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  1. Marc H

    This is a good idea since it will be fair to people who don’t want to go immediately when the parks reopen. Worst case scenario would be next year, and even if it does open in the next few months, people are probably not gonna go since school is starting again. I have a Signature Pass and I just want the value that I paid for.

  2. Ours were never activated – no visits, but we were billed for January, February, and March. We’d just like it refunded, period.

    1. Ken G

      While I agree with this idea (we are Signature Plus APs), you should know that all passes are activated the day they are bought (or your first payment if you are doing monthly). It may be different for when someone gets one of those special SoCal passes that are good for so many visits over a few weeks or months, but regular annual passes always start the day you buy them and your account reflects that even if you don’t go right away.
      I think perhaps years ago that was the case, they were activated on your first entrance into the park, but that was a long time ago.

  3. Christie

    I would prefer that they let my current pass (Signature) expire when it’s set to in Oct. with no extension. Since I pay for two passes, one being that of my 85 year old mother, her pass will go unused, since she is in the high risk category. I don’t want to pay for a pass that I know we CAN’T use. Hopefully, they will give options and considerations.

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