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  1. EricJ

    And BOY, did they dodge a bullet sending Artemis Fowl direct to streaming.
    (Just think, if Disney+ had been invented in the 90’s, how many Martin Short, Tim Allen and Sinbad comedies we might have been spared, and at least a half dozen Bette Midler films!)

  2. SG

    Yes please, keep them coming! I live in Florida and movie theaters will probably be closed for several months.

  3. Paul Alter

    “So, this one time, at Magic Camp…” 🙂

  4. Thomas

    I’m itching so badly for Cinemas to reopen. I know sporting events have reopened and things but I’m not interested in Sport except the Olympics. Movies and entertainment is my bag, and I love nothing more than once a week booking a seat, getting a big bucket of popcorn and disappearing into another world (usually owned by Disney of course). Even though this way I spend more than I would on a monthly Disney+ subscription, I hate streaming things, I don’t have the attention span, at least in a cinema you’re in the mindset to watch a film, not check phones and constantly see how long’s left. The last movie I saw at the cinema was ‘Onward’ and can’t wait to watch ‘Mulan’ which you know will be all the better in cinematic huge HD rather than a tiny computer screen

  5. Tony Sanders

    You might enjoy the book: The Magic of Reading, May Your Grandest dreams appear, by William Lewis Young

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