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  1. Mike

    Hope Disney rots.

    1. Karen

      This was NOT a slave “jingle”. It was sung by an African American man in a movie but the song didn’t originate there. So sick of labeling things to slavery. Disney needs to stand up for Walt’s dreams & the reason we all have films to enjoy & a place for our families to build memories. We seem to forget where Disney foundation is from. Walt used the berms around the parks to keep the outside world out of view. Disney needs to remember that! There is nothing wrong with the ride or the songs!! Just fix the crappy rusted parts! The berm is up, the outside world needs to stay there & keep there personal views out.

      1. Denise Peoples

        Yes they do! I’m sick of the weak pandering of a bunch of people that get their feelings hurt if you sneeze wrong!

        1. T


      2. Darth FINALLY

        Good point. The old antebellum homes used berms so that the plantation masters and wives didn’t have to watch the filthy slaves in their dirty shacks out picking cotton.

        In the modern day, we use railroad tracks, and call the opposite side “ghetto” or “inner city” or “south side”.

        Like said, once the berm is up, the outside world needs to stay there.

        1. Eric Rothery

          All the more reason to forget espn, Disney, abc and their advertisers.

    2. Papito


      1. Cameron

        Yes I understand that the song Is considered raciest but please take in to consideration that this ride has been here for a very long time and that would be taking away form Disney because it is old and apart of its haritage so yes I am very frustrated that they are going to take it away

  2. Lala

    I can’t really say I’m surprised… it’s been a long time coming. Mostly, I’m insanely excited about Tiana FINALLY getting her own ride!!

    1. David A

      That’s the problem. Tiana is not getting her own ride. She is getting a 30+ year old second hand ride with reliability problems and that has no bearing on the movie presumably because Disney do not think she deserves a new ride that would do Tiana and the movie justice.

    2. Paula Byler

      Most of these people complaining have never seen it. Going by what others say. It’s not racist. They are not slaves they are free in the movie. Pit it on disney+ so people can watch it and see for themselves-

      1. T

        Love your comment. People just don’t fact check.

    3. Papito

      Tianna be a real n i g g a now.

    4. Melissa

      It’s not her own ride, it’s a cover up to make people feel all cozy and warm. Again we have torn down our history to do supposedly what’s right. Hiding our past which Song of the South was not wrong. Is not right. The children of the future are going to be clueless when it comes to American history and Disney history if Disney keeps it up.

  3. John Smith

    Disney need to grow a pair and stand up to the people and say if you don’t like it, to come to the park.

    1. PekaFisherman

      Thank you. If you don’t want to hear something, change the station. Do t want to see it, don’t read it/ change the channel. Is it that difficult for people to do, nowadays?

  4. Darth FINALLY

    Finally we won’t have to be bludgeoned by that slave jingle anymore!

    Now, when we can finally do something about the lack of Ewok representation in Batuu, we’ll be on to making real progress.

    1. Jay

      Disney is wrong for doing this. This change culture is a cancer to America.

    2. T

      It’s not a slave song. Geez.

    3. I think removing the song is not in the best interest of the visitors. The is upbeat, a wonderful day which we want. Sunshine what we all love. Wonderful feeling, wonderful day. Most people don’t remember the movie, it’s positiveness of the words. Big mistake to remove the song. We’re getting to politically correct today. Stop it.

  5. francine

    I don’t think the song should not be removed that song been around since I been going to Disneyland

  6. Andy

    They can play whatever they want, chances are I won’t be able to hear it anyways over the Splash Mt. ridethru and area music that I’ll be blasting into my noise cancelling headphones whenever I’m in Critter Country ever again.

    1. Soul

      Forget the noise- canceling headphones, use a bluetooth speaker in your knapsack! We used one when Epcot got rid of Michael Jackson Captain EO, and played his music while waiting in line for things, and while on rides, it was a fun time! I would gladly play Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah in the line, and definitely crank it to 11 during the ride!

      Cancel the cancel culture! Tell WDW to be the voice of individuality and creativity, not conformity and suppression!

