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  1. Christina

    I’m an Annual Passholder but don’t live in Southern California. So when I visit the parks I always stay at the Grand Californian. How would this work for someone like myself? Since I’m staying on property would I get a reservation and be able to use my pass?

  2. Cheril forcier

    Does anyone know how it is going to work for your pass to be extended once it has expired, do we have to go to the box office to have it reactive or will the pass with parking automatically show up back on our pass when the park opens, if I missed this announcement please proved the link,thank you

    1. Natasha

      I think they gave people an option for this situation back in April and I think we might’ve missed it the option was to temporarily suspend payments and then when the park reopens in and the payments will resume which is what I did with my annual pass or the other option was to continue paying and then when the parks reopen they were just add all those days that you didn’t get to go to that back of a pass so you would get it essentially for a whole other year sort of for free because you already paid for it. That makes sense? If you like the second option you should definitely call and see if they’ll still be willing to do that but I think if you didn’t come at all then you were probably still paying for it right? so in the park He opens it would definitely gonna be on your expiration date. Which is what I should have done

  3. Jess Johnson

    One of my biggest concerns is the no park hopping. We go back and forth all day. As passport holders who travel 2 hours and stay in our rv for 3-4 days at a time, usually once a month, reservations and one park only is not what we are paying for. Every six weeks we meet up with family, also pass holders with park hoppers, who come from out of state. We spend all day till after fireworks. How would no park hopping and reservations for each park, work for us?

    1. Natasha

      Yeah I agree that really sucks because I live in Northern California and Sacramento and when I come out there I take a flight which is only about an hour but still we have to pay for a flight out there and I normally stay for about three days and I hop back-and-forth for those three days so I am thinking what they should do is have an annual pass holders event for like a month or some thing maybe just annual passholders possibly maybe after a certain time of day I’m not sure how they would do that but something of that effect and they should definitely allow park hopping since it’s only two parks they do this at Universal in Orlando they have two parts and they allow you to get an entry into both parks on the same day they just count you in the numbers so if you buy a one day ticket they just account for you and both parks. Sure why Disney can’t do this for Disneyland and California adventure? But I think that a they should definitely allow you at least to get into one part one day and the next part the next day and I know it’s only for two days and I know that’s not hopping but I guess if you wanna be fair to everybody then that would be the way to do it or just let people go for two days and park hop for two days all they want for annual passholders. I’m Flex pass holder and I think since this is essentially making everyone a flex pass holder that those people who paid more than the flex passion definitely get a refund on the different amount that they had to pay but to say that I’ll flex pass holders have to have a reservation even before all this happened is not true because there are a lot of days that we are not locked out and there’s a lot of days that we don’t have to make reservations and when Disney does re-open I’m thinking late September early October we are not on a reservation system at that point flex users can get in just like anybody else

  4. Robin

    There was a petition a few weeks back, wherein if an annual pass holder who held any annual pass higher than a flex, would be given the difference in cost from there current pass to what a flex pass cost.
    Based on the current situation this was believed to be a fair and just alternative to how Disney was quite possibly making the park entrance into a reservation system.

  5. Georgia A

    Yes we are very concerned about our passes. We had the pass that you could go any day or night and parking. Other wonderful things to that pass.
    Now what happens? That’s my question and need answers please!!!!

  6. Tracy

    I have said all along they should turn all passes into flex pass, and extend the ap pass (besides the length of closer that was promised) expiration date to equal the difference money wise to the ap current pass. So if you have a signature pass and Disney was closed 6 months and you had 8 months left on your pass you take 16 months and add it to the pass, (this is the math if flex pass is about 1/2 the cost of signature). So if parking, max pass, and photo are all included in current pass the passholder would be able to keep those for their support of Disney through this time. This way there is no money out of pocket for Disney and the ap holder doesn’t feel cheated.

  7. Kitty

    Shanghai has a later entry time ticket, you can’t get in until early afternoon. Half-day tickets for passholders lets APs go in for just dinner and maybe a favorite ride. It keeps early capacity levels low. Without park hopping, both parks should start to empty a little earlier making room for half-day AP’s.

  8. JB

    My AP renews in January & the park has been closed since March – I’ll be moving to the east coast before the parks reopen ; sign me up for as much refund as I can get

  9. Elizabeth

    This was the first year I renewed at the Sig+ level in February. Park closed in mid-March. I really didn’t get any benefit of the + level pass. Hopefully all will work out. I prefer not to go Flex, but if that is how they go, I do need a lot of money back. I already had parking and photopass. I hope I can keep that. They should let those that had that benefit keep it, grandfather it in. They’re going to make a lot of people unhappy no matter what they do.

  10. Richard Smith

    I am a Signature Passholder now ( The Park has eliminated my top tier passes every couple years, renaming them and charging more), and again, I don’t blame Disney for the virus and the requirements for safety, but, I don’t want my Pass turned into a Flexpass, for the same price of a Signature. Also, I don’t want to be charged monthly until I actually start back to the Park, not when Disney just opens the gates. I intend to wait until I feel it is safe, not when a management person OKs it. I also don’t want my Park-hopping eliminated. I may not even go back until the whole State is back to normal. But I don’t want to be charged for a delimited Pass. I also think there should be an option to just cancel your Pass entirely, and have the payments cease, since they are asking you to risk, even slightly, exposure to the disease. I just renewed my pass in March, 2 weeks before they closed the Park, so I have potentially 11 months to pay. I already called them, and they said I cannot cancel my Pass, and would have to re-start my payments when the Park opens. I say, let the payments restart the day I return, not when they open. Yes, I am aware (and have signed) the Petition.

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