Comments for Nia DaCosta to Direct ‘Captain Marvel 2’

captain marvel 2 director


  1. Darth Baffled

    So how does woke culture work?

    Like, if there’s a movie about Asian society, they say it needs to be directed by a person of Asian background. If it’s a movie focusing on gay life, the director should be of that community, as well as any actors playing gay parts. In other words, don’t hire a straight person to “play” gay.

    So now that we have a movie about a privileged white woman with too much power, shouldn’t it be directed by a privileged white woman with too much power? Like Jenny McCarthy or Ivanka Trump!

    So many questions.

    1. EricJ

      Well, so far, directing has been the only ego-diva request Brie Larson HASN’T made of Disney/MCU.
      Looks like all those rumors of the studio fed up with her backstage have been slightly exaggerated…But not by much.

      (sigh…They should have listened the first time, but no, we’re getting this and the Lady Thor movie anyway.)

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