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Dinoland USA replacement


  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    Just bc one ride went down they didnt take down the main ride nor the area dinos are very popular! I do not think indy fits dak thats on docket for dhs anyways or maybe bring it to adventureland at mk! Zootopia when i first saw it screamed dak but that deserves to have a space to itself like pandora not a tiny section in whats left of dino usa.

  2. Darth Updates

    They should just rebrand the whole area with these new attractions:

    1) An aviary focused on the crows in Dumbo
    2) Happy cotton-picking fields with an Uncle Remus meet-n-greet
    3) A Siamese cat petting zoo
    4) A We Paint-um Your Face Red-man kiosk
    5) An Un-consenual Kissing Booth with Sleeping Beauty (Asleep)
    6) And tons of family friendly Hanging Corpse Suicide jokes
    …oh yeah, and make sure all the signage is in Fake Arabic.

    That way all the NON-SNOWFLAKES can finally shut up and be like, oh good, a place for me!

  3. EricJ

    Dinoland was one of the, erm…BETTER legacies of Paul Pressler’s administration (remember “If it’s good enough for Six Flags…”?), but it’s spent out its days if we don’t care about the ’00 movie anymore, and the old “archaeologist canteen” has lost its theming.
    The only reason it’s still standing is A) the park logo promised us dinosaurs (and dragons) along with other animals, and B), let’s be honest, there’s very little Disney Jr. appeal anywhere else at Animal Kingdom. Yes, coaster fanatics–Parks aren’t always about YOU, and they don’t need to build another, bigger Mt. Everest.
    Although the fairground atmosphere was better after dark, on EMH nights.

    Literally the only reason we’re discussing Indiana Jones is the Dinosaur ride’s resemblance to Disneyland’s Indy, and while it would be nice to correct that error (the one that put the Stunt Show at the Studios), it doesn’t really have much to do with animals.
    If we want to be Armchair Imagineers, we have to take all the audience into consideration along with theming.

  4. Frostysnowman

    I, for one, am frustrated that PW is shut down forever. It was one of my favorite rides at Disney across all the parks.

  5. Mike Hall

    I would love to see Jurassic fun kid friendly not to scary ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park?!

  6. Trey

    Not happy pw is going away. Too many popular attractions are being removed. But if it has to go this would be a perfect area for princess and the frog due to all the animals in the movie and leave splash mountain alone.

  7. Michael Pascuzzi

    They should re-theme the whole land to South America. It compliments the other lands and there is no representation of South America in all of Disney.

    Have an “Amazon Rainforest Trek” as the main path. We first visit capybaras, and sloths in their habitats. Next, a snake exhibit (why did it have to be snakes?) leads to Indiana Jones Adventure (a re-skinned Dinosaur)

    The exit rejoins the jungle trek where next up is a llama exhibit. This flanks “Kuzcotopia” a climbing/water play area themed to Emperor’s New Groove where the Boneyard currently is.

    We continue on out jungle trek and curve around a large Jaguar enclosure.

    How much “Up” do you want? Probably too much? Good. First you put a show starring Carl, Russel and Dug in the Nemo theater. Have some trained birds doing bird stuff (featuring Kevin) but here’s the cool part: Have actual real dogs like the villian’s dogs in the movie. Train them to hit their marks and play their lines in that funny high-pitched voice from hidden speakers at those marks. Hilarious!

    OK next: Rip out Dino-Rama and build the Up house. This would be a “Soarin'” type attraction, but instead of sitting in seats that lift you up into the screen, you’re sitting in chairs in Carl’s living room. You watch the screen through the windows in the house and see special effects like bottles falling over or swaying light fixtures, as you feel like you’re flying over the jungle.

    Oh, change restaurantosaurus into a churrascaria or something.

  8. Larry

    Zootopia is logically the safe bet since AK is half zoo, half entertainment, but the above post has merit … why isn’t South America represented? Indy can and should remain in DHS.

    1. EricJ

      The same reason Zootopia isn’t represented–It’s a LITTLE corner of area that used to be a kids’ play-pit.
      You’re talking an elaborately themed area in the space only slightly bigger than Epcot’s Africa corner, and one ride building nearby.

  9. Glenn

    If it is available in a legal sense, I would definitely put Wakanda in animal kingdom. I’m not sure of the rights situation with Universal when it comes to Black Panther, but I think a Wakanda land in Animal Kingdom makes more sense than Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot. It would fit into the African theme of the park perfectly!

  10. I wish that they should just keep Disney’s DINOSAUR ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as it is because the dinosaurs are always part of the animal kingdom, NOT a piece of furniture and do NOT prove me wrong about these prehistoric animals.

  11. Griffin

    Joe Rhode has explained why Zootopia does not fit with Animal Kingdom. STOP!!!!!!!

  12. jish55

    I say make it an archeological dig themed land, which again focuses on the lands general theme, conservation (archeology focuses on the conservation of history and artifacts). This would allow for Dinosaur to be rethemed as the Indiana Jones ride, allow for them to further build the land to match the park better (where you can enter and it’ll feel like a natural transition), and add the Indiana Jones rollercoaster into it. Zootopia I feel would be better off as an extension to Hollywood Studios, and adding a city theme in Animal Kingdom just seems like a terrible idea as it moves away from the true aesthetic of the park.

  13. Bob Iger

    Blow that shiz up! Dinoland is horrible and embarrassing to the Disney Land. It should be a Lion King word. Don’t @me.

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