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CM speaks out on disney furlough


  1. Steve

    Sorry cast members. That’s how it goes. Disney parks are struggling. No guests.

  2. Susan

    If Disney is so concerned with the health of their cast members and guests, Disney should remain closed until the ridiculous requirements of temperature taking and mask wearing can be permanently removed. The temperature taking is against HIPAA laws unless administered by a health professional. Disney also is in violation of ADA laws. And, Disney could use some harsh lessons on learning how to deal with the handicapped. Disney has been going down the tunes ever since Iger took over.

    1. Becky in FL

      Sources, please?

      Please link to the HIPPA las for temperature taking and the violation of ADA laws. You can’t make accusations like that without citing sources and providing facts.

    2. Kaya

      You might you know what you are talking about but you don’t. All theme parks had to go through a vetting process by local government and health officials before opening. They approved the way they are handling things. It doesn’t violate any laws. It just pisses you off that you can’t do what you want to do. Just go somewhere else if you can’t follow the simple rules that keep low paid CMs safe.

    3. Life Long Disney Fan

      Susan PLEASE – on another article it was noted in comments that you are negatively commenting a lot – multiple times on one article – over many articles – Disney is not your thing – you have nothing nice to say – you criticize every effort being made – every place is not for every person – move on – allow those who like Disney to enjoy Disney in peace – I truly hope you find somewhere you are happy and have joy – please go there and leave those who think Disney is doing ok alone – those who agree with Disney deserve peace from your comments – we will leave you in peace where ever your happy place is

    4. Jordan

      Making people wear masks to prevent spreading a global disease is not an ADA violation. Please explain what others they are committing because I’d be stunned if you had any idea what you’re talking about Susan

  3. Life Long Disney Fan

    Now for the comment I really came to post –
    THANK YOU TO ALL THE DISNEY CAST MEMBERS !! – Our family has always said it is the front line, often lowest-paid, first to get laid off or changes cast members who make the magic daily for all their guests – it is not the high paid people sitting in an air-conditioned office making policy that make the magic – oh yes those management jobs are necessary but without the happiness and joy spread by the face to face cast members, the imagineering, engineers, and planning peoples work would be for little to nothing – or at least far less – we wish the cast members who give us such special times and memories were paid more – they are so valuable to us – we try to take little thank yous for cast members and write many positive comments while in the world – resorts, parks, and all the places in between – while waiting for everyone to finish eating, waiting in line – take a minute to jot down a comment or two – everyone enjoys hearing praise and thanks – and now with the virus we need to think of those who have lost their jobs – we need to find ways to give back as we are able – give to a food bank, volunteer at a food bank or other place helping others, anonymously give a gift card to a grocery store or general merchandise store or restaurant, to someone who is facing a hard time – just as the article writer wonders if they appreciated their experiences as much as they could have – has our family shown thanks and care for the friends of mickey who have given so many special times and memories to us – the only way we will get through the hard times this virus is creating is kindness and helpfulness to one another – thanks again cast members – until we can meet again . . .

  4. mark

    if you do not like working within ent and have equity get you your right pay and medical then go work in the normal park for minimum wage w the crappy wdw union and barely any medical!

  5. LM

    Susan…..have you heard the song from Frozen….”Let it go”..??? Listen and do it….

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