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Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue


  1. Larry

    This is much smarter than a massive line snaking around the park. More attractions should go this way. The unfortunate side is you pretty much have to have a smart phone to enjoy Disney.

    1. Janie

      The downside is most people are on vacation or go to disney to get away and dont want their phones attached to their hip and want to ignore em unless they are taking photos of their families having fun! And as a parent i do not blame them for it! The app glitches constantly and then us the cm have to always “do something about it”. The issue is we cant we are as helpless in the situation as you are as a guest and if you want to see sites having issues and a nightmare you should see the portal giving out rotations with all the new positions etc. Its glitching everywhere! So now at least here at dl we are being told if it glitches just go out and help guests aka go get cursed out bc the app or the virtual queue screwed up. At least we got some more time to prep good luck wdw! Good news is we dont have to hear on either side esp from aps “why should i get up at 7am just to get on an attraction?” To which i sadly have no response bc guess what i am in batuu at 4am bc of it why should i have to get in then when the park isnt open till 8/9am? Its nuts! Honestly i just hope they figure it all out bc if this is the way its going to be for a while… its not going to be worth while for guest to come in at all nor for a cm to even work under the circumstances!

  2. prince charming

    When we return to normal again, they should allow hotel guests and annual passholders first access to popular rides such as Rise of the Resistance and Flight of Passage before the day guests. A hotel guest paying thousands of dollars to stay on property should not have to compete with people who spend the day at Disney every year. The hotel guests and annual passholders are paying the bulk of the park costs.

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