Comments for Disney to be Sued for Great-Grandmother’s Arrest Last Year

Disney World Civil Lawsuit


  1. John Vincen

    Not sure how Disney could be sued over this. It was OCSO that made the decision to have her arrested after CBD (which is illegal in Florida) was found on her. WDW doesn’t allow illegal substances into the parks. Sounds like she needs to be taking action against the state, not the parks.

    1. Evan

      When Ben Crump announced his involvement in the George Floyd case, he was instantly derided on Twitter as an “opportunist” with a “losing track record.” (Stephon Adams, a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement who lives in Birmingham, Alabama, tweeted, “If I am ever killed by a police or by a white person PLEASE MAKE SURE MY FAMILY DOES NOT HIRE BEN CRUMP! He is just as horrible as those ambulance chasing attorneys.”) Good luck Grandma! Ben will take 33% and maybe more, if there is a settlement. His record speaks for itself. Ambulance chaser.

  2. R

    Her lawyer has always been a trouble maker. Must need new funds.

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