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Star Wars sequel trilogy erased


  1. William Beauchamp

    I would be extremely careful quoting anything from this YouTuber and his “sources.” He posts controversial, dog whistle misogynistic, sexist, and racist views he packages up for his just-as-toxic fanbase to rile them up. All are complete lies and made up. Even without all that toxicity, with amount of money Disney makes with the new Star Wars trilogy, he is just flat out nuts to even entertain this idea. He is some of the worst aspects of pop culture fandom. If you believe any of what he, or his “sources,” say I got some oceanfront property I want to sell to you in Utah.

    1. DSOTF

      You sound like a colossal puss, just like the author of this article.

    2. Blake Barber

      Whahhhh..whahhhhh…diversity whawhaaaaaa…sexist pig….whaaaawhaaaaaaa…stupid pop culture fandom……whaaaaaaaa…..

      SHUT UP snow white

    3. Blake Barber

      Whaaaaaaawhaaaaaaaa…..my poor feelings….whaaaaaWHAAAAAAAAA….Damn youtubers….whaaaaaaaawhaaaaa

      Somebody give Snow White a Valium

    4. EricJ

      I’ll second the “Don’t believe YouTube rumor ‘reporters'”, ESPECIALLY where any intersection of Disney, Marvel, the Parks and/or Star Wars occur.
      There’s a lingering undercurrent of fan-resentment over Disney’s acquisition of Lucas and Marvel, and imaginations deliberately run wild.

      In this case, it was just a fan embellishment of the current, and more established, Marvel rumor that MCU plans to use Doctor Strange 2 to “reset” the MCU with the Alternate Multiverse and ignore all that came before it.
      (Not that I wouldn’t put Disney above “Hey, it worked for THAT series!”, but…)

  2. Ken

    I don’t know if it’s true or not, but one thing we can agree on is that once Disney got a hold of Star Wars they ruined it. Those last 3 movies were awful. They had no game plan and those in charge botched every aspect of what could have been great. I do hope this guy is right. Kathleen Kennedy should be fired and whoever who handlers are as well.

    1. TheNotoriousJ.E.W

      Her handlers being the Illuminati

    2. Pete

      So true and spot on

  3. Me.

    That’s what happens when your goal is to write stories about inclusiveness, at the cost of writing great stories.

  4. Tyrone the Hated

    All three of the final films were complete garbage, with cool moments sprinkled over the top. It’s not toxic to point that out. That’s what have always done. It’s toxic to alienate your fan base for the sake of politics and then attack them when they disagree with you. Movies are an escape from our normal lives. Yet for some reason, studios feel like they need to appease people who can only think about the things that agitate their thin skin, and not the average viewer who just wants a good movie.

    1. Samuel Santiago


      1. Coulter Gill

        Star Wars is not done and you wrote a horrible comment in terms of trying to put your point across.

  5. Paul Alter

    I know a lot of folks really disliked the final three movies. Let’s just say they weren’t great cinema. But compared to episodes 1, 2 and 3? They were a breath of fresh air, and those bombs were long before Disney bought Lucas Film.

    Let’s face it, the Star Wars saga has been having problems for a very long time. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Maybe the problem is with the producers. What’s the line? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result… 🙂

    1. Bullmoose

      Greater diversity and inclusiveness? How was Finn, an uneven character given very little to do and relegated to being the team clown more inclusive than Mace Windu, Jewish Master or Lando Calarisian who ran cloud city? How was Rey more inclusive than Amidala or Leia? The new trilogy was WORSE in its treatment of black characters than the OT so don’t give me that fake diversity BS, if you cared about diversity and inclusion you would have known this.

      1. You hit the nail right on the head and it couldn’t have been said any better! Bullmoose has the best comment hands down , I personally don’t like the 3 newest films and totally agree Kathleen and everyone involved with them got to GO,
        Good day sir

      2. Hokeyboy

        Mace Windu, WHO?

  6. I’m getting too old for this

  7. Dave

    Politics and political correctness need to stay out of Star Wars. I grew up watching SW from episodes 4 to 6 and later on 1 to 3. I saw nothing offensive in any of the episodes. So what’s the problem? The last 3 sequels sucked. I really hope Lucas comes back and fixes Disney’s screw up.

    1. Tupac Greenberg

      Star Wars fans are some of the biggest idiots in all of fandom. Where do you get that these movies were political? Because the main character is a woman this time? Because there was a black guy? An Asian chick? Someone with purple hair? I don’t get it. There was nothing there, you’re reaching

  8. nek

    While this is clearly wishful thinking, it would ofc be the best thing to do. Get rid of this extremly stupid inclusion crap. Concentrate on good stories and characters.

  9. Moe B

    Wasn’t this rumor already dis-proven days ago?

  10. Curt M Vigneri

    SAD for eternity that the opportunity to see FORD HAMILL FISHER together again was squandered for the pod race of trash the sequels are. Thanks KATHY get fired! Star Wars is 77-83 only forever!

    1. StarKiller

      Agreed. The prequels were a joke, and Kathleen Kennedy for all intents and purposes, ruined Star Wars, with her rehashing of the original trilogy, and disregarding the Timothy Zahn storyline, for the sequels.
      If Jon Favreau and company could redo the sequels, that’d be fantastic.
      Look what he’s done with The Mandalorian, and with the original Iron Man, that made Marvel a juggernaut.

  11. Eric

    At this point I never want to see another SW project again. I would be extremely open to another shot at the franchise….but they just get 1 more

  12. Coulter Gill

    I don’t see it happening because Lucasfilm put all that time and effort into making it. I personally feel like resetting it would be a huge mistake on their part because there is a group in the fandom that does like the sequels and resetting it would lead to a lot more problems. Best thing they can do is move on and don’t reset.

  13. Carmine Crincoli

    It seems pretty likely or unlikely because Disney should have George Lucas gain creative control and creative freedom for STAR WARS, Indiana Jones, and other LucasFilm properties while Disney has the rights!

  14. In the end, Luke forgave Anakin after committing a lifetime’s worth of violent atrocities. Ultimately, it was the virtue of forgiveness that defeated evil. Let us learn from this familiar example.

    We would forgive Disney for their crimes against cinema if they chose to listen to us, reset Star Wars continuity, and take a do-over for 7, 8 and 9.

    1. Zahid

      I like the way you think. 😉

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