Comments for ‘The Simpsons’ is More Popular Than ‘Hamilton’ on Disney+

hamilton the simpsons


  1. Tony

    I’m surprised that the princess and the frog wasn’t on the list. I hear it’s a pretty popular movie right now.

  2. Thomas

    I’m glad to see this, I’m a fan of Musical Theatre (It was my career for a while) and while I like Hamilton I find it wildly overrated. At least with The Simpsons you know it’s good quality, even if the later episodes aren’t a patch on the older seasons, you can still put them on and enjoy them. And if people have Disney+ for the whole family then kids aren’t going to sit and watch Hamilton, I dare say to a child a rap musical about an American Forefather who wasn’t even president will be too heavy and involved, whereas Homer saying ‘D’oh!’ and Bart prank calling Moe’s Tavern is funny at any age.

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