Comments for Merida’s Horse Gets Spooked During Cavalcade on Reopening Day

merida horse

Credit: YouTube Bill Zanetti


  1. Glade that everyone is safe

    1. BootneyLee

      As in Florida EverGlade(s)?

  2. Darth GetinLine

    Horse be all like, “Gallop me away from these CoVID carryin’ kids!”

    1. Sue

      True people need to watch there kids. Bc they said the kid ran out into Main Street and the dad grab the kid and the ballon got caught on the horses leg. Thank god the one the horse didn’t get tossed off. I don’t blame the horse. Blame the parents for not watching there kid.

  3. Annie

    Between the masks and the empty sidewalks, how abjectly sad WDW looks. Glad no one was hurt.

  4. Common Sense

    Kudos to everyone involved for handling the situation in the best possible way.

    Thank goodness for social distancing or a lot of spectators may have been hurt. The handlers and Disney staff did just as they ought in taking care of this situation. The horse is highly trained and behaved incredibly well under the circumstances.

    And thank goodness for the quick reactions of kiddo’s Dad. Why anyone would cast blame for an accident is beyond me….things happen. Kids are impulsive, no matter how cautious parents may be.

    Go away haters. Ya’ll act as if you’d have magically prevented or subdued the situation on your own when the reality is that you’d have stood by without a clueor made the situation worse.

  5. EricJ

    Glad a difficult situation was averted, but can’t help thinking the horse stayed in character.
    Maximus would never have done that, though.

  6. Leslie Edelen

    Glad everyone is ok. I hope they don’t take it out on the horse or get rid of him because of that. Poor thing.

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