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main street at disneyland

Credit: Disney

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  1. Chris

    Unfortunately, the unions at Disneyland make a one time event all but impossible, instead it would have to be something that runs a minimum of 5 days a week until the parks reopen and here is why:
    1. The unions are requiring that full time cast members be called back first.

    2. Full time cast members must get a minimum of 30 hours a week once back at work.

    3. There have been reports that the unions have negotiated that furloughed cast members can’t be laid off or furloughed (they could be fired for fireable offenses, but not laid off) for at least 6 months (the time frame varies slightly depending on what reports you look at, but all are a decent amount of time)

    This makes such an event a lot more complicated than Knott’s, as Knott’s doesn’t have unions to deal with.

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