Comments for Why Certain Attractions Are Still Closed at WDW: A Guide

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  1. SG

    Here’s hoping that opening ther parks again will bring in enough revenue to resume the new projects. That all sounds great to me. Although I’ll miss Dinoland, my kids loved that in the 90s, that Primeval World area just didn’t look Disney.

  2. Joe Bonomo

    Not planning a WDW trip until Nov 2021, would like to be there for the 50th and for Veteran’s Day. Would also hope that WDW and DL are back to the “old normal” by then. VERY disappointed by the upgrade delays at EPCOT since it is my favorite park by far. I was privileged to attend the NY WORLD’S FAIR in 1964 and EPCOT is reminiscent of that adventure.

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