Comments for NY Gov. Says Travelers From FL Could Face $2,000 Fine

New York Florida Travel Order


  1. Rich A

    Yes because NY desperately needs the money since everyone is leaving and moving to Florida

  2. Cs

    Why would u want to go to New York anyway!! All those New Yorkers came here and spread the virus to Floridians months ago!

    1. kim

      That’s what I was thinking! Wasn’t it NYers who came down south during the height of their outbreak spreading it to all of us who were hunkering down here at home in the South.

  3. Denise B.

    Cuomo and de Blasio are complete morons! Florida’s high numbers come from a significant increase in testing. Also, testing positive doesn’t mean jack squat. Only the number of people who die does (not that much more worse than the flu), and that number has been decreasing over the weeks.

  4. prince charming

    Andrew Cuomo is just as ignorant as his father. When New York was leading the world in covid-19 deaths under his “leadership”, he was more than happy to let New Yorkers to pour into Fairfield county in Connecticut causing thosands of deaths.

  5. Matt

    My question is, what if I’m only going to New York for like 3 days and then flying back to Florida? What happens then am I allowed to fly back to Florida?

  6. Daisy

    Stop being so damn sensitive. lol Everyone’s offended by everything now. It’s simple….New Yorkers and Northerners don’t want to die because Floridians refuse to take a PANDEMIC seriously. DRINK ON FLORIDA PARTIERS! GOOD LUCK! GOODBYE!

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