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  1. Stephen

    At one point in the comics, Namor (the Submariner) hired Nelson and Murdock on behalf of his people for the right to live on dry land. Also, Matt Murdock had a relationship with Black Widow at one time. I don’t know either of those storylines would work in the MCU, but it would be interesting to see.

  2. Aldrin

    I just started watching The Punisher season 1. I’m excited to know that there could be a season 3. I also agree that toning him down or any censorship would destroy the series.

  3. James

    I personally believe that netflix is half the reason these shows are so popular and taking them from Netflix would be a mistake I mean for someone like myself who works odd hours can binge if he wants or watch one show at a time I just believed it without the commercial Interruption and all the other factors Netflix is the way to go they’ve done such a fabulous job so far why take it from the, and I would love to see more Frank Castle and Matt Murdock but I would really really enjoy them being on Netflix

    1. Ciel

      While I don’t disagree, Netflix is 100% the reason they were axed. Disney and Marvel have both stated they did not take the shows from Netflix. In fact, the reason it has taken this long to hear anything about the future of these characters is because Netflix’s license doesn’t expire until the end of the year. Contractually Disney/Marvel cannot do anything with these characters until that contract is up.

  4. Josh

    Personally as much as I liked the punisher series, it makes most sense for FX, as they have a ready-made audience for this & distribution would still be ok. I’m sorry that I didn’t like hulu when I had it, and it would have to be REALLY compelling to get any new streaming service. That being said, if they brought back Daredevil with Charlie Cox & folded in some MCU characters & story lines… I’m down!
    On a side note, they better use him for any cameo of daredevil in feature films, he has EARNED it… and if they do ben Affleck again… I’ll boycott the movie! (Not terribly against him as a person, he’s just not a good daredevil)

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