being cold and heartless. You know who is, the father. Yes, him. Why in the world you would risk exposing your young child to a virus which could make them severely ill is the sorriest parenting I’ve ever seen. What moron would expose their child when this is infecting so many people? Children are not immune to this, or have you not seen the news in the last few days? It’s been said children will fare better, but if you know your child is autistic, there could also be an underlying medical issue you are not aware of. Why you would be willing to let your child get sick is beyond me. You’re an adult, you know the rules, you are not an exception, and if you’re willing to be such an idiot to expose an innocent child, then you are the problem. Not Disney.

          1. Ki

            Are you actually suggesting that the father slightly delay doing something he wants to do in order to protect his vulnerable child? What kind of parenting is that?? /s

            (Answer: Good parenting. Putting your kid’s needs first is good parenting.)

        3. Hugh

          You’re right Disney should sue tgat dad for neglecting his responsibilities as a parent.

      2. Ki

        Thank you! I don’t get all the people who think that a medical exemption means the person should be able to do everything just unmasked – by and large the medical conditions that cause exemptions are the same that would make getting this disease extra dangerous. You’re protecting your kid by not using that note to put him in extra danger. I don’t understand those who would do anything differently and can’t help but wonder if they’re hoping their kid dies.

    5. Hadley

      If a sensory disorder prevents a child from wearing a seat belt that child can’t be in a car, or airplane, ride Siarin’ etc if a sensory disorder prevents a child from wearing a mask that child cannot be at WDW in a pandemic
      Safety devices, which right now includes masks, are NOT optional and if someone cannot use the safety item, they cannot do whatever it is which requires that item. The father is completely out of line (and it’s hard to believe he didn’t know before arrival. I knew about this NO EXCEPTIONS rule, and I’m not planning a trip, no longer have young kids, etc)

    6. Stan

      Disney is private property. Your doctor can’t write you a note to override their rules.

    7. Bob

      My experience is Disney neither requests nor accepts doctor’s notes.

      1. rosie

        Yes they do to at least get a das/gac card you need it bc of all the legal trouble and changes! Mine is on file w my photo and all the info they take down on their tablet.

    8. Wow

      Thank God dr notes prevent you from getting or spreading covid

    9. Stef

      Why? It’s private property and not a necessity. If you can’t follow the rules wait until you can. Or don’t go.

    10. Michael

      Because not all doctors are infectious disease experts.

    11. t3

      You know people get “doctor’s excuses” for anything..and all it takes is knowing the doctor..so because some random guy has a note from a random doctor he and his daughter should be allowed to possibly get other park goers sick?..park goers who are all following the rules..

    12. Jerry

      I have always believed that disneys accommodation for disabilities was too lenient. Any one remember the rent a handicap person for a day debacle? I can stand in line because I am diabetic BS. There are sick folks that do need accommodation , I would guess that it is abused more than used by those who need it.

      Glad to see disney is putting its foot down.

      I am interested to see what happens when the vaccine rolls out. the “I am vaccinated so I dont need a mask bunch”. Wonder if we are going to get a card to prove we are vacinated.

  9. MVG

    Private company, you do not have a right to go there and they can turn away anyone they wish.

  10. Greg

    My son is autistic and can wear a mask, he might need a break more often, so if me I’d go sit down n have a drink with him. Stop using autism as an excuse.

    1. Bob

      Austism, as you are aware, is a spectrum. It is fortunate your son is in a place where he can tolerate a mask. Others cannot.

      1. Jennifer

        Thank you Bob – you are spot on! I have Autism and can’t wear a mask. But I can also do things other Autistic individuals can’t do. It is a true spectrum disorder.

        1. Randy

          If you were on a plane that lost cabin pressure, somehow I’ll bet you’d be okay with wearing a mask. It’s the same thing!

          1. Tara

            If a plane loses cabin pressure and you have to wear a mask, it won’t be for hours on end in 90 degree plus weather. You can’t compare the two.

  11. Jeff

    So they couldn’t make an exception for this little girl? They need to make case by case exceptions for individuals that can’t wear a mask!

    1. NotMe

      Nope, they don’t need to and they shouldn’t.

      I’m glad that Disney is sticking by their rules and allowing no exceptions.

      1. Susan

        You should be ashamed of yourself. Someday you will be the person who needs the exception and won’t get it. Major corporations are NOT above the law and most certainly an exception should have been made.

    2. Steven

      No, absolutely not. You make one exception then make tons. There needs to be a hard line. The *parents* should have done their homework on the situation. They knew the pandemic is here, they knew masks were required, they knew their daughter had pre-existing conditions. Nothing should have been a surprise. This is totally the fault of the parents for not being prepared. If wearing a mask isn’t possible then going to Disney *right now* might not be the smartest idea. You wouldn’t think this is a difficult concept to grasp but clearly I’m wrong.

    3. No they don’t. Private company n has rules. ADA has nothing to do with masks. Can’t wear one then DON’T GO! Use common sense!

    4. James Terrell

      You are a fool if you believe that.

    5. Susan

      Absolutely!!! Under ADA and HIPPA laws they are obligated to. I hope the family sues.

  12. kat

    The rules are the rules for everyone. There is a pandemic. What if the child got sick? There are so many families that would love to take their disabled or ill children to WDW, but they are waiting. Due to the pandemic even make a wish trips are canceled. I feel sorry for the cast member put in this position. Hes just doing his job.

  13. Lydia Brotherton

    This has nothing to do with ADA laws. The pandemic supersedes the ADA laws. Due to the fact that the ADA can not put everyone else’s health at risk to accommodate one. If this man is hoping that he has a leg to stand one with ADA he is sadly mistaken. Trust me I however feel his paint with an autistic sensory kiddo myself. I have to wait for mask orders to be lifed.

  14. Richard Clifford

    I don’t know what to say. I just don’t.

  15. Nic

    It is an unfortunate situation but if the father is having trouble getting his little one to wear a mask then it will be hell when the ventilator is needed… Disney will still be here after the pandemic the parents focus should be ensuring their children are also here after the pandemic.

  16. The dad is a selfish jerk who wasted his money and is trying to use the pandemic to garner attention and sympathy in his daughter’s name.

    1. B

      Sorry to Break it to Disney but they are allow to let them in. They did go against the disability act. This family should have gone to Universal studios. They know the rules and regulations better and how to treat their guest in these matters. Disney has been making me mad ever since the lockdown. They need to get over themselves

      1. Adele

        The ADA doesn’t cover mask wearing. Just like you can’t claim the ADA if your child doesn’t want to wear a seatbelt.

        Hate to break it to you, but Universal Studios has the same rules, they just haven’t been in the news as much because you don’t have psycho Universal fans the way there are psycho Disney fans.

