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family asked to leave disney store

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  1. Darth Notices

    The best part of this story was the when the lady tried to shame Disney on social media.

    1. deb

      I live in London and the city has a bylaw regarding masks, which indicates that children under 12 do not require masks. Ontario has a Human Rights Code that prohibits discrimination based on disability. The Disney store ignored the terms of the local bylaw and ignored the terms of the province’s human rights code, so maybe the attention that they got on social media. If you want to conduct business in a country or a province, you need to abide by the laws of that country, this store did not. i hope that this mother files a human rights complaint against the store and the manager. Canada resects peoples human rights.

      1. Kitty

        America has 4.8MILLION cases and 159thousand DEATHS. At this point then anyone arguing for their freedom and human rights is proving how much they care about human beings.

        1. Alex

          No one gave a damn when the flu killed even more people? What about childhood cancer? You know how many children that has killed? Probably not because your tv didn’t tell you about it.

          1. Jamie Ward

            you know how contagious cancer is? It’s not. Do you know the flu is less severe, has been around a long time and there’s a vaccine? You can’t compare apples to oranges.

          2. Traci

            Did you know You cannot catch cancer? And, Covid19 is more contiguous than the flu.

          3. Peter

            Amen to that, mt friend!

        2. Kerry

          Kitty get over yourself. A virus that has killed less than 1% of the US population. Your letting the media control your life.

    2. Ben Yu

      Me and my 7yrs old kid got refused to enter the store not because we were not wearing mask, is because we wearing the mask with vault on it, we not allowing to enter unless we put on the one they provided, the blue and white disposable one, not sure this is actually true regulation by Disney.

  2. Anonymous

    I work for a disney store and those policies were the only things helping all the anxious cast members. This isn’t a common cold. This is a pandemic. If disney were to losen their policy a lot of us would walk. People expect to be accommodated for every thing at our stores but what about us the cast members? We’re people with family too. ShopDisney is seconds away online. We’re not an essential business. This is ridiculous.

    1. deb

      No, it is not ridiculous. This girl has autism in Canada that is considered a disability. I agree that maybe the mother should have shopped online, but she didn’t. The city that she shopped in has a bylaw regarding wearing masks. This bylaw exempts children under 12 from wearing masks. There are also laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. In the picture I see all other family members wearing mask, so it was obvious that the child with autism is the issue. The store members discriminated based on her disability. In Canada that is prohibited. The mother nay has been wrong, but the store was wrong also.

      1. Matt

        Shopdisney also doesn’t have a Canadian website. Everything is in American dollars plus the shipping is ridiculous and you have to worry about paying duty and additional fees. The delivery of the item could also take weeks or months to arrive.

      2. BSM

        No…If you child can’t abide by the rules and contain their health issues, then keep your damn child at home.. Why get everyone else sick or have the potiential b/c your child can’t keep a damn mask on. This isn’t hard. I have two children that are disabled and guess what, if they are having fits that day and don’t want to keep their masks on, then i take them home. This isn’t hard. Disability or not, you dont have the right to ignore the safety of someone elses child who may be working at the Disney Store.

        1. Kerry

          To each their own. We don’t tell you how to raise your child. So shut up about this woman’s choice. Who made you GOD?

          1. DaddyPiranha

            To each their own. We don’t tell you how to run your business. So shut up about this business’ choice. Who made you… meh, who cares?

      3. Sheila

        Wrong! This is not discrimination whatsoever.If a person cannot wear a mask, for whatever reason, they should not go where a mask is required. If a person is likely to pull off their mask, they should not even attempt it. We all can get sick from a person with or without autism. Stop always trying to get more than you are equally allowed. If a person has a tendency to get scared on a high speed highway and is likely to wreck because of it…don’t drive on that highway. Not discrimination, just appropriate. Ugh!

      4. R Dav

        But the last time I checked, London wasn’t in Canada.

    2. Cat

      No one forced you to come back. With an attitude like that maybe you shouldn’t be working for the company. Online isn’t as accessible in Canada and where this store is there hasn’t been any new cases for days. In Canada we take human rights very seriously.

      1. Sheila

        The human rights exist for people that do not wish to get sick too. No one should be allowed to not wear a mask and endanger others. This child is not endangered by wearing a mask…but everyone else is endangered by her NOT wearing it. I agree with the stay away from the store if you cannot abide.

