Disney Store Enforces Face Masks: Family Asked to Leave

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family asked to leave disney store

Credit: Sarah Baillargeon

The Walt Disney Company is seriously enforcing the use of face coverings. Beyond just the Disney Parks, Disney Stores across the globe are requiring face coverings for entry. And when Guests don’t abide, they are asked to leave.

As Disney Stores begin to reopen worldwide — in areas where they can operate during the pandemic — they abide by strict health and safety measures for the well-being of all Cast Members and Guests. Just like at Disney Parks around the world that have reopened within the past few months, it’s important for Guests at Disney Stores to abide by these safety measures, including face coverings.

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family asked to leave disney store
Sarah Baillargeon

However, maintaining social distancing and wearing a face mask is an adjustment.

Recently, Sarah Baillargeon brought her children to a reopened Disney Store at a shopping center in London. During their visit, the family’s six-year-old daughter, Ruby, on the autism spectrum, was improperly wearing her face mask inside the store.

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Below is an excerpt of the Baillargeon family’s story, as London’s CTV News reported it:

“We were wearing masks, myself, my mom, all the kids, so we said you know, ‘She’s autistic, she has a sensory issue, she may not keep it on,’ and what the women said to us was ‘OK, just try your best.’”

Baillargeon had difficulty keeping Ruby’s mask on, since Ruby does not like things touching her face. Ruby continued to fiddle with her mask and pull it under her nose.

The family says they were asked by three different staff members for Ruby to wear her mask properly.

After receiving several warnings about the six-year-old’s improper mask use, Baillargeon says that she was offered the option of a face shield for her child. However, Ruby does not like to wear anything on her face, so her mother said the six-year-old would have difficulty keeping a shield on. At that point, the family was given five minutes to finish up and exit the store.

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The London news outlet also shared a response that they received from the Walt Disney Company regarding the incident:

A spokesperson responded Wednesday morning saying, “We are always focused on the health and safety of our Cast Members and Guests. At all of our Disney stores we have implemented a number of enhanced measures, including a face covering requirement. During these unprecedented times we all have a shared responsibility to do our part. We regret the family was disappointed.”

family asked to leave disney store
Sarah Baillargeon

It’s important to note that Disney’s health and safety regulations at Disney Stores, Disney Parks, Disney Resorts, and other Disney properties are in place for the well-being of everyone during this pandemic. And Cast Members have been trained to enforce and abide by these protocols.

However, know that every person is different, so not every Disney Guest will quickly adjust to the face coverings requirement, among the other extensive measures in place. We hope that the Baillargeon family can have a magical Disney visit in the future. We understand that wearing face coverings at all times while at a Disney Store or theme Park is not always comfortable for everyone.

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