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  1. Andrew

    Is there any deadline yet for making a decision re Disneyland passes?

  2. Carrie

    Thank you for highlighting when the refund is going to start being dispersed. It will be interesting to see how they refund me as $800 of it was with Disney Dollars lol.

    1. John

      Why is the refund start
      in July 11 till when your pass expired ?
      What happened to refund from your start date of pass mine was Dec.2019 they closed
      In March what happened to those 4 months they were closed so far why refund starts in July 11 thru your expiration? ?

  3. Debbe

    I renewed my pass in Dec.2019 right before my 2 week Xmas holiday block out it cost over $1200. I was told
    They’d wouldn’t give a refund 1 month ago to AP paid in full. Then it was minus days used leading up to March when they closed plus you get months closed add’d onto your pass + 1 month. So confusing ….what a waste of my money.

  4. Donna LaJoie

    At this time we not be cancelling our annual passes. we want to wait and see what will happen. Since we live in California we will wait.

  5. Maureen Smallhorn

    Trail my WDW Florida monthly pass but I can’t get through on the phone line. My husband and I are linked and we thought when he canceled his pass it was for both of Us. However, I get an email today saying the pass has to be Cancelled by tomorrow. Help!

  6. Barbara Biggs

    You cannot get through the phone number listed to even talk to anyone, ridiculous!!”!! Even if we wait out this extension most of us will not get the value for what we paid! We bought the pass in January, went for about two hours since it was raining and figured we would have LOTS OF TIME….. went back one more time for four hours before shutdown…. now if we go back it will be on reservation basis! We can’t even get our original investment worth back! There should have been mail sent to cancel or obtain a refund…. what a tactless faux pas Walt Disney World….. The Disney family would be outraged!

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