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  1. Rebel orange bird

    Honestly its a yr away N will probably last yrs like it always does! Does it matter truly? I like everyone else hopes for a better next yr and tomm!

  2. Elizabeth

    I really really really hope that by this time next year that face masks won’t be needed anymore and that they can operate at normal capacity. I completely understand and am fully willing to go along with masks and social distancing for as long as they are needed (and am constantly exhausted by those who try to fight these logical, rational measures because “muh freedoms!”) but it does seem hopeful that there will be a viable vaccine by the end of this year or early next year. I’m sure it’ll take time to distribute the vaccine and get a large enough number of people getting the vaccine to create heard immunity/a safer environment, but it does feel like that’ll happen within a few months.

    I just wish Disney would open up reservations for the 50th anniversary time period already- I want to book my trip so I have something to look forward to after nearly everything I had planned for this year getting cancelled.

  3. Chantelle

    I have my trip planned for May next year and I’m totally crossing my fingers things will go semi back to normal, and I’m hoping they don’t push the 50th celebration to 2021. That would be such a bummer!!! The whole 2020 year should be the 50th anniversary celebration in my opinion! Take all my money Disney!

  4. Frank Coufal

    I had to delay my Disney World vacation that was supposed to be for my 25th birthday this year to next year. To tell you the truth, I think not much will be scaled back for the 50th Anniversary next year. We’ll probably have a vaccine widely available by that time. Sure, it will take some time to distribute the vaccine to everyone, but I’m sure meet and greets, parades and fireworks will be back once that happens.

    I hope Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration will last for 2 years like they did with Disney World’s 25th Anniversary in 1996.

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