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  1. Daisy

    I would have to cancel my 10 day family vacation. I image a lot of vacationing tourist people would be cancelling at that point. My family would want most days at MK, as we have small kids. Only one day at AK/HS/EP. Others with no kids may want most days at EP/AK and only 1 each at MK/HS. Still others may want only 1/2 MK, 1/2 HS.
    Would make their money troubles worse, rather than better.

    1. mark

      daisy apparently you do not remember the good ol day which btw was only a few yrs ago when except for summer and holidays they would different hrs… dak use to close at 5pm and dhs was 6/7! No one changed there plans then! I think you should say … change plans not worth the risk! Otherwise you just look ridiculous! Not going bc of stuff that actually use to happen in the good ol days of disney dear me get this person help stat!

    2. Larry

      I agree with you Daisy. The current cutbacks and loss of night time activities has already made me want to cancel our planned trip. Unfortunately, my six tickets are nontransferable and expire next year. So off to a less magical place we go. Anymore cutbacks such as shortening hours and they’ll lose their loyal fan base.

      1. Sue

        Not one person said they care about the rising number of case here in Florida we live very close and have annual passes. And still will not go. And people they are not going to tell anyone if fast members test positive bc there Have been and I’m sure some tourists have been. Disney is not worth it. The parks aren’t even maintained like they should be. Once school opens up down here there will be more cases. Not sure why people go crazy over Disney. And then everyone is worried about money but they have sure have money to go to Disney. And spend it and get less

  2. SG

    As an AP, closing any park is unacceptable! We’ve always watched the crowd calendars and went when census was low, and Disney knew to limit operating hours so instead of say closing at 10pm or even midnight on low census they would sometimes close at 7pm. I think that’s what they’re planning and plus getting rid of Extra Magic Hours for people staying in resorts, darn. I think their biggest expense is employees so unfortunately I think they’ll lay off people (like Abigal Disney suspects) and make the others do extra work and shorten park hours.

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