Bring Fantasyland Home with this ‘it’s a small world’ clock

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‘It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears!’ And now, you’re in luck as you can now bring the iconic ‘it’s a small world’ clock into your own home!

Bring an iconic Disneyland ride home with this Small World clock

small world clock

‘it’s a small world’ remains one of Disney’s most beloved, yet also loathed attractions for its adorable selection of dolls singing the greatest ear-worm of all time.

Fortunately, this delightful clock simply takes a visual inspiration from the attraction‘s iconic clock tower, with the Small World clock face‘s famous smile.

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The Magic Kingdom, Hong Kong Disneyland, and other Disney parks come home with this beautiful clock

small world clock

You won’t have to visit the ‘it’s a small world’ attraction to enjoy this amazing clock. It might not have the doll and costumes the ride is famous for, but it does feature well-crafted details that make this ornament a must for any magic-loving Disney fan.

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The clock retails at around $63.00, though postage costs may vary depending on region. Here is the official description;

It’s a Small World Inspired Wall Clock (Disney Prop Inspired Replica)! It is made out of an eco-friendly thermoplastic. This is a working wall clock, not just a decorative item. It requires 1 AA battery to operate. Each piece is hit with a glossy finish to preserve the color. The clock is approximately 9.5 inches in diameter. The thickness is approximately 0.5 inches. Hanging is done via a metal hook on the back. Each piece is custom fabricated.

The only thing this clock doesn’t do is play the song!

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Note: This ‘it’s a small world’ clock is in no way affiliated with Disney and is purely a fan creation. Check out the creator’s Etsy store to purchase!

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