Comments for NBA Players in ‘Disney Bubble’ Test Positive

NBA at Walt Disney World Resort


  1. Steve

    So if two players tested positive then I’m 99% certain other people within the bubble got it. Usually whenever there’s a positive case, the patient has already spread it to others. It doesn’t matter if the staff in the bubble wore protective gear.

    1. Sue

      Yup. People don’t get it but let’s open Disney. Even California did open yet. Seems like they are smarter then Florida. But let’s open schools also and let’s have all the People come down here on vacation. Come on Florida is open

  2. Jbonus

    It’s nice that all of this technology is being used to keep these players healthy. Meanwhile, my kids are expected to go to school in a few months and parents are expected to do a daily COVID checklist and take their temperatures. Schools won’t even take their temperatures, meanwhile these prima donnas are treated to the highest technology. It’s nice to see how children’s lives are valued.

    1. Melanie Durham

      Right, I was thinking the same thing! Why can’t we have this technology? I know darn well those players aren’t paying a dime for it! So not fair! And no comments from the peanut gallery! I know the NBA pays for EVERYTHING!

  3. James

    Screw these overpaid morons. Why is all this money being spent on a bunch of crybabies. Use all this technology on the public who are at more risk. These morons can fore go a season and stay in their big mansions.

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