Comments for Disney World Confirms Splash Mountain Log Sank

Splash Mountain Sinking

Credit: Disney(left); @Kai_cece98 (right)


  1. Captain Obvious

    Well they weren’t exactly going to be able to deny it given the footage all over Twitter were they?

  2. SG

    Wow, that was amazing. I’d like to know why it sank, a crack somewhere, a drain plug open? The guests were right to get out of the boat, anyone would. I think cast members need to be taught how to help guests get out of he boat for whatever reason. Not argue with them!

  3. Tina

    Great point.I’m wondering if we will see more problems on rides due to being out of operation for so long, also I’m wondering how distributing weight differently in these rides will effect some of them{meaning less people spaced apart).

  4. Peter T. Mitros

    Well, THAT sure as heck SUCKS!!!

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