    2. Soul

      Don’t use noise canceling headphones, use a Bluetooth speaker instead! We did that in Epcot once to protest Captain EO getting canceled, and actually got compliments from people who also missed seeing MJ at Epcot.

      Cancel the cancel culture! Tell Disney they need to stand up for individuality and creativity instead of conformity and suppression.

  7. Stella Robbins

    Terrible!…….just to bend to what suits blacks! There is nothing offensive in that song. Will not visit Disney World again!

  8. David A

    Absolutely ridiculous. Disney is heading down a very slippery slope. From what I understand from informed reading the Black Lives Matter movement are not looking to erase history they are looking to effect changes to ensure racial equality both now and for the future. We cannot change history but we can learn from our mistakes to ensure than no one is treated differently because of their colour or beliefs.

    1. Lori

      Thank you David A. You’re absolutely right. Just like no one would want to see what’s happening today erased 50 years from now. I love the song, I will sing it for it’s uplifting message and just because it’s a happy tune. And I’ll sing it every time I’m in Disney.

    2. Steve

      I will never go to Disneyland again. Whitewashing our history and taking a political agenda which has ruined Disney has eliminated me from their “woke” world.

    3. There is nothing offensive about that song. I loved seeing the Country Bear Jamboree and The America Sings. I won’t be riding it anymore!!

  9. Melissa

    This is getting out of hand. Its a song from a children’s movie that talks about having a great day. Or are we not allowed to have those anymore?

  10. Tony

    Funny how a once Academy award winning song adored by millions over 75 years can suddenly be taken away from everyone in our future simply because a few find it somehow “offensive” in some way. I wonder what will be taken away next?

  11. J

    I always thought it would make more sense to give Tiana a restaurant in the parks. Re-theming a log flume ride doesn’t really seem to have much to do with her storyline. With that said, if Disney announced they had phased the song out as simply preparing for the ride change, I would get that. To say that they pulled a well-loved song over “inclusivity” and “relevancy” is a little strange.

    1. Papito

      A fried chicken/fatback/chicken feet/watermelon buffet. Brilliant!

  12. I do not see anything offensive with that song. Kind of uplifting, actually. Poor Disney is between a rock and a hard place. They try to be politically correct, but some people have sensitivities that are difficult to understand.

  13. Paul

    Yeah, what’s with all this hoopla? What could possibly be wrong with a song taken from a movie that wafts nostalgic about the good ole plantation slavery days. Why, Uncle Remus had a *good* master. He really lived the idyllic life, working every day with no pay and no freedom. Didn’t have to think about nothin’ but getting in those crops.

    What’s wrong with Disney? Who could imagine any of their guests being disappointed or upset with hearing that song?

    1. Michelle

      Hey hey, ho ho, you cancel culture got to go!

    2. David A

      Obviously you have never seen the movie. Set after slavery as abolished. Uncle Remus was free to come and go as he pleased. The black people in the movie were not slaves but chose to work on the plantation and were provided with somewhere to live and presumably food since none of them were starving.

  14. Larry

    I fully support the re-theme of Splash Mountain to Princess and the Frog, however, this is a classic song with a positive message of it’s own. The movie was trash, but the song deserves to played somewhere within the park.

  15. Regina

    I am disgusted that a song that describes a day in the park is being bullied out. Anyone that is alive today that actually experienced discrimination, I’m sorry But discrimination did not effect the millenniums or baby boomers . I am a child of a biracial family long before it’s time. So my ancestors had potatoe farms why should and when they came here , Irish need not apply. In the 80s montauk NY had bumper stickers Get the Irish out of montauk. My black ancestors did see racism first hand and us descendent dater boggled by this current affairs. We have all had discrimination, I’m not saying there isn’t racism, but it goes both ways. Do people of color think it’s fair to be given a job or promoted and jump ahead of others simply because of race. I’m sure that’s ok. I Have no box to check however I’m told you are what your mother is. I really think this is going to far. I love Disney always have but I say stand your ground , is trump in the hall of Presidents or is that next. Is the country bear jamboree going to be next. Maybe tiki birds . There is nothing bad about the song. There’s bigger crisis in our world. I was in Disney in November and every one had fun no one grumbled on splash mt. Just screams of fun. What ride is next so I can buy out the merchandise it’s ridiculous. I get looks from people so what is your back ground no one cringes but on a test I check Caucasia and join a list. Wish I could be raced in.

