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  1. Dis Fan

    Might as well close the whole world till they figure out what to do

  2. Paul Alter

    Well…last I read the hospitals around WDW are at ICU bed capacities. That was four days ago and it hasn’t improved. Not sure what the heck the state or county is waiting for? And WDW has a reputation that’s really on the line here.

  3. James

    What an absolutely worthless article. Disney gives no indication they will close Disney world but it’s in the headline. The mayor has no intention of closing them down unless there is an uptick in cases related to Disney (which would have to be proven the new cases came from the park). Disneyland in CA isn’t open yet because the governor is pandering to his auntie Nancy and reclosing everything. The government guideline are different for Hong Kong and the U.S. and as such shouldn’t even be compared with each other.

    1. Cape

      I’ve heard rumors from some of the many Disney bloggers I follow on YouTube. Let’s face it I look at it in 2 ways. The first is economic and the second is government.

      First off of if this first few weeks of low entry numbers are not as profitable as projected they may cut their loses and close again until they can have more guests.

      Second they are not just dealing with local government they are dealing with the world due to them being a travel destination. So we can’t have visitors from out of America. Some states require people to go on 14 day quarantine after their trips ends. The local government rules on them.

  4. prince charming

    Hong Kong is controlled by a repressive communist government whereas WDW is in a country with a democratically elected government.

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