Comments for Trouble in Tomorrowland? Two Main Attractions Remain Closed

Magic Kingdom attraction closures


  1. EricJ

    There was a fire underneath Peoplem…er, TOMORROWLAND TRANSIT AUTHORITY! just before the closing, and that attraction has clearly been down for maintenance and track upkeep.

    There was also a viral clip of Carousel’s animatronics misfiring, so, like Jose’ at Epcot, that could also be a last-minute fix, but the one poster who said both CoP and TTA’s attractions were on the same power grid might not be wrong.

    1. Lydia

      cofp and tta run on the same system one goes they both go!

    2. Jenn

      Eric-Long live the Wedway Peoplemover! 🙂 heeeeee

  2. SG

    Darn, I wish they’d reopen The People Mover, it’s one of our favorites rides in Tomrrowland and with The Laugh Floor & Carousel of Progress closed there’s not much left for us oldies APs.

  3. Jennifer

    I was watching Tim Tracker looking for a hot dog to eat the other day and half the eateries were closed! So, yeah I hope people know they might miss out on their favorite “something” right now if they keep that vacation reservation to go now. I’ll wait until 2021 when I can get it ALL again…hopefully…

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