  16. Michelle

    This cancel culture stuff is getting ridiculous! Nothing offensive about that song unless you’re one of those morons that seem to be offended by everything.

  17. Carol Lawson

    Yes, I did see “Song of the South” when it first came out in the theaters. Yes, I lived in the south. As a child I took this movie at face value. To me, “Uncle Remus” worked, and maybe even lived on the farm. Obviously, the children had respect for him, hense the title of “Uncle” even though he was of a race different than the children. Did I care. No. Did I enjoy the movie, Yes. Do I still sing the song today? You bet. It’s a happy song. Still puts a smile on my face. Stop trying to read something into it. Enjoy it for what it was. A story about Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear. What fun.

  18. D. Mcdonald

    To appease one group Disney is offending another. Princess and the frog is a very sacrilegious movie with its voodoo theme that runs throughout the movie. Thanks Disney for saying that that the evil practice of voodoo is acceptable.

  19. Sue

    I think it is terrible to change Splash mountain. My family and I enjoy the ride and love the song. Give the Princess Tiana her own ride but dont destroy this one.?

  20. Douglas Ingram

    I personally think they should leave it alone . And if they want to do a princess and a frog . By all means build one you have plenty of room . Just stay out of politics that don’t end well . This is for our Children ,Grown up’s need to Act Like they are Grown up ! My God this is getting way way out of hand !

  21. John M

    Serious question. Can someone explain how he song was racist? The lyrics he quoted doesn’t show anything about race. It’s a black man singing and looks happy.

    1. Adam

      Apparently there’s a link between this song and minstrel shows that would mimic African language into “zips and clicks”. It’s a shame because the song is linked to joyful feelings for millions of people, but apparently the origin is not great.

  22. Suzanne

    Maybe Disney needs to “reimagine” Mickey Mouse as a big chicken, something more representative of the buckle-under culture that exists there today.

  23. Paula Byler

    Seriously? This is ridiculous. Love Tue movie love the song. How does a waterfall fit into princess and the frog? I would love if you took the hikks out cuz I can’t ride it the way it is. I wish there was 2 paths. One where you saw the figures and heard the songs but no drops. I’m disabled so I can’t do hills…

  24. SG

    I’m white so I don’t feel qualified to comment. Shouldn’t the NACC or BLM have the final say?

  25. Xanadu

    This is silly. I am of many nationalities and I do not get offend at what I see or hear at Disneyland or Disney world. Both Disneyland and Disney World are places of fun. Why do people try to take the fun out of things. I remember when my the police and SWAT came to my school and the white children were getting shot and killed and no one raised a fuss. I wonder why because they were white?

  26. Brandon

    Is anyone really surprised?
    CA is one of the most socialist countries in the world full of SJW’s. I’m surprised it lasted this long.
    And I’m sure Splash Mtn probably won’t even reopen when the park does. Just to the appease the rioters and so they don’t burn down the park cause their feelings are hurt.

  27. T

    So that’s how Disney is playing it? Removing the song to more relevant songs. Well then you might as well remove it’s a small world song And other songs from 10 years and beyond. Zipptydo dah is a happy happy song. Nothing to do with slavery. So sad Disney. I’m tired of people finding anything they can and make it offensive. You don’t like it then don’t go!!! Quit ruining it for all the people who enjoyed it for it just being happy and not reading into every little thing possible. Enough. Come on Disney.

  28. Karen

    So glad I no longer waste any of my money on Disney.

    1. David A

      Unfortunately a lot of the true Disney fans are feeling very disillusioned with the decisions being made by the current Disney executives and are very likely to stop throwing any more at Disney if the retheme of Splash Mountain goes ahead. For me, although I live in the UK I have been on 20 Disney vacations over the years at a few thousand pounds a time and spent thousands on Disney merchandise. I should have been in Orlando this November and had planned to be back again next year for the 50th anniversary but if Splash Mountain is rethemed then I will probably do a cruise instead. If Disney thought they had problems with low park attendances at the moment that is nothing to what will happen if the keep pandering to the Cancel Culture crowd.