        Disney has a business to run. Their business won’t look good if they let a pandemic run amok in the parks. They’re only open because the government strong armed them into it.

  17. Ahnsael

    “My child cannot medically be 40″ tall yet, because they haven’t grown that tall yet. Are you telling me you’re going to violate the ADA by not letting them ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?”

    It’s a safety rule. It’s not subject to “but my kid is the exception.”

    I feel for the kid. I feel for the family (except for the dad). Yes, it’s unfortunate. But we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that is spiraling out of control (mostly in one part of the world — here in the U.S. — because so many people here refuse to take it seriously, and figure “my kid can’t POSSIBLY be contagious because they’re autistic”).

  18. Shannon

    I’m sorry, but I’ve been around kiddos with sensory issues and if they are this bad, then Disney will be way too much for that little sweetheart. The logic isn’t great here. I as an adult could have screamed from everything going on there, so I can’t imagine a kiddo with a sensory issue.

    1. Bob

      Taking sensory kids is an exercise in planning. There are excellent rides and experiences for these kids. There are also some rides and experiences to completely avoid. It helps to know the quite nooks and corners and tables. Disney is amazingly predictable which makes it an excellent trip for a family with sensory considerations.

    2. Get a clue

      Actually, the disability act helps to allow a person with a disability be able to enjoy every day life, where businesses provide the means to help that person trying to Partake in that business or what have you. The difference is that this is a pandemic therefore it is not discriminating said person with the disabilities but protecting EVERYONE ELSE around them therefor they do not have any right to claim their disability isnt being taken into account because this is bigger than one person. Disney has every right to not allow people in with out a mask and if it was for any other reason than a pandemic or another disability rendering something else Disney would be more that accommodating. People fail to grasp that this is a pandemic and it’s more than your “freedom” or yourself at risk here.

      1. NA NA

        You do need a clue. Pandemic or not FREEDOMS don’t stop. If you can’t wear a mask doesn’t mean you have to be locked away. As an American you should respect all people. Those that can’t wear a mask are covered under the same Constitution of United States of America you are. Everyday all day no matter the year or “PANDEMIC”

  19. SUe

    seems to me he did this for attention I’m sure he had a phone he could of called and asked about his daughter. Not go and think they willing let you in. I’m glad Disney did the let him in. Nobody wants to walk around in 90 plus with a mask on . But if you know your child will not wear one don’t take them. If Disney let them they would have to let everyone in that would say they can’t wear a mask drs note or not. Just like people that go online a buy a vest for there dog that say therapy dog so they don’t have to leave there pet behind. alsO the ones that that use someone’s else’s handicap sticker so they can park closer

  20. cav85

    If he didn’t already know (which I’m sure he did) it would have taken 4 seconds of research or one phone call to know there are no exceptions to the mask policy. This dad is a jerk and I feel bad for his kid. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, no one *needs* to go to a theme park right now, so if you’re going, you need to follow the rules, whether you agree with them or not, otherwise stay home. This guy is clearly looking to cash in.

    1. Chris

      Again, he is not being a jerk, he is standing up for his child’s legal rights that have been trampled on for too long in the name of safety. There is far more at stake here than you realize.

      1. NotMe

        Yes, I know, he’s also unhappy about schools being shut down, no therapy, etc. All valid concerns, but this rant on Disney is ridiculous. No one’s rights were trampled on…I don’t believe for one second that he didn’t know about the “masks for all, no exceptions” mandates – he just figured he could go down there and bully Disney CMs into giving him his way.

        Glad to see that Disney told the bully “no”.

      2. Michael Romenesko

        Oh hush up. It’s a global pandemic. The child’s rights were not trampled and if you knew anything about actual laws, you’d realize that.

      3. Loisalene

        Nobody has a “right” to go to Disney.

  21. Katherine

    Disney had so many corespondents about there policy. You even had to read it before you can reserve the parks. He ignored it all and thought the rules didn’t at to him.

    1. NotMe

      Exactly – just listened to him on the radio, and he admitted that he saw the policy, but since PA has disability exemptions, he figured Disney would too.

      Some people’s kids…

  22. Trent

    If the park cannot make accomodations for everyone that they’re normally able to make accomodations for then it shouldn’t be allowed to be open.

    1. NotMe

      Sorry, but no. Not everyone should be excluded because a few people aren’t able to follow the rules.

    2. Sean

      so let me get this straight, according to your comment, if someone can’t wear a mask, Disney should either let them in, or not open, correct? A mask is a safety device right now, so what you are saying is, if this same child, isn’t tall enough for expedition everest, they shouldn’t have the ride because of children and short people. Or let’s say someone can’t wear a seat belt, does that mean we shouldn’t have Tower of Terror because certain people can’t wear seat belts? All 3 are safety measures for the park, if 1 person can’t use them, than they shouldn’t have it for the other people that can.

  23. Will not attend till do not have to wear mask. It’s too hot for them to enjoy yourself. You can’t take pictures for good memories.

    1. Breed

      Sweetie, I live in an area that is hotter than Orlando — 107 with high humidity every day last week — and I can wear a mask outside all day without any problem. I’ll even forget I’m wearing it and try to drink water before I realize I have to move my mask to do so. But you’re a special snowflake, apparently.

      1. Anonymous

        Well bless your little heart for being such a great trooper. However, I agree, I don’t want all my pictures for a memory of me in a mask. Oh, and let’s not forget the awesome price tag to keep such a memory of a miserable year of life. But nice to know you think someone is a snowflake because they don’t want their pictures of all of them in masks. I think you were mistaken, you seem to be the true snowflake here. Have a blessed day!

  24. Eric

    It is so refreshing to see so many comments here calling out this father. I heard him being interviewed on the radio today and was so disturbed that this father and the host felt Disney mishandled this situation. Regardless if you disagree with the policy, you’re a fool for not calling ahead before spending the money and dragging your child with disabilities hundreds of miles.
    Those that really are trying to twist this into discrimination, you’re forcing a square peg into a round hole. People need to take responsibility and apply common sense. Why on earth would you choose to take a vacation with a special needs child during a once in a lifetime pandemic, and then expect special accommodations? Can I claim I have a medical condition that makes me paranoid and therefore get to carry a gun into the park? It’s my right, after all. My wife is 9 months pregnant but wants to ride space mountain. You can’t tell her she can’t, that’s discrimination and we flew all this way to ride it!
    My child is a newborn but wants to go down splash mountain, you didn’t tell me about height restrictions and we’re here so you better make an exception.
    If you want to debate about accommodations and the negative impacts it is having on families, then have at it. But don’t show up at the park and expect to have those accommodations provided on the spot.

  25. Anonymous

    No one needs to go to Walt Disney World, there are plenty of other things they could do like go to the beach, go to a national park, or even rent a boat and take it out to the ocean. He has no right to complain about a policy he did not agree with because he didn’t care to call or ask ahead of time. The only person I feel bad for is the daughter for crushing her hopes because this situation is entirely his fault, not Disney’s.

