This Color Changing Candle Sorts You Into a ‘Harry Potter’ House!

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Harry Potter

Calling wizards and witches that have, and haven’t, been assigned to a Hogwarts house. It is time for your sorting!

The Harry Potter Sorting Candle from WickandFable will assign you your house, and serve as a cute house decoration for any Harry Potter fan.

The candle imitates the idea of Harry Potter’s sorting hat; you put on the hat and it will tell you which Hogwarts house you belong to. In this case, you will lit the candle up and wait until the white candle starts turning to either red, blue, yellow or green. On the Etsy page, the seller notes that “it can take a few hours for the candle to start changing colors!”

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If you are a die hard Harry Potter fan, you know which color represents each house, but in case you forgot:

  • Gryffindor – Red
  • Ravenclaw – Blue
  • Hufflepuff – Yellow
  • Slytherin – Green

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In the Harry Potter saga, Harry, Ron and Hermione all belonged to Gryffindor , while other characters like Cedrics Diggory belonged to Hufflepuff, Luna Lovegood belonged to Ravenclaw and Draco Malfoy from Slytherin.

On the store’s Etsy page, you are able to choose between the four house colors, if you already have a Hogwarts house you belong to, or, if you are adventurous you can chose the Sort Me! option to make the entire experience a surprise.

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According to the candle description, the scents are Pumpkin Juice, Cookie Crunch or Maple Sugar, but it does not specify if each color corresponds to scent, if it is random, or if you are able to choose between those three scents.

WickandFable is a Etsy store that sells handmade candles made of all natural soy wax, fragrances and dyes. The candles are also made in glass jars or tins that can be cleaned and kept after the candle is all burnout.

Each of the color changing Harry Potter inspired house sorting candle is going for $25 plus $9 shipping fee.

All that is felt now if for you to light up your candle and see which Hogwarts house you belong to! Purchase your color changing Harry Potter candle here.

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So, will you be purchasing a Hogwarts Sorting Candle? Do you already belong to one of the Hogwarts houses? Let us know in the comments below.

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