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  1. Amy Ullman

    Beautiful, cannot wait to see it in person in 2021

  2. Kristi OHaver

    Doesnt matter. Disney is a sinking giant. I’ve been there hundreds of times. Spent most of my childhood there. No more. It has become an industry that promotes pedophilia and deep state agendas. Subliminal, pedophile grooming messages everywhere. The mask mandates are ludicrous, the shamdemic is an orchestrated illusion, and Disney is a master of illusion.. I will celebrate its downfall, with fireworks and chocolate-covered frozen bananas.

    1. Laura James

      Wow, you need a happy pill. Masks are easy to wear and do no harm. I did it for 8 hours at MK Sunday and 6 hours at Epcot Friday, never taking it off except to take a drink of water. Disney is handling the pandemic tactfully and doing a great job at keeping Guests safe.

    2. Mickey

      Stupidity….that defines your persona

    3. Bett

      I totally agree with you. This place is no longer for families and children to enjoy the magic. It’s just no longer fun or exciting. I hate the new color!

  3. Caleb

    This isn’t some magical color changing castle. These are the same photo, with the second having the saturation turned up. Notice how EVERYTHING changes color? The sky, the trees, the sidewalk… Yes, it has an iridescent paint which makes it look really cool, but it’s not color changing and the poster of those photos is lying.

  4. Amy

    I absolutely agree. To me the 1st image is purple not blue and the second image just has the colors in the whole picture enhanced

  5. Douglas Jackson

    Its awful! Hate it!

  6. My family is not privileged enough to go hundreds of times in a life time. But when we do get to go it’s always amazing to us that Disney makes sure the parks look just a little bit different to make it look like you are seeing things for the 1st time(which I totally commend). Can’t wait to see the beautiful castle again!

  7. Laura James

    I saw it for myself on Sunday and even took a picture of it. It is really neat to see in person. Sadly, my camera didn’t pick up the purple sheen over the blue like my eyes were seeing. It is EXTREMELY disturbing to see how hateful the comments have been on this thread. Shameful.

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