        1. I just spent 9 days with my son at WDW. The daily average temp was 96, with humidity, the news said the “feels like” temp was 108. It never in 9 days dropped below “feels like” 104. Try wearing a mask for any length of time in that temp, with the sun beating down on you. It was awful. People around us were dropping like flies from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I understand there is a pandemic, but Disney should put fans up, or tents, or something better than what they have ….and DO NOT BELIEVE DISNEY when they tell you the rides are “walk on’s”, they are not. 50-60 minutes to wait with the ques extending well outside in the hot beating sun. Your choice to go, but fair warning, you MUST wear a mask.

          1. NotMe

            If you didn’t want to wear a mask in the Florida heat, then you shouldn’t have gone.

          2. Disney Parks Lover

            You have access to weather forecasts like the rest of us.
            You knew you would be required to mask-up.
            And information is readily available about how much of WDW is outdoors in the sun.
            Take personal responsibility for your actions and stop whinning.

        2. Fred

          I should be able to make the decision if I want to risk getting covid. If I am not sick, how can I spread a desease I don’t have. With all the cases increasing with all the mask policies, prove that masks do very littleto protect people.

      2. Ki

        Actually yes, workers were forced to come back. Unemployment benefits stop if you’re offered your job back and you refuse so for those in retail the choices are literally (a) go back to work, (b) attempt to find another job during an economic downturn that won’t put you at equal risk as your previous job, (c) be unable to pay your bills.

        So, yes, retail workers are rather forced to go back. But good to know you put your own temporary enjoyments above the health and safety of others, especially underpaid retail workers. If you really took human rights seriously you’d be fighting for those retail workers to be in as safe an environment as possible. Instead apparently human rights only matter insofar as they make your life more comfortable.

    3. Anon

      I also work for Disney Store and you should know that it isn’t our policy to shame anyone if they have a disability & cannot wear a mask. We all got the same training & at no point was it to kick someone out of the store.

      ShopDisney is also not really an option for Canadians. The store charges in USD and half of the items do not ship here.

    4. Kerry

      Obviously you haven’t done your own reach then. If your that afraid find another job that doesn’t involve working with customers.

    5. Natasha

      Then perhaps you should get a different job? No one forced you to work at Disney Karen! You don’t have a disabled child apparently so you have the luxury of discriminating against people that do. There shouldn’t even be a stupid mask rule! They don’t even work that well! The virus particles go right through that masks! Gee I wonder what’s next? If one starts coughing through the mask while inside your store? Are they going to band you from their store as well? I think that’s what I’m going to do, get real close to you dumb Self entitled CMs and start coughing heavily through my mask and say WOOPS so sorry! Lol! Watch all
      You losers squirm! You’re truly dumb if you think that flimsy mask is saving you from a deadly airborne pathogen! Disney is playing you all as fools! They just want you back to work, the masks do nothing! Do some research maybe on you’re own and stop allowing the media to alter your mind! Masks do nothing especially in a busy store! That virus is landing on the outside of the masks where children are touching and adjusting them and touching all your merch. You people that believe otherwise are such stupid sheeple! SMDH! No wonder you work in a Disney store! Lol!

      1. Mask do work. It is better than not wearing nothing at all. Japan has proven that they work.

      2. Gern Blanston

        Greetings Natasha,

        Aside from your atrocious grammar and clear disdain for science I totally think you are incorrect. You mention that others should do their own research and not allow the media to alter their minds. But, I am sure that you are allowing certain media outlets to alter your perception but you are not allowed to call that research for your incorrect purposes.

        I am for making reasonable accommodations for those that need them but there are certain things that may just not be available for all. There are many things that I would love to be doing right now but I know the risks associated at this moment in time so I am choosing not to do them. When it is safe enough for me to do them I will. But, this is not about me, so I am choosing to wait. The parents that know that their children, autistic or not, will/can not wear a mask or follow certain safety rules should wait as well.

        Why would you even joke about coughing on someone, especially during a pandemic? This one comment alone would be enough to disregard your entire post. Unfortunately, you didn’t stop there. Sigh…

        You also call others “sheeple” but I am sure your wrong opinion about masks is not one that you came up with on your own. I guess that makes you a “sheeple” too.

    6. Nunya

      You’d be right – IF THIS WAS ACTUALLY DANGEROUS! Yeesh!
      This entire thing is an absolute SCAM.
      You people that consider yourselves “woke”, y’all are hypnotized and FAST ASLEEP.