  26. William martin

    Disney world is not a right they have rules .. It not just for you its fall all .. just stfu and go to the mountains and relax


    Me and my family went to Disney less than 3 weeks ago …we took my 5 year old great nephew and he was extremely good about wearing his mask the whole time we didn’t have to remind him and we had a blast and it was his first time at Disney

  28. Jennifer

    I am so sad that I even have to write this but …. to begin with: Autism and Sensory disorders are spectrum disorders. This means that just because your spouse’s 2nd cousin once removed boyfriend’s sister’s kid can wear a mask and has Autism, does NOT mean everyone with Autism can. How do I know? Well, I am 39 and have Autism! I have PERSONALLY experienced this. I have a child with Autism. She has personally experienced this. What’s more is an Autistic person can have major sensory to touch and have a lighter sensory to sound. Yes, this means that a mask might be out of the question and sounds of a park might be OK. It is different for EVERYONE with Autism. (Some times it is the opposite.) Please quit judging people with Autism. Our journey is stressful enough without your wicked judgement. And yes, to the person who stated that “what will a person with Autism do if they have to do if they have to be on a ventilator?” (Who said this meanly.) Guess what? It’s on our minds too! Now, from what I understand from my aunt who is a nurse, more then likely if you are sick enough to be on a ventilator you will be in a medically induced coma. This means you won’t be conscious to feel the mask on your face. But thanks for reminding us of what we are scared of. You are so AWESOME FOR THAT! Do I sound angry? Well, I am. I’m tired of people acting like people like me are awful for saying we can’t feasibly wear a mask. I am tired of the dirty looks and the meanness that our world is dishing out at alarming rates. Another thing: I had reservations for March that had to be rescheduled to December. We made new reservations in MARCH for December. No mask ordinance was in place at the time. The app does not state anything about masks. Zero emails have come from Disney stating that you have to wear a mask. The only reason I knew about it was because I follow the Disney blogs. Not everyone does! Which means, yes, it is possible to get to Disney without knowing these things. Plus Disney originally stated that due to medical reasons a person could use a face shield. This was retracted two weeks later. Again, zero communication from Disney. PLEASE for the love of all things good STOP judging!!!

    1. NotMe

      I haven’t seen anyone judging the child for not being able to wear a mask, bu judging the father die not making sure I’d the rules before going, and then trying to bully CMs into breaking the rules? Guilty as charged.

      And you might want to double check where you’re getting you info on Disney, because Disney has never allowed just the face shields.

      1. NotMe

        Sorry, typed on my phone and messed it up…

        but judging the father for not making sure of the rules before going, and then trying to bully CMs into breaking the rules?

    2. Dan

      Sorry, honey, but if you feel your disability gives you the right to endanger the lives of others, you’ll be getting plenty of dirty looks and judgment from me. The mask is there to protect others from disease. If any member of your family cannot wear a mask in a public place during a pandemic, you are presenting a danger to those around you. You do not have the right to do that. Public safety always outweighs personal comfort.

      Everyone wears a mask in a public place or they stay home. It’s simple. Stop believing that you have any sort of “right” to endanger others.

    3. Adele

      I had a trip scheduled, and got several emails with details about the mask mandate. So you’re full of it.


    Know before you go. It’s Disney’s new motto and they make sure everyone knows the guidelines. This prepaid planned trip should have been rescheduled and would have been rescheduled easily, without a problem. I feel bad for this little girl and what her father put her through. Shame.

  30. Pam Blain

    Disney did nothing wrong they were not saying she couldn’t enter.She had to put a mask on JUST LIKE EVERONE ELSE. I am the mother of a down syndrome daughter she needs to be treated like everone else yes BUT SHE SHOULD NOT GET SPECIAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF A handicap.Everyone must follow regulations put into place to KEEP EVERYONE SAFE!!!

  31. mark

    1st to comment my daughter has to wear an oxygen mask to breathe and can not wear a regular one she allowed into wdw the other day! Maybe this dad should have just i do not know had a note had proof of condition something instead of yelling arrogantly at a cm for 15 mins of fame! You do things right disney will help you you do things wrong disney will through you out! Thats the rules folks covid or not your not following rules out you go!
    2nd sadly this is publicity for wdw weather right/wrong and thats why we are hearing about it and trolling it for the highest bidder! And bc he got attn he will probably sue to prove some pt i do not know and lose bc again being angry and arrogant instead of asking for help politely be this cm or guest relations would help thats there job is going to get you nowhere!

    1. davis

      As a member of security i can tell you we were throwing folks out for less before covid! We are not mask nazis but like you said mark rules were always there!

  32. JJ

    I have two thoughts about all of this.
    1. I would be shocked if the father didn’t know exactly what he was doing. The way he is trying to get the cast member to make specific statements suggests to me that he’s trying to set himself up to file a lawsuit. Shame on him for putting his autistic daughter in the middle of this. He had to know she would be turned away, but he used her to further his own personal agenda.
    2. Having autism doesn’t magically make you not contagious. I can’t figure out why people think a disability should exempt them from something that is intended to protect others from harm. Other people shouldn’t have to risk a potentially serious illness so that your daughter can go to Disney World. The ADA requires reasonable accommodations. But there is no accommodation here that doesn’t put other people at risk. The ADA doesn’t require a business to put the desires of a disabled person above the health and safety of other customers.

    1. Eric

      Beautiful, eloquent, concise summary. You are without a doubt 100% right on both points. This father filmed the entire thing knowing he was going to use it to either try and wring money out of Disney, file a suit, or just gain social media fame/fortune/followers.

    2. Susan

      Actually the ADA laws do provide that the handicapped person be put above; that is why they exist. Disney started going against ADA laws at least 10 years ago with respect to wheel chairs. The family has precedent for a lawsuit even without the cast member saying anything for the simple fact they were denied entrance. I hope the family sues and closes the park for good.

