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downtown disney reopening

Credit: Disney


  1. Thomas

    It shouldn’t even be a consideration, in an environment where you expect a lot of people, and people working in close proximity to each other Covid testing for all cast members would surely be the most sensible and pro-active thing to do. I don’t know what it’s like in the US, but in the UK most companies do weekly tests on their full-time staff, and those who test positive are dealt with immediately, thus quashing the potential infection rate significantly.

    1. Natasha

      Omg the world has gone mad!! It’s a dam virus! It’s another strain of a flu virus that kills people just like the seasonal virus does! Do you even know how many never had a vaccine for the regular flu? I haven’t and im not dead! And please don’t give a million reasons why everyone says this virus is so deadly as I can conjure up as many doctors that believe the opposite as well! This isn’t the bubonic plague for god sakes! It’s flu that makes people sick and sadly some will die, like old people whom are already on their way out! It’s sad, yes! But the flu kills old people too! Yes it ducks and yes it’s sad but it’s a reality! Flus kill people! There’s many flu viruses circulating! How is this one different? Yes I know there’s no vaccine but there doesn’t need to be one right now? Viruses are a part of life! Think about it? Why is this virus different? It’s a flu virus but even less deadly than the regular flu! It only affects old and unhealthy people which again is very sad and unfortunate but the regular flu does the same dam thing! Whomever is running Disney is brainless idiots! Losing all this money for nothing!!

    2. DisneyGirlArianna

      Couldn’t have said it better Natasha.

  2. DisneyGirlArianna

    Heck naw did you ever test for the flu NO! The flu kills more people every year than Covid could in a week. I miss when the world was normal. You guys have lost your flipping minds.. don’t even get me started on masks

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