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Disney World Resort Hotel late checkout


  1. I left yesterday, and my flight was later in the day, so I just gave the housekeeping lady 50$ and asked her to not clean my room till at least 1, and she was SUPER sweet about it!! The front desk told me they weren’t offering late check out, but to talk to housekeeping about my options, I did, but I figured adding $ for these hard working ladies would “sweeten” my request. It never hurts to ask!!! We left our room at 1:10.

    1. KEG

      While your gesture to “sweeten” (bribe) your request was certainly appreciated by the housekeeping staff member, it caused heartburn and headaches for front desk and management staff, and certainly affected incoming guests. When we tried to get our room this past Monday at the designated check in time (4:00 pm), were told no rooms were available as housekeeping was still cleaning rooms and it would be another hour due to enhanced cleaning protocol and reduced cleaning staff. 50 minutes later got our text with a room number, went to the room and the bathroom was not cleaned, so we called the front desk again (they are trying to keep everything virtual) and 20 minutes later a manager showed up, confirmed it wasn’t clean and off to the front desk we went. Now its 5:15 and there are 4 other parties waiting for rooms in the lobby. Another 15 minutes goes by and a housekeeping manager shows up and and walks us to another room to make sure it was cleaned, which is was but not the category we booked. We took it and management will make an adjustment to the reservation. So while you got your extra 2 hours in your room because you didn’t want to be inconvenienced, there are multiple reasons why Disney is trying to strictly enforce the 11:00 check out time during these unusual times. SUPER glad it all worked out for you. We can chalk this one up SSES (super selfish entitlement syndrome)

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