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Disney Springs Hotels


  1. I’m here right now, and have been for over a week, I can tell you that Magic Kingdom is very busy with wait times at 10/11 over 40 minutes, and it’s in the hot sun because of social distancing. Hollywood Studios is even worse, so idk what their “capacity” is, but if it goes up much more then they will need to start implementing fast passes again. It’s impossible to social disntace in many areas at both parks. Disney Springs was shoulder to shoulder last night. It was a mad house. 2 hours to get into the Co-Op

  2. Sabrina

    Its convienient to shop at the hotel in tired days!

  3. EricJ

    Ohh, thought they meant Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, in which case it was easier to go over to World of Disney.

    But if “Disney Springs Area” refers to Hotel Plaza Blvd., then it’s clearly a licensing issue over how much actual Disney “Good Neighbors” are meant to have.

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