  33. Katherine

    Listen, we are all frustrated! I am frustrated and I am extremely calm natured. It seems the world has gone absolutely crazy….and AFRAID. I know this fear is causing people to act irrationally. My hope is after the election is over a lot of this will stop. You can’t listen to the news and get the correct information. You must seek that out yourself. I looked into our County, which is Seminole. I live not far from Disney. I know people that work there, perform there, are engineers that work there. Even more people & relatives have annual passes. When I looked up the numbers for our County, there is a chart for each County in Florida. It had a full list of people who have died in detail: male/female their ages and the date of death from Covid 19. Since they were listed in a row. I created my own spreadsheet from that information. My husband & I decided how to break up the stats. Children from 1-18, adults 19-60 and our most vulnerable 61 and older. You should make your own chart! You see, I don’t really care if millions get the flu or this virus. I care at HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE! That’s the real number! It was shocking. I really wanted more details: you see I am 60 years old. Of those that died did they have diabetes, heart problems, Cancer Survivors. Because that may also explain some deaths and help us to understand how vulnerable we ourselves are. I was very surprised how many people died that were 100 or more! I honestly didn’t know there were so many people who lived to be over 100 years old. Also, unfortunately it is almost a death sentence for people in elder care facilities. The people that work there aren’t trained or have they had the equipment to adequately protect themselves, much less the elderly they are caring for. Which isn’t medical care. It is a step lower as are the workers. They are simply trying to provide as much care for them as a family member would at home, if they could care for them. Note: Did you read all the politicians who got their parents out of there when the virus first arrived! That should have been a hint to others! Anyway, I’m done except…I have been told that Disney is NO longer the “Happiest Place On Earth”. We should all vote. As well as vote with our money and where we spend it. The power of the purse is very powerful. I’d like to put my foot down about airline travel! It is definitely not customer friendly anymore! When are we going to stop letting people like politicians
    control us. Every year more and more of our own personal rights taken away! People, this is American! We like and want our freedom. Telling churches, “You can’t meet”! Can’t meet…did you hear me! You can’t go outside without a mask, what! No parks, no beaches!
    Since when do we quarantine the healthy? Oh yeah, NOW!

    1. Susan

      I am 60 as well. I know 6 people who passed away from covid19 and ALL of them had other underlying health conditions that would eventually take their lives one of them was under 40. I stand by my convictions. Covid19 is no worse than the flu.

  34. EMF

    Good for Disney for maintaining and enforcing their sound public health and safety policies during an unprecedented global pandemic. It is their resort and they are absolutely within their legal rights to mandate safety protocols and procedures that protect their employees and guests. Disney has made their mask and social distancing policies and rules well known and easily understood. Shame on this family for trying to exploit their autistic child in order to gain access to the parks because the family either didn’t do their due diligence in taking the simple step to find out Disney World’s mask policy or they wantonly disregarded it thinking that they were above the policy or entitled to special treatment. Wouldn’t you make a quick phone call before the trip to clarify the mask policy if you had a special circumstance instead of just assuming you were exempt and showing up. Sad that these parents would do this to their child as I’m sure it was a disappointment that could have been avoided by simply delaying the trip until a time when it was safe for Disney to accommodate this family’s needs. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all orchestrated on the part of the family as part of some plan to sue Disney for discrimination or to selfishly gain national attention.

  35. Catherine G

    Our son has autism and wears a mask fine. Rules are rules. This is a global pandemic. I am so sick and tired of the millenial way of thinking. We don’t go out to eat, we don’t do things bc he can’t wear a mask it is what it is. I wish people the all
    About me attitude would just stop.

  36. True Liberty

    Disney is getting all the bad press they deserve with their stupid mask mandate. I hope their parks become more empty than they already are. They have treated customers badly for years and now the empty parks are there payback. I’m glad we cancelled our annual pass in June because they also announced annual pass holders could no longer bounce from park to park when they visit.

  37. Jack

    Remember N1N1. 60.8 million Americans had the virus. That’s more than three times than the current world infection. Obama did nothing. I will never set foot in Disney again

    1. Joe

      I think you mean “Trump did nothing” Obama’s not preznit jack.

    2. Sean

      Bye, father was wrong, whats next, you want your 5 year old to be able to ride Expedition Everest, but because he’s too short your going to throw a fit. Disney is 100% right, I feel sorry for the poor cast member that the father kept harassing. Safety measurements are done for a reason, if you can’t follow them stay home

      1. Davis

        Exactly just bc disney is extra cautious and throws you a safety bar or harness does not make it safe your child to ride! Its like soarin you know how many accidents or god forbid deaths would happen if the kiddie belt plus restriction was not there…. i do not think disney would be able to afford those lawsuits!

  38. Darrell White

    Disney did the right thing. I see “Karen” has a brother.

  39. Really?

    I’m sorry but let’s look beyond the pandemic for a minute. If an individual has a sensory processing issue and can’t wear a shirt and/or shoes (don’t judge I know it is a thing) would you expect to be able to take them to a restaurant?
    No health guidelines are there for a reason.

    1. Susan

      Actually that is not true. The no shirts no shoes no service came from businesses protesting the civil rights movement. It has NEVER been mandated that you must wear a shirt nor shoes anywhere and it most certainly never came from the health department. In fact, until this date, almost 60 years later, there is a group still legally fighting the no shoes thing. What is really funny, the law has YET to say they must wear shoes.

      1. complianceofficer

        Actually – you are sooooo wrong – this is on the health dept checklist – google it

        1. complianceofficer

          I just googled and you would have to go state by state for specifics – google also says generally a business can make any rule it wants as long as the rule is enforced the same for all – in other words without discrimination – and I also found out that the biggest reasons for no shirt no shoes were in response to hippies of the 60s and 70s – Susan you seem to have many responses to many comments – you seem really negative on Disney – how about you just accept Disney is Disney – some people like Disney and their rules – some do not – you do not have to – why don’t you find a place to be happy – wherever your happy place is Disney people will leave you alone – and how about you leaving Disney people alone – just an idea – not everyone, everything and everyplace is for everyone – I wish that you find joy – please let others have their Disney joy in peace from your comments

  40. Barker Bill

    So exactly why would you be spending thousands of dollars to spend all day in a mask in 90 degree heat anyway. Stay away until the panic is over. If you have full blown DDS and can’t stay away then you’re going to have to obey any orders they decree. You don’t get an option C.

  41. Josette

    I have posted this on other sites as well as directly to Mr Ross on his TikTok, which he then quickly deleted said videos…
    We were there the same week he was and even staying at the same hotel. I have to high functioning autistic teen daughters with sensory issues. We worked with our daughters weeks before the trip to prepare them to wear their masks. Disney’s policy states if you can not wear a mask due to health issues please don’t come. He is screaming discrimination towards his daughter and that Disney is going against ADA laws, but ADA does not cover masks. There is no safe accommodation to replace masks at this time.

  42. Steven Fortney

    So this had already been addressed by Disney, but Disney changed their standpoint. We’ve seen posts that mention:
    “Guests with disabilities who are unable to wear a mask for an extended period of time must visit Guest Relations, where they will be provided with a face shield. Either a face mask or a face shield is required to be worn at all times in the park.” Jul 13, 2020 WDWnewstoday.

    However, DFB had to backdate a post that said the same thing, which now says:
    “Editor’s UPDATE: As of May 28th Disney has updated their mask policy, this post now reflects the current requirement that face coverings will be required for all Guests ages 2 and up.”

