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  1. Syd

    Yeah, it’s for maintenance. It’s the same sort of deal in Journey of the Little Mermaid in MK. When sebastians eyes would glitch out they literally put on plastic cap eyes to temporarily block out what was missing. I expect Big Toe will be back – and Disney Mom is way over reacting to a missing figure. 😒

    1. Knowledgeable person

      Correct. Usually the next day.

      1. Neil

        It’s not a thing to get all concerned about. The screen is there to temporarily replace the animatronic while they do any maintenance required to the figure.. the ride was designed that way to they don’t have to close the ride.

      2. Michelle Moyano

        Hope Big Toe comes back , as much as loved this ride, I feel Disney could have done so much more on this attraction ride, maybe add more to it.

  2. rebel orange bird

    big toe i guess is a clever nickname i do not know how shaman of song which is its actual title would roll off the tongue! It looks werid but as long as it will be back all that ride is screens! I wish there were more animatronics like the viperwolves could be one etc. But thats just me i love the viperwolves!

    1. Knowledgeable person

      Whomever wrote this article is very misinformed. “Big toe” never heard of it… you are correct on the name and a good nickname would be….Shaman?..

      1. davis

        Even the merch says river – shaman of song

  3. Gordo

    The Animatronic actually is still there. Its on an elevator of sorts. Its underneath the ride in that same spot for ease of performing maintenance on it. No need to worry. Itll be raised back up and be the only reason to wait for this ride once again.

    1. Knowledgeable person

      No elevator

  4. Patrick

    This is a common practice for Disney attractions now. They have backup screens and show scenes for the more complicated scenes expecting maintenance downtime. This way a ride can still be an active attraction for guests while maintenence work can be done.

    1. EricJ

      Makes one wonder what they could do for the Yeti at Expedition Everest.

      1. davis

        no elevator there and betty the yeti does function on rare occasion actually she wad put of disco mode the other day!

    2. DisneyGirlArianna

      It’s so weird I’ve never been on the rose before but I’ve seen videos and its creepy how fluent the animatronic is idk about you but I wouldn’t want to be the one fixing the animatronic 😳😱

  5. Darth Helpful

    Who knows why it’s gone? They’ll probably replace it with something less controversial so that people with blue skin stop complaining.

    1. Rebel orange bird

      blue lives matter!

      1. Mark

        you 2 need to date honestly!

  6. G.G.

    Nobody who works at DAK calls this animatronic big toe. Nobody. She’ll be back soon. A ride in ‘B Show’ is not news.

  7. Brandon

    This happens all the time. No big deal.
    It’s annoying but it always happens.

  8. Mike Myers

    He had information about Hilliary’s emails.

  9. Opera Dogs

    A) non story. Not a conspiracy.
    B) not watching a 5 minute video to see what you are talking about. Tell me where it is in the video.

  10. Trenton B.

    I’m sure it was scheduled for some routine maintenance. Nothing crazy, I’m sure.

  11. Alex Batema

    I just went on it this morning and can confirm it is back as of 11am Aug.16, 2020.

  12. Elizabeth

    CM yesterday said Shaman accidentally wacked herself in the face and cut it a little!

  13. Lisa Yetman

    Here I was thinking that someone made some comment about her being a bit too “scary” for younger riders and Disney decided not to letBig Toe sing her praises to Eywa any longer. Similar comments have been the downfall of other characters and attractions before, so…

  14. Brad

    No one in the entire history that Rover Journey was being built or has been opened has EVER called the Shaman animatronic ‘big toe’.

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