  3. John

    We had a similar issue with the Disney store in Yorkdale. Our recently turned 3 year was told to keep his mask on and wear it properly. The Disney store employees kept hounding us. Eventually while my son was throwing a tantrum they came to us and said your son can wait outside and you can do express pay. I understand that it is under 2 for face masks in Toronto but a little compassion would’ve been nice.

    1. TacoCat

      Thank you for being a responsible, caring mother. Keeping your child out of uncomfortable situations shows a high level of compassion. Good job.

  4. Cat

    Well this is in Canada where we have very minimal cases. We do things differently here and what they did is discrimination.

    1. LZ

      Why do you think Canada has low Cases?

      And no – it’s not discrimination – quick review of the Canadian laws, mostly similar to US – shows it is not. They had a policy they were enforcing, one they are allowed to, and asked them to leave based on that, not on the child’s condition. She did not need to remain on the store and I’m sure the family could have asked a cast member to grab items – a reasonable alternative/accommodation.

  5. Alex

    Shame on Disney! This is why I refuse to visit. Masks shouldn’t be mandatory especially for a child with autism. I’m so disgusted by Disney after reading this. I’m glad we canceled our trip. Not giving them one more dime of our hard earned money.

    1. Natasha

      Good for you! Disney discriminates! I already wrote them regarding my daughters blood condition where her blood doesn’t carry oxygen correctly which can lead to app is and death and asked for an alternative to the mask like a plastic covering and they said NO! I was shocked! They could careless about their disabled guests only people that have perfect health are welcome at Disney! Disgusting! Shame on Disney!

      1. NotMe

        If your daughter has such a dangerous health issue, why would you even consider bringing her to someplace like Disney and risk exposing her to COVID-19?

        I can’t speak for Canada, but the way ADA works in the US makes it necessary for Disney to say no exceptions to the mask rule. If they allow an exemption for disabilities, then everyone that doesn’t want to wear a mask will claim they have a disability. And since Disney can’t ask for proof, they would have to allow anyone claiming a disability to not wear a mask.

        Meaning that many, many guests wouldn’t be wearing masks.

        I applaud Disney for sticking to their guns on this, and hope they keep doing so.

  6. Mark

    My question is, given how serious this pandemic is, why would a parent who has an autistic child bring that child into a public environment knowing that they would not keep their mask on? You are endangering your child’s health as well as the general public by doing so. Yet somehow people try to paint Disney Store staff out as villains.

    And I’m sorry, the human rights violation argument does not apply in this case. Emergency public health measures take precedence.

    1. Michelle D

      Thank you! If you know you are going in to a situation that won’t work for your group, avoid it. Nothing Disney sells in their stores is worth your daughter seeing you get really ill, or worse, you seeing your daughter get really ill.

    2. Melanie Durham

      Yes! For once, I agree with you!

    3. Patricia

      Mark, I completely agree with you. I understand that this is in Canada in an area where cases are lower. But honestly, why take the risk of exposing a child who has enough challenges already? A pandemic is a big deal and a lot of rules have changed.

      There are times that it is a better option to keep your child home rather than taking them some place where they can’t follow the rules that are in place for everyone’s health. Pick you battles; there are times to fight for your child’s rights to participate and there are times to choose common sense and keep everyone healthy.

      Thank you, Disney, for doing all you can to keep cast members and customers safe. It’s one of the reasons I trust Disney to do the right thing.

      FYI to all of you in Canada where cases are lower – consider yourselves lucky but prepare for the possibility that you will have community spread in the future. All it takes is for people to start going out in public, not wearing masks or social distancing. Ask some of the states in the US that had low numbers at the beginning and are now facing people with COVID 19, not enough hospital beds or enough doctors and nurses to care for them.

    4. S F

      OMG thank you!!!!!!! I am a front line medical worker with two young children, and so is my mom. We put ourselves in danger EVERYDAY, as well as our children/grandchildren. Nothing makes me angrier than all of these idiots refusing to wear masks. They are the first ones running in demanding medical care and endangering others, including myself and children! These people should be ashamed of themselves. And if you refuse to wear a mask, then you should have to sign a waiver with the insurance company, so we can refuse you medical treatment! You endanger so many people coming into medical facilities because you refuse to wear a tiny paper mask over your face. It’s not like we are asking you to breathe through a tube. There is no reason for it AT ALL. And if you can’t control your child and have them abide by the rules that SAVE LIVES, then DO NOT bring them in public! I have autistic family members, and they can abide just fine. Or comes down to poor parenting, and wanting attention and money that’s it, while they could care less about everyone else’s safety. Good for Disney for standing their ground.

