Comments for Which Construction Projects Are Still Moving Forward at WDW?

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  1. Ken G

    Overall I think that’s pretty good news, however I thought the “World Celebration” area was pretty much gone, at least that 3-story garden structure (which I never cared for anyway). As far as the other areas, Nature, Discovery and Showcase weren’t those areas mainly just going to be cosmetic improvements, not much else?
    Spaceship Earth re-do I think will eventually happen in a couple of years as will Mary Poppins (and we never really were told the extent of this “Mary Poppins” attraction – was it just a walk through? A real ride system?).
    But at least a lot is moving forward.

  2. rebel orange bird

    Why is the a duh moment an article everything that needs to get done by the 50th that was promised to be done and has a deadline that expired! Thats it done! Do you people not have this charted out like disney apparently doesnt bc their it people do not exist!

    1. rebel orange bird

      Ps. To kelly nothing against your reporting love but sometimes i feel bad you guys get these reported silly articles. I do adore the others you do!

  3. George

    Looking forward to Guardians, Tron and the new nighttime fireworks at Epcot. Hopefully in the future the other projects would be reconsidered

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