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beauty and the beast


  1. Rebecca

    I think the new show is nice, but they don’t need the Beast and Belle to appear. It is sad to see them stand so far apart and not dance together. Until they can be closer, maybe get rid of that show portion but carry on with the rest. The park needs a show or two to get some people out of other queues.

  2. Nanci


  3. Larry

    Such a shame … my wife forces me watch the show on every visit. I always felt this show belonged in MK. It feels so out of place in HS. Find a new home for it during this downturn and use the HS space for something relevant to Hollywood Boulevard.

  4. GGRRR one of the many reasons I dislike unions!! Go to work! Many have worked through this mess! Unions are power and control.. Im sure Disney is doing a great replacement but the show is what kids and guests want to see!

    1. Lee Kirkland

      I agree with you completely. I don’t like unions. You don’t need someone taking money from you to “help” you get better pay, or benefits. You work hard and become a valuable asset to the company, then if they treat you wrongly, leave and find another job!!!

    2. rebel orange bird

      yep but this union keeps them hired and paid the right payment for their job w best benefits …. which disney even union cms do not get! Equity rules and they have bigger wars than disney they were told broadway doesnt matter by cuomo multi times so please watch before you speak of which you do not know!

  5. Paul

    GGRRR one of the many reasons I dislike large companies that try to break unions! What the union is asking for is not unreasonable. I suspect the main justification is if Disney offers masks and testing to these performers the other cast member unions will require the same. I’d love to see the Beauty and the Beast back on stage.

    1. lydia

      how about you preform in a mask outside multi times a day and see how you like it!

  6. Dean

    Such a shame! One of our favorites! IMO, time to hire non union. People want to work. Disney has gone to great lengths for safety. Almost too much, but that’s what it takes for people to feel safe.

  7. Myles Winter

    I am very sad to learn that Beauty and the Beast will not be a part of the Disney Experience, and even sadder to learn it is because of a safety dispute. I’ve always felt safe at Disney, and would never have thought that they wouldn’t take the ultimate in precautions to keep their actors, crew, and cast members (not to mention their guests) as safe as humanly possible. Beauty and the Beast, (as well as other shows), offers guests of all ages an opportunity to experience the magic in a truly wonderful way. From toddlers to the elderly, to those who have disabilities, to those who need a break from the lines and the heat, and to those who simply enjoy top notch, beautifully choreographed, live theatrical performances, Beauty and the Beast and other Disney live productions offer respite and excellence in entertainment. The live shows are an integral part of so many guests’ Disney enjoyment. I sincerely hope that Disney quickly resolves this issue in a way that affords shows like B&B the chance to continue to (safely) bring their spectacular live theater to their visitors.

  8. Chris

    I love the beauty and the beast show it’s the best thing at Hollywood studios

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