    Universal is still following ADA guidelines and allowing face shields.
    Ultimately face coverings are meant to stop you from spreading if you’re a carrier. They will not, I repeat, THEY WILL NOT KEEP YOU FROM GETTING COVID. There’s no reason for Disney to
    A. Publish conflicting statements and not clarify and address the issue.
    B. Require masks over shields for disabled persons.

    Disney should issue an apology and compensate the family. But they’re probably going to get sued for violating ADA.

    1. Yoda

      Disney is trying to do the best to keep everyone safe. Yes, at one point they did allow the use of face shields but changed that when the CDC said “There is no evidence that face shields, which are open by design, prevent the inhalation or exhalation of viruses.”
      Disney is not violating ADA since face shields are not an equal alternative option to wearing a face shield. They would only be in violation if the is an equally effective alternative that they are not allowing.
      As a person who works in the tourism field, I have read up on the ADA regulations and Supreme Court cases about requiring wearing a mask on private company property and there is NO exception where you can not wear a mask if the company requires it.

      1. Susan

        Also, there is little to zero scientific nor medical evidence that face masks prevent the spread of anything. Medical professionals and researchers wear a face mask along with other protective equipment to protect themselves NOT you ONLY themselves. Disney is most definitely in violation of ADA laws on 2 counts and HIPAA laws in this situation.

    2. Pam

      Sorry but WDWnewstoday IS NOT an official Disney website.

  43. Adele

    It was clearly a stunt by an anti-masker, and it’s vile of him to do that to his child. He had his phone at the ready. He’s just disappointed that the employee was courteous and polite.

    There are a ton of ways to have a mask for someone who has sensitivities. And let’s say for some (unrealistic) reason, he couldn’t — why would he risk his child’s life like this? It’s just sick. He had to put on a show to try to get likes from strangers, and he made his child suffer because of it.

  44. Really?

    Was it really so hard just to make a 60 second phone call to confirm if her admission would be accepted? This is all a little crazy.

  45. First of all if your mask works mine should have no impact. That being said I believe in following so if it helps you feel better I’ll wear it. But just know that before I wore a mask and went in a store I hardly ever touched anything and then touched my face then touched something then touched my face and now I constantly touch products touch my mask to straighten touch another product straighten mask again well you get the picture my mask is a filthy germ infected piece of material when I leave the store. Now that aside. So my sons family before this “pandemic ” bought tickets for their family of 4 now they wear masks every wear that’s not issue they just dont feel like they are getting their value for their money having to go and wear a mask they had rather either have their money refunded or even willing to have their trip postponed till after the “pandemic ” since when they purchased the vacation wearing hot masks was not part of the package and Disney is saying NO you have only these certain months to go. Hmmmm now to me if they are so worried about the ” safety” of everyone why would they not allow at least the postponement till after the “pandemic”?

  46. Melanie Schlauder

    We have been annual pass holders and have 4 kids for years. All have sensory issues and one is autistic and asthmatic, so he is unable to wear a mask for long periods of time. It’s so tough, but not much in life is normal right now and we have to do our part. So, we did not renew our passes because we are aware of his limitations. I wouldn’t even take him if they gave him an exemption because I feel it would put himself and others at higher risk. It’s really hard to miss out on the luxuries that we have been used too, but life is more important in my opinion.

  47. SG

    We are all in this epidemic. The parents knew the restrictions BEFORE they made any plans. Autistic children are as susceptible as any child, maybe more, touching things then touching eyes, nose or mouth. Could be an asymptomatic carrier coughing, sneezing can’t cover mouth to do so. Bottom line, this is temporary. Mom and Dad protect your children and yourself. If you get sick who cares for your autistic child? Be a positive example. Get the vaccine and wait until scientists say it’s perfectly safe to be in a crowd or indoors without a mask. We are all rightfully impatient, stay calm and carry on!

  48. Chris

    Sounds like a set up to me. This is the same family that was asked to leave a Disney store about a week ago– and, boy, were they mad at Disney!
    The dad was way too eager, this time, to pick a fight with the cast member enforcing the face mask policy… and to get it all on camera… as soon as he asked about rights for Americans with Disabilities, we could all see where this was going.
    It’s too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. I think we can all hear “Law Suit” in the dad’s tone.
    Sadly, cast members have to deal with people like this. Wear your mask, or stay home. Don’t jeopardize the health of those around you.

  49. Chris

    Sounds like a set up to me. This is the same family that was asked to leave a Disney store about a week ago– and, boy, were they mad at Disney!
    The dad was way too eager, this time, to pick a fight with the cast member enforcing the face mask policy… and to get it all on camera… as soon as he asked about rights for Americans with Disabilities, we could all see where this was going.
    It’s too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. I think we can all hear “Law Suit” in the dad’s tone.
    A lot of us are Americans with Disabilities— still, no mask? Stay home!

    1. Really

      Maybe I am mistaken but is the ADA law for employees? I don’t think it applies for customers. Businesses are aloud to turn away people. They don’t have to serve you.

    2. Tara

      Actually this is NOT the same family. The family lives in England and the story happened in England.

  50. Noah Grumby

    It sounds like the father was going for entrapment. He knew all the buzz words to use and to film it. I feel bad for the park employee who is following his rules. Did the father present a doctor’s note? Did he ask to speak to a supervisor? No, he waved the ADA as his free pass. While his daughter very likely should have been granted access and while WDW probably would have made an exception, this father chose to make an issue out of it (and it sounds like he’s done that before).

  51. Gerard

    That man was a disgusting human being trying to capitalize on his daughters disability. Anyone who thinks it’s anything but a ploy to get some money or something from Disney is kidding yourself. And for the people who think masks are pointless, look at it like this.
    If we all run around naked and someone pees on you, you get wet right away. If you are wearing pants some pee will get thru but you will be better protected. If the person who pees is also wearing pants then the pee stays on that person and you don’t get wet at all. Same concept with the masks geniuses.

    1. Yoda

      Best analogy I’ve heard. Thank you.

  52. Christina

    The father is confrontational and a bully, if he can’t get his daughter to wear a mask put a face shield on her.

    1. Pamela

      If she can’t wear a mask she probably won’t be able to wear a shield either.

  53. DisneyGirlArianna

    I HATE MASKS DO NoT TeLl ME tO wEAr OnE beACausE tHe gOverNment LiEs mASks dO not HelP TheRe is No cUrve ANd YoU gUya R iNsAne SoMeone Was liKe Hey We can sHow the PeOple That WE ArE In Charge anD wiLl fOrce our PeopLe to bend the freedom RightS No MaSks ShoUld ever be worn list n to me they are trying to brainwash us please prepare to have your rights taken away because you were dumb enough to think masks work do not get mad at me or comment that I am dumb just comment I Agree

  54. Robert

    I find it amusing that people are arguing about the semantics of mask wearing when the truth is the parks should be closed during the pandemic, period. An amusement park is in no way an essential service. Anyone going to the park is already admitting that they are willing to gamble their health in exchange for some self-indulgence and entertainment. The efficacy even of an authorized mask and social distancing per park rules is still far lower than not going in the first place.

