Comments for Disney World is Open, But Thousands of Employees Are Still Furloughed

disney world magic kingdom at night

Credit: Disney


  1. rebel orange bird

    because not everything is open your acting like its all back to normal! I still can not travel out wo fear of not being let back home! Thats not fun nor worth it and def not normal!

    1. Kay Galliher

      PLEASE remember all this when u vote. No one who did and is doing such a terrible job deserves a second term.

      1. rebel orange bird

        except i live in nyc w lunatic dems whom are just as bad! They are telling my broadway friends they do not matter … neither side is right! Its a virus people are dying and it should not be turned into a political matter!!! People need to stop pointing fingers and do something also that does not mean play God!

      2. Sean

        Um you realize there president is the only one at the moment trying to help out Americans financially right? It’s the house of representatives that are refusing to negotiate on the new stimulus and federal unemployment. Trump even tried to put out two executive orders but was blocked once again by the house which is controlled by the Democrats…

  2. Kim

    My son is one of those tens of thousands eho are still furloughed. My wish is that he gets called back to work soon as he absolutely loves his job and living in Florida.

    1. Brandon Weed

      Kim is your son a full time employee at disney or part time? Just wodnering. I know no part timers have been called back and still lots of full timers aren’t back yet. All of the full timers will be called back before any part timers.

  3. The Capt

    As a former Disney employee that just recently had to quit, because of poor decisions made by Disney, unions,my state California,Democrats, who don’t wanna work with the president. Yes I will remember those who deserve a second term and those who don’t, California needs to repent a take care of their citizens horribly that’s why me and my family have recently made a decision and have been led and move to move to Florida when we’re gonna have a better financial chance better job opportunities and a higher potential to succeed. Because it’s ran more conservatively, thank God ?? And the unions are backing Disney up politically to help them fight so the more worse it looks economically the more people would vote against Trump that’s what they ultimately want, think ? about it!

  4. Rs

    Chapek has no idea how he has ruined people’s lives.

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