  29. Tony Barreto

    I cannot understand why they are now banishing this song, one of the best Disney has ever had. It even won an Academy Award.
    It seems to me to be discrimination for the authors of the song and disrespectful with all Disney’s fans.
    It is also a lack of respect for the actors in the film that you now see in a drawer, especially for James Baskett who was the first African-American to win the Oscar, even though it was an honorary one.
    The story is there to stay and learn from it, not to hide it. You have to see history with the eyes of its time; what we have to do is not repeat those attitudes.
    To hide film, songs, books, stories, etc… is a mistake, it is to censor history, it is not to allow people to ask questions and learn by themselves.
    All these politicians, CEOs, etc. should stop patronizing us.

  30. Papito

    Im offended that you are offended. There, were square. Now give me what I want. fair is fair. Two can play this game all damn day long, n i g g a z

    1. Enemy of the Galactic Republic

      Careful what you wish for. I agree with what you’re saying, but take it a step further, when the parks finally DO open- they’ll be the first to want to rush in, and try to destroy it all. Not saying it’s going to happen, but you saw what happened in Toon Town last summer, and that was just a family unit. Imagine that anywhere in the park, and with social media, people recording at different stages of an altercation? Yeah, Disneyland has begun to dig their grave.

  31. Tim

    Do these people have to make something bad out of everything? The left wingers are doing more to promote predjudice than everyone else by digging for every negative thing they can find. A nice old man can’t sing a song?
    Disney land keeps getting rid of all the good things it had going for it because today their ideas totally suck keep all you PC garbage quit trying to sterilize the world and make it fake. I am just about over Disneyland Walt knew how to create an environment you can enjoy and the current idiots have no clue!

  32. K

    I will miss one of my precious memories of Disney. That song. Sad.

  33. Sunshine

    Myself and our kids grew up with the Disney magic , now it’s becoming anti Disney true to its roots, so your replacing a wonderful Black man with much respect from most all communities to a young black girl that isn’t even real , a made up character that doesn’t measure up to our wonderful well respected Uncle Remus if you’ll go that far why not just change the word Disney to whatever suites the naysayers , all lives matter it’s not the song or the ride it’s Disney lowering Walts standards to a bullying bunch of people who can care less about what Disney stands for and all about their mission to turn everything into a racial injustice why not just go ahead and make Mickey an Affrican America it starts with an iconic ride with the main character being a African American with the respect of many to a cartoon character with no long term well loved connection to Disney that only this new generation knows , why not continue the Disney reputation that Walt dreamed about and if they want a cheap version of a iconic star, created them a ride of its own , like you did frozen one of everyone’s all time favorites, so disappointed in Disney for bowing down to a racial cause??

  34. I think removing the song is not in the best interest of the visitors. The is upbeat, a wonderful day which we want. Sunshine what we all love. Wonderful feeling, wonderful day. Most people don’t remember the movie, it’s positiveness of the words. Big mistake to remove the song. We’re getting to politically correct today. Stop it.

  35. Robert

    Sad they went and ruined a classic.

  36. S

    This is not good! that totally suck!! Not good Disney not good.

  37. Donald Gonynor

    Another example of Disney selling out to the whining Liberals trying to erase history rather than understanding it.

  38. Andrew Fritch

    zip-a-dee-doo-dah is a happy song about a sunny day. It ushers to my mind moments with my grandmother while canning peaches. Unfortunately, it’s impact is different on those who tie it to Song of the South and slavery. I for one, never associated the song with the movie, and only watched portions of it to see what all the fuss was about. Pretty boring old movie, but what a great song sung by an amazing singer. I hope people can see it for what it is, just a song about a sunny day and feeling good.

  39. Debra

    So very sad, it is this song that you see making guest smile and singing and often holding hands and skipping to the tune. When I worked there this tune often uplifted my day when I was getting ready to start my shift. The magic is now gone ????

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