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  1. jasonbres

    It’s interesting, because in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Snow White was originally going to admit that she needed glasses. Some of the merch from the film even depicts her wearing glasses. Don’t know why Disney decided to leave that out, it would’ve been interesting.

  2. Traci

    This is becoming all very ridiculous.

  3. TacoCat

    Well, rats! I have a couple of warts. I want a princess with warts! Why not? Lots of people have warts. But there no princesses with warts. I feel wart shamed. Thus is how ridiculous this world has become.

    1. Darth Curious

      Warts? You really should get that looked into.

      Anyway, it is fascinating that ONE girl writes a private letter that nobody at Disney released, nor has replied to, and yet, somehow, we all know about it. Quite the spectacle.

      Here’s guessing that Velma from Scooby Doo wasn’t enough for her.

      1. Jill

        Well Done, I think it nice that an 11yr old can help change people’s views and make her character come true. There will be a lot of young girls out there very happy and made to feel as beautiful as others.

  4. Thomas

    I actually totally get what this girl is aching for. As a glasses wearer I’ve always been the friend never the boyfriend because I’m too nerdy looking to be considered attractive. That being said, the one time there was a glasses wearer as the protagonist, it was Atlantis and I’m not a massive lover of the movie, and I’m not particularly fussed whether there’s representation based on what someone wears on medical grounds – much as I’d see it as fuelling the fad of wearing glasses as fashion accessories which is where I get angry, as I was bullied throughout my childhood for wearing them. Good on this girl though for creating her own to bridge that gap.

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