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disneyland reopening


  1. Rs

    Bring us back to work! We have families to feed. This furlough has been long enough.

    1. SurabatGirl

      No kidding. We’re coming up on 6 months. Don’t they understand that the rent here in Surabat, on Batuu, isn’t cheap, and that Oga Garra is growing angrier by the day, with no credits, coming in, to the Outpost?

  2. Aw

    I hope the governor and state health officials require as a condition of reopening that theme parks have a face covering exemption process in place for people in place which match the current cdph and cdc guidelines. Even if it means Allowing face shields for guests. It would be bad business to exclude a person especially a passholder for months and years because they have a medical condition that prevents wearing a face covering. The exemptions are few Under cdph and
    Cdc guidelines and they could require a generic drs note like Legoland is planning. With social distancing and increased sanitation and Covid 19 screening questions and temp checks and reduced capacity and everyone else wearing masks things should be fine. If theme park employees don’t like this they can seek employment elsewhere or work remotely or in isolation.

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