  55. Joe

    Good. I’m glad Disney stuck to their guns for the safety of the guests. Fact is, the parents were cavalier and irresponsible in the middle of a global pandemic to refrain from checking with Disney prior to their visit if there were allowances for the Masks. Anyone booking a trip right now will be inundated with info about the new safety measures. Sucks for the kids but this is TOTALLY on the parents, not Disney. It’s a hard lesson in forethought, responsibility and awareness.

  56. K's Mommy

    Airlines have been in the news for absolutely enforcing masks. The president of Southwest Airlines was asked on a Morning New Show last week about children and special needs and exceptions for masks – he said no exceptions – (there had been a family turned away at the gate for a child not wearing a mask) – if there is one exception then the rule is not effective – American, United, and Delta have said the same. Disney and Universal also have an absolutely no exceptions rule. These rules are not secrets. Everyone should be aware of them. How did this family arrive at Disney? Was an airline used?

    The rules, laws, and procedures about seatbelts, pants and shirts, oxygen masks, ventilator masks, plane emergency masks – all need consideration for those with special needs of any sort.

    We live in Kansas. The legislative branches (Republican) said our Governor (Democrat) could not put a statewide mask mandate in place – so it was left up to counties. Some counties did make mask mandates and some did not. Kansas became a perfect scientific case. We had those areas with masks and those areas without masks. The results and data are clear – masks work to reduce virus spread. In a very rural county the mayor thought he was safe – did not wear a mask to an event with less than 30 people and several – including him became infected – he is now a mask supporter. It is hard for those who do not want to believe to look at this information and come to any other logical conclusion than masks work.

    A final thought is that this virus has the potential to kill. A person may say it is not so – but dead is dead. There is no second chance to change your mind.

    1. K's Mommy

      perhaps I was not clear – laws and procedures are necessary and must be followed for period in any situation – there are items and situations that involve needed touch by various items on various places on the body – seatbelts, etc. –
      can you imagine telling a police officer that your child is not in a seat belt due to a special need – that is just NOT acceptable – the ticket will be given – the safety law is the law –

    2. Sean

      you asked how they got there, apparently they drove from Pennsylvania, which kind of tells me, they knew they wouldn’t be able to fly, if airlines are all mandating masks also.

    3. Susan

      Do not compare seatbelts to a mask – they are no way the same thing. Besides there is no statistic proof that seatbelts even save lives. There are exceptions to all rules! If you cannot medically wear the mask they CANNOT under ADA and HIPAA laws turn you away. This so called new virus has a 98% recovery rate and in no way demands what is happening. The no shirts no shoes no service was something that business owners started as their protest to the civil rights moment; it has NEVER been mandated by the government nor health departments.

      1. NotMe

        Every time you reference HIPAA, you’re making yourself look dumber than you did before.
        HIPAA doesn’t apply to Disney you dolt.

      2. YouHaveToBeKidding

        No shirts, no shoes, no service may have had racial considerations for some in the beginning – but since that time it has become standard for health practices – disabilities are not a free pass to do as people please – masks are for health concerns – if you don’t believe in them, then don’t go where they are required – there are no exceptions for seatbelt rules – whether or not the occupants of the vehicle believe they are effective or if someone has a disability – where do some come off thinking they have the right to everything in the format of their choosing – with rights come responsibilities – Disney company is not obligated to accept anyone under their demanded terms

      3. FactCheck

        Wrong – this policy no matter where it started is now from the governmental health department – that the policy is stated in clear view is on the health inspectors check list when making unannounced visual inspection visits

  57. If his other children wanted to visit so badly then they could have taken the child with sensory issues to any other park that is ok for sensory challenged children such as sesame place or SeaWorld, or even Legoland… Switch off days with the children who can go to Disney … It’s so selfish to make a child go to a park they can’t even enjoy with those types of problems. Especially during a pandemic.

  58. K's Mommy

    Funniest story on tv news – news anchor said she has a 2-year-old son – and whether she thought pregnancy was real, whether she was tested or not, whether she believed she should or should not be tested, whether she wore maternity clothes, whether or not she prepared for a baby – the fact would still be that today she has a 2-year-old son – facts are facts whether or not you want to acknowledge or believe them – and most often the consequences are going to be observable – whether or not you want to see them !!

  59. Denise B.

    Screw these mask mandates. China has been wearing masks for pollution long before Covid-19, and they did nothing to stop or prevent the spread of Covid-19.

    We don’t buy into the fear-mongering and propaganda, and we prefer to keep our immune systems healthy and not compromise them with all this nonsense.

    1. Traveler

      Have you traveled to China? We have – masks are worn by many but not all and those who wear them do not wear them all the time

  60. prince charming

    The mask regulations of Disney are NOT law. The Americans for Disability Act IS a law. Disney World is located in the USA so the laws of this country supercede even the great edicts of King Chapek. I hope that they sue Disney for millions of $.

  61. Robert A Nelson

    Kudos you have the right to REFUSE service. Cast Members need their job yet need to go home safe to their families. Wiggle my ears to CM that was put into that situation here’s some Pixie dust too. DOPEY Robert Nelson

  62. Nico

    Disney is a family friendly destination, meaning multigenerational families traveling. Sure, kids may not get symptoms like some adults, but when they go home to Grandma and Grandpa, it’ll be all over. I am for what Disney did. Find another place that will take maskless people.

  63. Towanda Taylor

    My son has sensory processing disorder as well. I totally understand what they are going through. It has been a challenge for my son. But I recognize that this is something he is going to have to learn to deal with. It took alot of patience and mask test runs to get him to tolerate it enough to be able to go out. I actually use a faceshield with him as its a little easier for him to tolerate. Disney has its policy posted on its website so there is no reason to be upset with them. The family should have done their research before coming.

    1. Tara

      That’s great! We use a face shield for my son as well. There is only one problem: face shields are not acceptable at Disney. The covering must secure under the chin according to the description and shields do not.

  64. A Mom

    Then what about the – No shirt, No shoes, No service signs –
    are those requirements ok for the ADA and other laws –
    Note: Businesses can make requirements for their business –
    No mask, No Disney, No air travel –

    Go to the businesses that you agree with and shut up –

    Many like and approve of businesses that have mask requirements –

    The news reports as of yesterday – say there are no cases attributable to Disney World since reopening – good for Disney World and all their safety efforts –

  65. Dennis Rudisill

    Wear a mask it’s that simple

  66. Kim

    You know the rules before you get there. Disney is doing what’s best for the guests and Cast Members. My son had sensory issues as a child. We simply didn’t do certain things. He’s a well rounded adult. Going to Disney is a privilege, not a right or requirement.

