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Walt Disney World Park Hours

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  1. Tom

    Thank you for this article. My wife and I are coming to WDW in November and have wondered about the Christmas party. I appreciate how you composed your article in an optimistic manner and not one with the accentuation on the negative aspects of hosting the party during these difficult times the world is facing with the pandemic. While we know it won’t be the equivalent to past years, it will be a wonderful Christmas present if Disney announces there will be a Christmas party this year!

  2. Dale Robbins

    More than once, recently, my wife and I have commented how we are glad and lucky we attended LAST December. The premise of this story holds valid…as long as the weather cooperates. Case in point from our MCP night: it poured rain, causing officials to delay the party. While we were waiting, we sheltered under the entranceway to the Terrace Restaurant. And by ‘we’, I mean several HUNDRED guests, crammed as closely as humanly possible. Fortunately, ‘social distancing’ was not yet a concern, and many people escaped a dousing storm.
    That would not work these days!

  3. Paul

    I hope they will have characters meet and greets .

  4. lydia

    i bet they will keep this schedules till they can not! But we can hope for the best i think its all we can do now!

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