Comments for OpEd: Is the Backlash Against Splash Mountain Justified?

Song of the South

Credit: Disney


  1. RW

    Very Distasteful…

  2. Brer R

    OMG…Perfect example of cancel culture…but at least less sanctimonious than most. Guess the finer points of the article were lost on you.

  3. Walt

    Excellent op-ed! Disney already did the right thing decades ago by burying the movie and making sure the ride was scrubbed of any of its problematic elements. As it is today, Splash Mountain is 100% innocent fun. Most people of every background have rightly loved it for 30 straight years. There’s no magic word that activists can scream to make this fact untrue. It’s just a shame that Disney is now more obsessed with placating 5% of Twitter than they are at preserving something special that brings the world joy.

  4. James

    OMG! Splash Mountain is not racist and should stay as it is.

  5. Alex Williams

    All I see is a big tree!

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