  67. Kimberly Ryan


  68. I Love My Family

    Why risk health for a trip that could have been reschedule? Especially with kids, I have them, I have elderly parents, why risk your love ones in the most of Covid? Also in this darn heat standing in lines, its over 100° right now. Everybody has been accomidating to rebooking. I rebooked my trip…i love my family more than a vacation.

  69. Sandra Takach

    I can’t that people only care about themselves. If Disney allows one family do it then they can’t enforce the rules for others.
    Not too many years ago if you had someone in your party who was in a wheelchair or scooter you went to the front of the line. So what did people do. Got wheelchair and scooters so they can beat the system. Who’s to say that the same won’t happen again.
    I feel for the family but really you knew the rules so don’t be angry when someone won’t let you break them

  70. AnnoyedWithThisCrap

    EVERYONE has an “autistic” child. If your kid “can’t” wear a mask, stand in a line, SIT DOWN when appropriate, or keep from screaming like a banshee constantly, then why not take your money and build a playground for precious that allows it to run, scream, act out, AND, party bonus, it wont have to stand in a line.
    They’re wanting a free ride from Disney. I feel NO sympathy for the lot of them. Daddy knew better but thinks he’s going to bank on this alleged outrage.
    Go home. Find something you can do without being offended. Or possibly tormenting and making us or your kid sick.

  71. Sunshine

    Disney is 100% correct in their stance!!!!
    People are DYING!!
    The days of being passive and tolerant in others choices to not wear masks are gone.
    We don’t care how much money you invested as you claim on your family’s vacation. Stupidity and Willful Ignorance is your choice, not ours!

    1. Tara

      People die every day. It is the only certainty in life. But to cause all this upheaval for way less than one percent of the population?
      Making masks mandatory for everyone 3 and above? Excessive

  72. Dad

    Shame on those parents for putting their kids through that. They knew the policy, quit trying to get on the news at the expense of your child’s well being.

  73. Hugh

    If you choose to visit a private institution during a global pandemic, you should not assume your beliefs over rule theirs…if you don’t follow the rules your stupidity could cost others their lives. Wear a mask…wear it properly or get out…its that simple. As someone else said I feel for the girl having an idiot for a father.

  74. Monica

    Dads fault next time read the rules don’t want to read call 🙄 that suks for the family

  75. Dr. G H Southerland

    You spend money & time on this trip. You know yr child has special needs-as do l, myself & my son. A world wide deathly pandemic is occurring. Yet you do not think to check ahead (which should be routine for you) Stop complaining. Disney may have saved yr child’s life! The ADA’s “Reasonable accommodation” does not include exposure to possible death.

  76. rachel

    This is absolutely 💯 the fathers fault. Disney has been extremely up front from the beginning about no mask no entry no exceptions…. #1) Google is your friend, look up the policy #2) or if you don’t understand that answer, Disney has a pretty in depth answer on their website, and if you are still too dense to get it #3) CALL AND ASK! This is what adults do, they don’t just show up knowing a policy and think they will get an exception. And now your poor kid is sad, because YOU put her in that position…. yay dad….

  77. Susan

    I am absolutely appalled at the number of people commenting on this article and NOT one of you have any sympathy or empathy for this handicapped child nor the family. You should all be ashamed of yourselves; what if you are the handicapped person that was looking forward to going to the park? What about the other people in your party that were looking forward to going to the park? This NOT right and we all need to stand together and protest this BS from a major corporation. Furthermore, I bet anything Walt Disney is rolling in his grave as how dare his company has succumbed to a virus that has a 98% recovery rate. Secondly, if Disney World is SO concerned with everyone’s health, the entire Disney World Company should be closed indefinitely until such time we can enjoy the property without the silly mask. Thirdly, Disney World has NO legal right to turn away any handicapped individual; in fact, they are legally obligated to provide a way for handicapped people to enter the property. Under the ADA laws, even with respect to the mask, Disney employees cannot under any circumstances even ask what the disability is and must allow the person entrance into the parks. If not Disney is legally obligated to refund any and all monies that were spent at the park including hotels. As for the mask, you all need to get a grip; there is little to zero scientific nor medically evidence that the mask even works, especially alone. Medical professionals and scientific researchers wear the mask to protect themselves NOT you ONLY themselves. They also wear other protective gear along with the mask. This family and any other handicapped person denied entrance to the park deserves to have the support of everyone – we need to stand behind this family and demand Disney start the BS. And, by the way, it was Bob Iger, the former CEO of Disney, who FIRST said masks and temperature taking would be required LONG before the CDC or Dr. Fauci ever suggested it. Please remember, it is ONLY a guideline (a suggestion) to wear a mask.

    1. RulesAreToBeFollowed

      Everyone has limits of some kind in some way – every company and every person is not required to accept whatever someone thinks is appropriate for them – I can have sympathy for someone without thinking they should be able to do as they please regardless of the rules – Disney’s business, Disney rules

  78. Melissa

    I can’t believe parents would risk the health of the child. Disney is doing all they can to make it easy to reschedule vacations so why go now knowing the child can’t wear a mask and chance her getting sick?

  79. Nancy Patten

    I’m disabled with an auto immune illness so I’m at high risk and going out very seldom. But if I’m not mistaken autism is not a disability that would but someone in the high risk category. Disney, without crowds, seems like the perfect time to take an autistic child to the park. Why Disney doesn’t have a protocol in place for this situation is the issue for me. Maybe a quick turn around test with documentation to prove negative for Covid 19.

  80. Terrie Lynn Reitz

    The father admitted to seeing the WDW email about masks ( Glenn Beck’s show Tues). He said he didn’t pay much attention to it.

  81. You all are clowns

    So many of you ” If they cant wear a mask then they shouldn’t go” (As Disney lets in thousands of people with kids 2 and under that are not wearing masks)

  82. Bill Legg

    So to add to this story I live in Fl. And planned a trip there to propose to my now fiancée. I knew the policy on mask from the news but called, as they didn’t send me anything when I purchased tickets. I was told by Disney Corporate to go to Disney springs to make sure the masks we used were approved. So I did. Wasted about two three hours doing so but they loved the masks and said yes they are good to go. What mask you might ask. It’s a normal 4 layer medical type mask with surgical tubing from the mask to a small box with a fan and a HEPA filter. Well at the magic kingdom…aka tragic kingdom we had not one, not two but three staffers try and say they had to approve it. I explained every time and finally my girl said babe we brought back up masks just use them. So home made masks over medical grade material….great. anyways. Just have back ups and backups for the back ups.

