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Walt Disney World reopening reaction


  1. Kelsie

    It’s time for me to unsubscribe. You post more negative stuff than things that comfort me with magic. It’s become a drag to open these emails every day

    1. Evelyn

      Yes. Terribly, consistently negative. I’m glad somebody else sees it.

  2. Paulie

    So even here people are wrong if they believe something different. If you believe it’s improper to go to WDW. Then DO NOT GO!

    1. I agree 100%
      22 NBA teams are not there without assurance of safety procedures. Going to Walmart has more risks!!! This isn’t China! I can do what I want as long as I obey the laws per state. I’m SO tired of the “hate shaming” because I’m going to Disney in 2 weeks! I’m staying for 10 days on property and as a Nurse I feel completely safe. People need to get a grip

  3. Brandon

    Big surprise there. Socialist Media users complaining about big companies from the safety of their parents basement behind computer screens cause they heard misinformation from the internet.
    Big surprise.

    These are probably the same people that started the petition to get ride of Splash Mtn. Cause you know… Racism adjacent.

    Give me a freakin’ break.
    If you don’t want to go. Then don’t go. ??‍♂️

  4. TD

    We will be there in 3 days. Have been looking forward to this trip for two years. We honestly feel safer at WDW than we do at any local store/restaurant. Our entire family was exposed and infected by Covid back in February. Disney never compromises on safety, and this is no different.

    1. NENolan

      No one has confirmed that once you have had COVID that you can’t become infected again. Don’t think of Disney as a bubble. It’s a false sense of security.

    2. NENolan

      I’m surprised that there are people coming from hotspots all over the country just to go to your local grocery?

  5. Last I checked, we don’t live in a Communist country. We are free to go to Disney or not. I’m going Aug 3rd for 10 days, and I FULLY trust Disney has made all possible safety procedures. Do you really think 22 NBA teams are there without absolute assurance? Pump the hate brakes!

  6. NENolan

    I have to say I wouldn’t go to Disney now but how is it that when Universal opened in early June I didn’t really hear an uproar but when WDW opens people are foaming at the mouth? I don’t agree with Disney reopening at this time either but some of the response is just people who want to pile on Disney even though they are not the only ones who have made the decision to reopen.

  7. Tara

    We unfortunately can not afford to remain pass holders and send our child to college. We are also not convinced that masks really help, especially since so many are still coming up positive.

  8. Ashley G

    Well, we’ve (3 of us) have been here since Saturday. Unbelievable how empty the parks have been. So far, we’re all feeling fine. Following all protocols to a T. The test will be: how do we all feel over the next 2 weeks, after getting back home. I will report back (or post) then to let folks know how we made out. Just some anectodal experience from a few park goers.

  9. Evelyn Brewer

    I was at Magic Kingdom yesterday. With the capacity being kept so low, it’s no problem keeping space between everyone. I used hand sanitizer constantly as it’s available everywhere. Cast members had both masks and face shields and wherever they are, hand sanitizer is near by. I’m a Florida resident. I feel far more uneasy going to the grocery than Disney. They’re doing an amazing job out there . . . and the cast is phenomenal. Every age, every race . . . and all were helpful and welcoming.

  10. Jenn

    I agree with DisneyTVAnimationNews-Please be safe and compliant if you go. And if you’re not in agreement or nervous about it, don’t go. There’s a whole lot more nuances (and by the way, constantly conflicting) info then gained by watching a summary of daily cases in FL.

  11. MamaSlic

    I’ve been to Disney World 28 times in the past 40 years, I’ll be waiting for safer times. Will be using my DVC points at Aulani when it’s safe to go there.

    1. Evan

      If that is the right decision for you MamaSlic, we appreciate and applaud your decision. It might be a while before you’re allowed visit Aulani. Hawaii Gov. David Ige said Monday that he is pushing back plans to use a pre-arrivals testing program to reopen Hawaii tourism. It will be at a minimum Sept.1, possibly longer, before the state begins a program to allow passengers with approved negative COVID-19 tests taken within 72 hours of their trip to Hawaii to bypass the state’s mandatory 14-day self-quarantine for out-of state passengers. His intent is to keep the virus out, so it’s not a case of being safe to go there, it’s if they determine you are safe enough (virus free) to be let in.

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