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Adult Content Disney Plus


  1. Bee

    No I do not think that disney plus should add adult content. People who choose can watch those inappropriate movies somewhere else. Please keep Disney clean AND family friendly, all of it! We will unsubscribe if this idea of Disney adding adult content follows through. That’s not what we signed up for. Very disappointing.

    1. Steve Eldredge

      I have already canceled my Disney+ subscription because I could never find anything to watch.

      Disney+ is probably great for families with young children, but that’s about it. I found Disney+ to be pretty much worthless for adults, unless you want to watch Disney cartoons over and over again.

      Adding some content for “grown-ups” might cause me to reconsider canceling.

    2. Tim

      O please!!! People of the the states !!! You put a parental control, and kids have …. the internet!!! and probably seen worst things at school and maybe at home . Stop overprotecting kids… THEY HAVE THE INTERNET AND THEY HAVE THE NEWS!!! That’s worst than anything else they can see in any film. And is a business, it’s a fact that adults around 30 but more Merch than kids. Do your kids see the mandalorian ??? Or they will see Wanda vision? Doubt it , that’s content for adults, and the adults are buying the expensive stuff that Disney needs to sell. So,you may pay 60 dollars a year and maybe a couple of Disney merch for Xmas …. a grown 30th men and woman will have Disney plus , the helmet of mando, omnibuses of Marvel, and the gauntlet of thanos each peace almost 150 dollars. Soooo guess what … Disney have to do it. Do you think that deadpool is not a huge cash cow. They want that money and adults will pay it. Or Alien or planet of the apes merch. So yeah please give us the adult section with more marvel, Star Wars, alien , x files and predator stuff.

  2. Ed

    What would Walt do?

    1. Honey

      If this becomes reality, I’ll be disappointed.

  3. Is Disney+ really going to add adult content and R-rated movies? If so, please let me know what you think about this.

  4. MrsWeasleysTwin

    I’m inclined to drop Disney+ if they add rated R content.

  5. Paul

    I’m really pleased if this turns out to be true. I’ve never subscribed to Hulu and wished I could get some of their edgier movies on Disney+. Put in good parental controls and I’m a happy camper.

  6. Honey

    If this becomes reality, I’ll be disappointed.

    1. CF6

      I’m fine with them adding R rated content. But they HAVE to put in parental controls. The whole point of disney+ is family friendly content on a full disney streaming service. Some kids are probably allowed to watch the full disney plus, not the kids version. Why? Disney Is FAMILY oriented. Add the parental controls to the content, and we will be fine. If you dont, every thing is gonna get mixed up, to where it won’t seem family friendly anymore. Wanna know something better? Ad Hulu at no additional cost, and add this R rated content THERE! Disney plus can be strictly family friendly, and Hulu can exceed the limits a little. Hulu also has their own kids profiles, and thay can watch tons of Nickelodeon, cartoon network, and some disney channel, xd, and junior. There we go. Fair for everyone. Please do that disney! Please!

  7. Jason

    Yes I’d like to see R rated movies on Disney plus, why? Cause I’m 40. No kids but I like a good Disney movie every once in a while but I can’t get my wife to watch it with me plus really Long time Star wars and marvel fan but how violent are those movies hmmm

  8. Edward Miller

    Just remember everyone….

    Corporate Disney thinks that Deadpool making jokes about getting molested by an uncle, then pulling a ring pop out of his rear end and getting dominated and pegged in the most comically perverse sex scene since Team America World Police…. is less offensive than Song of the South.

    Seriously what the hell, Disney?

  9. Nathan

    I don’t think Disney is really going to do this, since they’re already planning on doing a general entertainment streaming service for the international market called Star (that will have adult content from FX, Searchlight, ABC, 20th Studios, Touchstone/Hollywood, Regency, and Cinergi) and will have the same tech used for Disney+.
    In all honesty, would you expect a parent to be happy to see their little kids watching Tombstone or Kingdom of Heaven instead of Phineas & Ferb? Just sayin’.

    1. just put a parent lock on it.

  10. I agree with the idea that Disney plus should remain child friendly but Disney plus is also supposed to be a streaming platform for Disney produced content. If Disney plus updated there system to have a choice of child-friendly streaming and adult content I think that would be much better, or at least ease their restrictions on adult content. For example, I live in Australia and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has only one season available (i don’t know if it’s different anywhere else) and at this very moment, the rest of the seasons won’t be uploaded to Disney plus because of these restrictions. I think Disney plus is definitely more focused on the kid side of streaming but us streamers should be given a choice about what content we are wanting to watch especially when it’s the Disney content that we are paying for. these shows aren’t giving a bad name to the company so all they have to do is create boundaries within the app to restrict kids from watching those types of shows.

  11. Pala Mepäj

    But the Simpsons is adult content. There are literally gory moments and scenes that show grnitaloa that are uncensored. I don’t understand why everyone thinks The Simpsons is a “family cartoon”.

    If Disney was willing to accept the Simpsons as an adult cartoon which it is, they would bar it off from the rest of the stuff like they will with anything else if they follow through.

  12. David F

    It would be fine as long as it is behind a parental lock. Disney has made mature adult fare in its past and it makes perfect sense to either have it all on one service either as merging Hulu into it as a hub or a new hub exclusive to Disney+. Only then can it truly compete with Netflix and HBOMax

  13. Sidney

    Simple solution: make adult content a separate sign-on service.

    DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT offering it to parents (me included) who are already US customers of Disney+.

    I can’t control what my kids see at someone else’s home – but please help parents control what is seen in their own home – without needing the opt-out.

    Adult content isn’t what any of us signed up for when we purchased Disney+…

    More importantly – if a kid goes to a friend’s home and they watch Disney – let the parent trust that it’s reasonably okay.

    Stand for something – don’t stand for anything and everything – just because it’s out there.

    And if you don’t stand up for this very simple idea – someone else will – and you will lose money on that deal – which is what this is really all about.

    Adult content is deemed so for a reason. It’s not that difficult – JUST PROTECT KIDS – give them a space that at least tries to be safe.

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