  83. Steven

    I would feel bad for the family if the parents didn’t make up the medical condition for their kid. What they are claiming is not a medically diagnosed issue, it’s make believe. It’s what stanch Republicans due to try to skirt the rules. I’m glad Disney stood firm with their rules

  84. Paul

    That’s why we look to our Federal Government for leadership. The Federal Government could have set National guidelines so they would be the same in each state. The bottom line is of course they should have called ahead before making the trip.

  85. Lana

    Please stop the bickering and just wear your mask

  86. Michele Rose

    The father was really irresponsible making such an assumption. He let down his entire family by not making a simple phone call. I can’t help but wonder if he intentionally created the situation in an attempt to sue Disney? I want to see the hood in people but I can’t get over the mans ignorance and treatment of his family.

  87. Zen


    If you aren’t able to wear a mask then you don’t go. It’s as simple as that.

  88. Katie O'Brien

    When you’ve been told over and over that exceptions are made for people who cannot wear a mask, you just assume that person will not be discriminated against. That their rights will not be violated. Shame on Disney. But then again, we all know what evil lurks behind Disney and those who run it. The best thing that could happen to Disney is if people would boycott them.

    1. NotMe

      Who told this bully of a father over and over that exceptions are made for people who cannot wear a mask? Because unless it was Disney (which it wasn’t) then it means zero.

  89. Catherine

    You can’t give someone something you don’t have. If masks really work, why are people so afraid of someone who isn’t wearing one? I wouldn’t patronize Disney now if it was the ONLY place on earth to vacation.

  90. Give them the masks..small price for keeping Disney magic

  91. Aliera

    These mask mandates are out of control! Discriminating against people with disabilities is ILLEGAL! If a company wants to require masks that’s fine but exemptions MUST be made for those with disabilities or medical conditions!

  92. CJ

    As an Uncle to an autistic Nephew, even I wouldn’t take him out into the world without putting a mask on him (and if he can’t comprehend it? then he stays safely home!)

    The Epic Fails by this Family:

    1] Never Assume what you Need to Know!

    2] Masks At Theme Parks Info readily available on Disney websites, on signs everywhere, heard via audio announcements (the only way you would not know is if you were Helen Keller!)

    3] Unsure? Contact Disney Customer Service (they are readily available!) before planning a Theme Park visit.

    4] Can’t comply with the Theme Park rules? Please stay Home with Family vs ending up in a bad situation (this was all avoidable!)

    Sorry, not sorry, her posting a video online backfired …. no sympathy (except for the Cast Members who put themselves at risk to covid-19 exposure AND deal with Park Guests who think they are entitled!)

  93. Gus

    Disgusting! This whole political mask nonsense has to stop. Yeah I know, people without mask will all die. You’re telling me that since six month now… Not happening. Wake up from your socialist nightmare.

  94. Natalia Gaitan

    I too have a autistic child w/ sensory issues and can’t imagine what that family was feeling. My children are my life and I thought DISNEY…OF ALL PLACES AND ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES (who mind you…didnt ask to be here in the bodies that only the Lord knows why He created them special?) COULD TURN FAMILIES AWAY?!!!?
    Walt is turning over in his grave right now!
    Please explain to me how an autisic 7 yr old child WHO DOESNT LIKE, NOR WANNA BE TOUCHED BE A DANGER TO ANYONE WHO SHE’LL LET STAND NEXT TO HER?!
    My heart goes out to this family and I REALLY HOPE you take this video to a really good atty!!! Hopefully this time next year you’ll own most of that park and that guy will be kissing your ass!!!

    1. Ki

      Walt banned guys with long hair from entering the park in order to maintain an image and because it was assumed that long-haired guys would be more likely to cause trouble.

      Requiring parents care about their kids enough to protect them at this time by making them wear a mask and supporting a 100% mask policy in places they are is so, so much more sensible than that.

  95. Lillian Machir

    So….everyone is okay that they disregard the Americans With Disabilities Act….got it. Just wow. Its a law. Yall need to brush up on it.

    1. Mach 2

      Have you actually read it or just relying on what you think it entails? Instead of accusing everybody else with being unfamiliar, make sure you fully understand before pointing a condescending finger.

  96. Mike

    Face masks are in place to protect the other people from what you may carry it’s sad that everyone cannot participate in everything but sometimes in a pandemic the protection of the many outweigh the needs of the few

  97. A Disabled Disney Supporter

    I applaud Disney for their uniform actions to keep non-mask wearing patrons OUT of their establishments, which is why the minute Disneyland opens back up, I’ll be there with bells on. As for the father of this family, he should bone up on the fact that the ADA is only in violation when only disabled people are being singled out, which was not the case here as Disney applies this policy to everyone. Enough said.

  98. If Disney let’s 1 kid in without a mask, believing the parent that the child has Autism ( the range of autism is ASTOUNDING), then EVERY evil person will take advantage of the HIPPA act ( not having to prove or disclose a disability ), and you will have half of the people not wearing masks ” claiming” a disability that legally can’t be proven. I can’t stand masks, but if I want to go to Disney, and I just did for 9 days, u have to wear one……period. it’s Disney’s policy. It’s a private company, tand they don’t have to honor your wishes or demands.

  99. honeycombsbigyeahyeahyeah

    Need more tiny violins T.T

  100. Joanne Earle

    They need to relax the mask rules for kids with autism. We’re planning a big family trip at the end of January and our 5 y/o ASD grandson cannot wear a mask. He has major sensory issues. I hope this mask stuff is done soon. It’s getting ridiculous.

  101. Frank

    There is nothing wrong with the song its splash mountains theme . It’s a shame

  102. Tara

    Personally I’ve known of dozens of cases and only 2 deaths. In a couple of months when flu season starts I hope you all hole up in your homes for months on end. Because you know, some people die from the flu and you could bring it home to grandma and grandpa.
    Have lots of people died from COVID? Yes, but not even 1 percent of the population has even gotten sick. We screwed over millions of Americans and are disrupting Their lives for less than one percent of the population.

  103. American Patriot

    WOW! You bunch of mask wearing sheep! You are all so pathetic! Disney can go to he$&! LMAO

  104. Vic

    It’s good to see by all of the comments that after 6 months and hundreds of thousands of deaths, that we can finally distinguish who was the dummy in this story. I half expected to start reading all of the comments defending this guy and talking bad about Disney. Thank you Disney for having the best interest of EVERYONE AS A WHOLE in mind.

    1. An American Patriot

      Yeah, thanks Disney for making everyone miserable for nothing! Lol 🤣

    2. Katie

      If it’s this bad then maybe Disney shouldn’t be open if they can’t accept ALL people.

  105. Na Na

    Education! As Americans we need to get educated. The fact is for 30 yeas the ADA has made it clear NO DISCRIMINATION! Read the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Regardless of any one persons feeling they as AMERICANS have the right to not be discriminated against. Respect all Americans mask or NO mask

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