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The Princess and the Frog


  1. Rich A

    Never saw it, never will. Since we’re changing the Little Mermaid to a non-white character, how about we do the PC thing and make Tiana asian?

    1. Ken

      Who hurt you as a child?

      1. Corey W

        Probably nobody, I think Rich is just pointing out the double standard where one example is several voice actors losing their jobs because they are voicing a character that isn’t the same color as them or from the same ethnic background (although it’s called “acting”) and another example where several people are receiving backlash from doing blackface yet the wayan brothers can do whiteface and that’s ok and another example you can scream BLM! BLM!! but if you scream any other color or ethnic group saying their lives matter you’re a racist

        1. Ken

          Oh boy. So much about what you just wrote says more about you than anything. I think if you did some sociological research into the effects of systematic racism, the history of blackface in media, and what BLM is about, you would say otherwise.

          I do not believe that was his point.

          1. Corey W

            oh come on ken! i’m with you on this one! I know all about the BLM movement, I only have to turn on tv or open a web browser to see all the great things they are doing to combat racism. If you go to their website the founders state it pretty clearly what their goals and objectives are and with all the outstanding law abiding citizens that have joined the cause we will soon be celebrating the defeat of racism! I can feel it! We’re so close!! 🙂


  2. Thomas

    Princess and the Frog is a great movie, it’s fun, some of the songs are really good and Louis the Alligator is hilarious. While I’m not thrilled that they’re changing Splash Mountain, I’m also not outraged really, just think it’s disappointing. I get that they don’t show Song of the South (though when I saw it as a kid I didn’t know how problematic it was, especially since it’s the movie Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is from), and because it hasn’t been shown I think it’s now a case that the legend of the movie is more problematic than the movie which 98% of Disney fans probably haven’t even seen (which is the same for things like Gone With The Wind, everyone knows it’s a classic movie, but how many people actually sit down to watch it now since it’s over 4 hours long, I want to watch it but don’t have time in the day to watch a 4 hour movie). Anyway, I’m side-tracking, Princess and the Frog, great movie, and love that it’s 2D and wish Disney would go back to 2D every so often!

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