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The Wizarding World gave us a sneak peek of a magical cosmetics line debuting now! Apparating on shelves and online warehouses, the Harry Potter x ULTA Collection is exclusive to the ULTA brand.

Encompassing all four Hogwarts houses, the makeup collection offers house pride with eye shadows, nail polish strips, body lotion, and a zipper pouch and more.

Harry Potter Makeup Collection at ULTA

While the @WizardingWorld on Instagram appears to be our only peek at the upcoming collection, there is a world of products that await. We swiped up to be taken to the Wizarding World website (visit to be sorted into your proper house!) and saw amazing things by hiding under our invisibility cloak. House-sorting bath bombs, body shimmer, face masks and more. Check out the whole makeup collection below:

Shop the entire collection here!

Harry Potter Cosmetic Bags

harry potter makeup kits
Credit: @Wizardingworld on IG

“While we’ll never be a Metamorphmagus, this brilliant new collection, created by Ulta Beauty, invites you to magically transform yourself with Wizarding World themed cosmetics, nail and skincare products, along with bath and body accessories,” says the Wizarding World website. Choose a makeup bag to sort all your Harry Potter makeup items with house pride! Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students will adore house mottos emblazoned on zippered pouches.

Your makeover will be exciting enough for a trip to Hogsmeade! We muggle-born wizards can grab sparkling lip gloss, lightweight pigmented lipstick crayons with a matte finish, and a pale pink pygmy puff jelly blush, among other Diagon Alley supplies.

Prep for the big game and hydrate your face with Quidditch face masks, with each Hogwarts house represented accordingly. Gryffindor masks are infused with bamboo charcoal, Slytherins have soothing with Aloe Vera juice, Hufflepuffs are dashed with freshening lime, and Ravenclaws come with a touch of pomegranate. You’re sure to catch the snitch in the next inning.

herry potter makeup at ulta
Credit: The Wizarding World

House Sorting Bath Bombs

The Harry Potter Bath Bombs available at ULTA aren’t your normal, fizzing items. These bath bombs turn colors to sort you into your Hogwarts House with relaxing effects! It’s sure to be a surprise.

harry potter bath bombs
Credit: The Wizarding World

Harry Potter Body Lotion

We promise it’s not Polyjuice Potion! These house-themed body lotions are individually scented and flavored to match your house. Gryffindor’s lotion hints of blackberries, while Slytherin’s lotion smells like calming raindrops. Hufflepuffs will smell light floral notes and Ravenclaws will sense the enlightening scent of cucumbers.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Brush Kit

The most powerful objects in the wizarding world, the Deathly Hallows are the inspiration for these Harry Potter Makeup Brushes. Become a high-level wizard with these helpful items!

harry potter makeup brushes deathly hallows
Credit: ULTA

House Themed Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re looking to purchase only one house palette, you may be tempted to buy the large pack, as the four are sold as one large “vault” of cosmetics as well as individually. Become your own sorting hat by trying each one and finding your own look with beautiful colors like “chocolate frog!” Each House has it’s own theme, naturally, with “Gryffindor championing strong autumnal shades, Hufflepuffs boasting golds and rust-colored tones, Ravenclaws shimmering with baby blues and silver glitter, and Slytherins celebrating shades of sage greens and silver shimmer.” – Wizarding World.

Each palette is $16.00.

harry potter eyeshadow
Credit: ULTA

LUMOS Body Shimmer

Lastly, this shimmer drops for face and body are inspired by the illuminating charm, Lumos! Bring extra sparkle to your spells with this enlightening potion!

lumos body shimmer makeup
Credit: ULTA 

Want more magic? You can find Marauder’s Map dishes for sale to complete your dining hall! Or perhaps you’re looking for house candles to add ambiance to your table! If you’re just after a new look, grab your wand and shop the entire Harry Potter makeup Beauty collection now at Ulta stores and online.

Leave us a comment below with your Hogwarts House and what you’re expecting to pick up! ACCIO, Cosmetics!

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