Comments for OpEd: Disney’s Best Role Model is a Bunny From Zootopia

Judy Hopps


  1. W. S.

    lol you guys really think right now is a good time to be glorifying a police character? Yes, I agree that Judy’s character traits are admirable and noteworthy, but she’s still a cop. With the protests still happening all over the country, I don’t think it’s wise to be putting out an article that praises the police, even if she’s just a cartoon. Writing parking tickets is now considered a role model level of life goals? Give me a break.

    1. Jenny

      We could actually use more articles that are praising the police. There are bad cops yes, but there are a whole lot more that put their lives on the lines to protect others.

  2. Griffin

    OK. REALLY? After winning the freaking Oscars and Golden Globes for nothing? Disney saying Zootopia 2 would be released in 2021 and it is revealed that it’s actually Encanto and the rumor of Animal Kingdom land being dead as Joe Rhode said they try to enforce the no pants rule?
    Oh yeah like RabbitCopsMatter like who cares about that.
    Stop wishing for Zootopia 2 and antymore things related to that.😡

  3. Brooke

    Zootopia has to be one of the best Disney films of all time. It deals with diversity and discrimination so beautifully. Judy Hopps faces a lot of bias, but she perseveres. It’s an excellent movie for kids. It’s also beautifully animated, it is hilarious too. Great for the whole family. Unfortunately, the DMV is not spared in this movie. 🙂

    1. Griffin

      Are you wanting a Zootopia attraction at Disney World? You better not be!

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