Comments for County Reports No Outbreaks Tied to Disney World Reopening


  1. Cindy Caine

    Yep on the same day disney reports they know right lol love how that works??? So everyone whose sick or friends i know from uni whom are in hosp what do not have covid the drs are lying…. no one is covering up but you whom cover for desantis!!!!! Then why are more cases and deaths charting ??? Btw you have no clue if thats true stupid county people bc they are behind on test results going back to 4th to register as postivie #s what then are they going to count then??? What about my friends whom are cms at wdw that are positive … families w loved ones in hosp??? Are those people lying bc i can tell you someone is … what happens if God forbid my friends die??? What then!! Just bc you want to cover for an economy does not make it right!

    1. Sue

      Yup. Do they really think Disney or universal is going to say yes we have positive cases. Hell no. Then no body would go Disney owns Florida so they butter the hands of everyone in charge. When people get sick. And remember they will they will realize why Disney said. We r not responsible if you get sick. It’s call cya.

  2. Rosie

    Saw opposite news story on the local news disney aknowlege people were sick but you risked so sorry! Nice but now what happens if someone dies is it still so sorry??? Bc that waiver you can not sign it, its lost on a website amongst other regulations like na, and its not like please read me! Itm made it more applicable then disney did! Soooo thats not a your problem so sorry! Thats a big problem and why is it really worth the risk! No! Yes we can not stay in a bubble forever but its still safer here then dying!

  3. Sue

    People are crazy they can’t wait to go to the parks. Now what happens if you kid gets sick ??? Even if it’s only like a flu. Well it’s still sick I don’t know about you it I sure do t when my child getting sick. Crazy people are crazy. Do you really think Disney cares. It’s all about money with them. And people are crazy to spend the same amount of money as if the parks where fully open you are getting less and paying the same. Plus who in there right mind is going to walk around in 90 plus with a mask on. ?

  4. TacoCat

    They have only been open one week. Of course there are no counts for them yet.

  5. went to Disney world in florida last weekend and the only social distancing is when you get on the ride line and they only sanatize the rides every 2 hours so that means for thoses 2 hours before you sanatize everyone is getting on and off the rides and how don’t you know that person before you doesn’t have covid19 you don’t it needs to be sanitized everytime someone gets off and there are people walking around the park with no masks now my daughter is not feeling well has chest pains a cough and a headache so ow may need to go get here tested for covid19 because she wanot sick before we went DO NOT GO TO DISNEY WORLD THEY ARE NOT SAFE

    1. Melanie Durham

      Do NOT tell me what to do! I have a right to go wherever I choose despite what is going on! I’m so tired of all you negative people! If YOU take care of yourself and do your part, you SHOULD be ok!

      Go on a ride, sanitize before you get on AND off, KEEP YOUR MASK ON AT ALL TIMES! You just have to take precautions!

      If YOU and OTHERS choose NOT to go, then great! That’s YOUR choice!


    2. I’m sorry to hear your daughter is feeling unwell hope she gets better soon, however u must have known the risks before you went ?

    3. Paul Alter

      If it hasn’t already happened, please make sure you talk with a contact tracer. This is extremely important for trying to limit future spread.

      I so hope your daughter feels better as quickly as possible.

  6. Matt Brewster

    If only the Real World was as disciplined as theme parks! Then, COVID19 would be gone in a month!

  7. Loui B

    So most of the people going to theme parks are tourist from other states. So are they doing any tracking back with other states to see if people who have come back from Florida are getting the virus? Seems that way you might get a better read on this.

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