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  1. Amber Veyt

    Hi, I’m TheAmbrinator, AKA Amber, I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing this! Make sure to check the Lego Ideas site in 5 days because I will update everything with some new pictures and new minifigures!

    1. Hey Amber, can I just say from a personal perspective how awesome I think this build is. Thanks for commenting on the post and I hope this coverage gets you even more votes!

      Can’t wait to see the new pictures and minifigures in a few days!

      1. Amber Veyt

        Thank you so much for your help!! I truly appreciate it!

    2. Elizabeth Hill

      Even though I’m a grandma, I would but it in a heartbeat. I love the movie, even have a coffee mug and window shade for my car.

    3. Barbara

      Yes! I would totally live to make that!

  2. Richard Dauphinais

    Yes. Please have this.

  3. Ella Wagner

    I love this movie and I would love to have this set it’s so cool and I don’t think anyone could mistake it for any other movie

  4. Joyce

    I really like this LEGO set. My granddaughter and I would have so much fun working on it together.

  5. I don’t like Legos and this is awesome!

  6. Melissa

    Hocus Pocus lego please

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