    5. mark

      Bc from one mark to another let me paint a different picture my daughter has breathing issues and needs to wear a different type of mask so can not obviously wear both …. my daughter is not going to stop living bc she has issues nor should this child in ? But is disney wrong NO! But then again this america and not canada w laws to help vs here you need a dr note to go up the street!

  7. Kaya

    I’m sorry but they offered a shield too. Like how was a shield difficult to wear as well? Especially when other families with autistic children are saying that’s a better option. I guess those protection won’t matter if she get the virus and expire.

  8. Sue

    Yup my daughter has sensory issues and will
    Not wear one. But we don’t go anywhere we have passes to Disney. We live 9 miles from there but we don’t go bc of this. So we are not going to force her to wear . Plus it to hot. But I’m not out there complaining about it. We just stay home with her.

    1. Sheila

      Thank you Sue! Now you are the best parent of all on this thread! Great and commendable job you are doing raising your child compassionately and effectively! And you are not teaching your child to use a crutch. She will thrive because of you!!!

    2. Tara

      My son is also on the spectrum. He will wear a shield, which the school is accepting as a substitute.

      The problem I see here is Disney needs to abide by LOCAL ordinances. If the local ordinance is age 12 does not require a mask then THAT store should follow the local ordinance. Also, Disney should allow face shields in their parks.

  9. SG

    Let’s get real people. I Iive the US and our leaders aren’t handling this pandemic well at all. Canada is to be praised as well as all the other developed countries for their handling of this awful disease that has sicken and killed thousands more people than the flu. My point is, Canada is well on it’s way to eliminating COVID just Keep Calm and Carry On and DO NOT DO WHAT WE ARE DOING!

    1. Rebecca G

      Only Americans have this bizarre view that every other developed country is handling COVID the same way, and having the same positive results. Truly weird, and typically America-centric.

  10. John Connor

    Boycott all the stores that require a face mask, it’s simple. Masonville Apple Store went even further, they demanded a face mask (ok I was wearing one) AND to take my temperature before entering ! Guess what ? It cost them $5000 and I bought my desktop elsewhere… not that Apple or Disney would care about that puny loss, obviously.

    1. robyn

      well aren’t you special! so glad you are immune and not a carrier of anything. perhaps you’ve heard of Typhoid Mary? she didn’t like washing her hands, because she never got sick.

  11. Kay

    This isn’t discrimination. The child was being asked to do something that everyone is being required to do. If she for some reason couldn’t abide by the requirement, then she (the child) didn’t need to be in the store *at this time*. It’s fine that the mother tried to see if her daughter could handle the trip but as soon as she couldn’t, the child and perhaps the grandmother (the article states that the mother had her own mother with her and her children on the trip) should have just left the store and waited outside while the mother finished up her shopping. Unfortunately, when your children “act up” (not just negatively but in that they don’t behave as intended), it’s time to remove them and yourself from the situation. It’s time to not be selfish and disrupt others’ experiences because you’re dealing with a behavioral, etc. issue with your own family (from children and adults alike). In any event, for those saying that requiring face masks is discriminatory, please stop looking at this like it’s more than a mild inconvenience. Do seatbelts infringe on your “human rights?” No. It’s a mandated BY LAW safety requirement that is meant to save lives. Masks are the same type of thing. It’s an annoyance at best. It’s not oppression. Just be a courteous human being to other fellow human beings. If wearing a mask is that unbearable, then just stay home. Going shopping (shop online, use delivery services), going on vacation, etc. isn’t necessary at this time. Can we please just be mindful of other people for once — and not just ourselves.

  12. prince charming

    The masks which people are wearing do NOTHING to stop coronavirus. If the govenment of Florida required everyone to wear a bra, Disney would be requiring people to wear bras. And the bra would be just as effective as your mask in preventing covid-19.

  13. Natasha

    I hope this family sues Disney for discrimination. It’s also stated in health orders that one is exempt from the suffocation device if they have a serious and real health issue. Disney may not like this child not wearing a mask so they must not understand what it means to have an autistic child. By making her leave was definitely discrimination. How do I know? I’m pre-law and by asking them to leave after the cm being told she was autistic and needed the exemption just for her should have most definitely been allowed. If this family is reading this, you have a good reason to sue! Find a good lawyer ASAP! Good luck to you!

