Comments for Grandma Sues Disney For CBD Oil Arrest After ‘Being Humiliated’


  1. Grammar FTW

    “…her and her family…” is actually “…SHE and her family…”

    It’s really easy. If you remove “and her family” from the sentence, does it make sense? Would you say, “The lawsuit states that one day prior Burkhalter’s arrest, her family went to EPCOT…”? Well, those of us that actually speak English wouldn’t even though you might.

    English. Learn it. Especially if you’re going to post content on the Internet.

    1. Grammar FTW2

      I was just about to reply with the same thing. Thank you.

  2. Thomas

    Just another example of how behind the times Florida is. I love WDW and going on cruises out of Florida but a lot of things about the state are whacked. BTW i and from California and use CBD oil but leave it home to avoid stuff like this. Especially at the airport.

  3. TacoCat

    “Cherished grandma” who takes pot.

  4. TacoCat

    “Cherished grandma” who uses pot.

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