    1. If you are a law student then you would know that Disney is private property and can ask guests to do the “jig” prior to entering if they so chose. They offered her a reasonable accommodation and she refused. The end. No suit.

  14. Jessi

    This is not a case of a child with special needs being discriminated against. This is a case of poor parenting. If you know your child has trouble with wearing a mask, then you have the obligation to stay home. The mandatory face covering rule keeps the child and the wider public safe. As a parent, safety should be your top priority.

    1. Mark

      like i said above its not bad parenting how dare you do not know there situation ….. i have. Similar one my daughter needs to where a mask to breathe but shes not going to stop living…. so i have a dr note and move on! Stop w the bad parenting thing …. if the world just was not so judgemental its people like you i can not get one min your like the world needs love but the you say f***k you!

  15. Disabled in San Diego

    I commend the Disney Store for their effort to provide an environment safe to ALL – something that will influence my decision as to when I revisit Disneyland when it opens back up. Keep up the good work and you’ll see me soon!

  16. Thank you Disney for sticking to your guns. While I sympathize with people with children with disabilities, Covid-19 hasn’t created problems for them and to imply such is unfair to us all. The mothers behavior exposes a “type” of personality. I’m always surprised at how “entitled” these *types of parents feel to visit Disney. The whole, I paid so I can do whatever I want attitude is very selfish. They “always” need a little *something extra, you know, cause my kid has abc, one more ride! shorter lines!now! cooler temps!come on Disney!!gimme gimme gimme!! This was expensive, I paid!! I’m owed, you know cause my kid has blah blah blah!! And iffen ya don’t you’ll see me in court!!! But I do not under any circumstance want to PAY for a PRIVATE tour or visit in a manner that doesn’t affect others, oh no!! How dare you suggest it, don’t you realize Im owed?!…Lady, we get it. Your child is disabled. They care…There ARE other options that won’t expose your child to *rules or guidelines. Try the beach,Yosemite?take a hike, –or–
    Stay home. Please, please, stay home.

  17. Lola flores

    Where’s ur DAMS masks Teach ur children right from wrong..No wonders the WORLD is in Pendenis where masks

  18. Mir

    Yes a disability can affect someone keeping their mask on so why would you as a parent risk exposing your child to a virus that has been proven can infect and even kill children? They are also capable of transmitting the disease. Only N95 masks offer the most protection, cloth and disposable offer enough protection where if you follow proper guidelines can decrease the risk of infecting others or yourselves. God or whoever you may worship forbid that anyone happened to be a carrier of the virus and not know it and infect an autistic child because they couldn’t properly wear a mask. How would you as a parent feel to know your child is sick because of something as trivial as taking them to the disney store when you knew that a mask was required and also happened to be a major inconvenience for them and their mental health? And don’t even start with the whole “if children get it it’s mostly mild” because what if it isn’t for yours. Why take that risk that your child happens to be the exception to that? This isn’t discrimination, it’s for their safety and the safety of others. It’s also incredibly selfish to think “eh you chose this job so who cares” towards the employees. The rules are also to keep them safe, and again what if a maskless child is an asymptomatic carrier? The amount of insensitivity by some comments and thougths is apalling.

  19. Rebecca G

    They probably only asked them to leave because it was a small store, so the same CMs were asking them repeatedly to fix it. We saw a *lot* of people (as in, whole families) at WDW with masks pulled under their noses, or hanging off ears, as they were walking around. CMs would ask people to fix it, but the people would frequently either ignore them completely (especially those whose first language isn’t English, so the language barrier could be an issue) or pull them right back down as soon as they walked away.

    Wearing a mask in the heat was horrible. I have morning sickness, and the mask made it 100x worse (fun discovery to make at the Parks, LOL). I took every opportunity to sit down and take a drink with my mask off. I get the frustration with the masks.

    Even so, we have agreed to these rules in order to enter a private business, so we have to follow them. There were relaxation stations, and not a ton of people, so it isn’t hard to find a socially distanced sitting area to snack and breathe for a bit. The stores offer accommodations for people who need to get something. I get the frustration, and people screaming about masks on both sides isn’t helping, but you can’t agree to wear one, then be surprised when you actually have to wear it. 🤷‍♂️

  20. American Patriot

    WOW! You bunch of mask wearing sheep! You are all so pathetic! Disney can go to he$&! LMAO

    1. jamie

      yes call us sheep until you get sick and your on your death bed!

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